FAQ of Tummy Tuck

      1. Can we conceive after tummy tuck surgery?

      Yes, absolutely but we advise patients to complete their family before this surgery. We do not recommend pregnancy for at least 3 years after a tummy tuck.

      2. When can we start exercising?

      After 6 week of post tummy tuck surgery, one should start exercising normally. No vigorous and heavy exercises at all.

      3. Can you have a tummy tuck twice?

      Yes, if the patient is not satisfied with the first surgery then absolutely second surgery is the best option to opt.

      4. Do tummy tucks leave a scar?

      There are very minor scars visible after tummy tuck surgery and will fade over time.

      5. Do you know, Tummy Surgery is 100% safe?

      Tummy tuck surgery is a very safe procedure. There is a definite recovery period to the procedure. But after the recovery there is absolutely no problem at all .