Botox & Fillers Procedure

      Botox: Botox & Fillers Procedure in India is relatively prevalent these days. The best part is that Botox treatment minimizes the appeared lines and wrinkles caused due to facial expressions. It comprises of purified bacteria that tighten the muscles and is a non-surgical procedure where our experts inject Botulinum toxin. Botox & Fillers Cost in India is affordable, at Divine, we ensure advanced fillers treatment at a very economical price to our clients.

      Dermal fillers:

      It contains collagen that covers the thinning areas due to aging. This thinning usually happens in the cheeks, lips, and around the face. It helps collagen growth in the face as well as lift the skin to replace the collagen loss.

      • Assessment: Our Skin experts will check your skin tone, facial expressions, and the area you need to enhance. They will mark the appropriate area where the injection needs to give and click some photographs as well.
      • Cleansing & Anesthetizing: The area to treat, need to cleanse first with an antibacterial agent, then need to put anesthetic ointment to numb the area or need to give local anesthesia injection.  
      • The Injection: Injection per site requires very little time to perform. After injecting, messaging and evaluation also need to carry out. The whole process may take 15 minutes, depending on how many sites need to treat.
      • Recovery: Once the procedure completes satisfactorily, the marks will be cleaned off. Sometimes icepack we provide to reduce the alleviate discomfort and swelling.  

      DOs & Don’ts after Treatment
      • Do not rub the injected site for 2-4 hours to avoid pressure and increased blood flow. 
      • Avoid exercise and sweating for the day.
      • DON’T apply makeup or put spray tan for 6 hours to avoid skin infection.
      • Avoid Motrin, Aspirin, Gingko Biloba, Garlic, Flax Oil, Cod Liver Oil, and Vitamin A, E, or other necessary fatty acids at least three days to one week. These items may increase bleeding and bruising.

      Botox Injection Cost in India is much reasonable than any other country. The price of the Botox & Fillers Procedure in India may vary from one clinic to another. At Divine cosmetics, you can get a treatment at a pocket-friendly price. 

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