Thigh And Buttock Reshaping

    Vaser is the best liposuction technology to reshape buttocks and thighs. Some women have a pear shaped middle body portion, with a lean upper body, and a widened waist, hips and thighs. We believe conventional tumescent liposuction is not ideal since it doesn’t cause skin contraction and leaves lot of cellulite, in fact VASER IMPROVES CELLULITE. Hips and thighs are considered together since any procedure in one of them does not give the result unless both are tackled. Procedures will involve reshaping the buttock, reduction of buttock in some part, maybe part enlargement in other parts, removal of fat from outer, front and inner thighs, particularly the saddle bags.

    Reshaping the buttocks is an intricate process. It’s a process of addition and subtraction. We need to remove fat specifically from the areas that have excess fat and possibly inject fat into some areas to get the perfect shape. Thighs can have a lot of fat to remove often 6-10 litres.


    Marking of the areas to be treated is done. Normally the procedure will take 3-4 hours, and its usually a day care procedure. Infiltration of the concerned areas is done with a tumescent solution . VASER is done , followed with removal of fat. Pressure garment is used on the table itself.

    Follow Up

    After the process we advise a 1 week rest for the patient, since thighs are involved, walking gets difficult for some time. Reshaping results can take upto 3 months.

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