5 Myths on Botox and Fillers


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    There are a lot of misconceptions regarding cosmetic surgery that goes around, especially when you consider popular methods like Botox. This wonder drug is usually used to treat wrinkles on your face around your forehead, eyes and eyebrows, to contour your face and provide a non-surgical lift, giving you a perfectly chiselled face. But many people are apprehensive about using Botox and Fillers procedure in India. Here are a few facts about Botox that people have misconceptions about:

    1. Many people think that Botox is harmful to your face, but it is not. It may come across as useful in the long run and even act as an antidepressant.
    2. Sometimes, it is assumed that Botox enhances ageing, but it has been proved otherwise, to reduce ageing effects.
    3. Botox is sometimes said to be dangerous to the body, but it is one of the safest agents known. Once appropriately administered, it has no side effects.
    4. People think Botox is useless in non-cosmetic fields, but it is commonly used for migraines, paralytic situations or blepharospasms etc.
    5. A lot of people hesitate to go for Botox and Fillers Procedure in India because they think that once you stop using it, you will age more. This is also just a myth.

    Botox and fillers cost in India is another reason why people refuse to go for this wonder drug, but Divine Cosmetic Surgery provides one of the lowest Botox Injection Cost in India.


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