Hour Glass Figure Surgery

      Hour Glass Figure Surgery

      The hourglass figure has always been considered an ideal figure among women. However, it is quite unfortunate that not all women have a perfect body naturally. Women, who are not blessed with the classic hourglass figure, can take the help of plastic surgery to achieve the figure they have always desired. 

      Before finding a perfect plastic surgeon to help you achieve a perfect hourglass figure, we first have to know what an hourglass figure actually is. In an hourglass shape, the hips and the mid-section are of uniform size, the waistline is slim and the muscle to fat ratio is flawless and evenly distributed around the upper and lower parts of the body. 

      The hourglass surgery involves:

      • Sucking the fat out, sculpting the waistline, contouring the hips, and shaping the entire abdominal wall
      • Hourglass surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries
      • The procedure involves the removal of bulk from the hips, abdominal wall, and other unwanted areas and just sets your curves right

      Hourglass procedure is a mixture of art and science and thus it is very essential to choose the correct plastic surgeon to undergo this major surgery. The plastic surgeon should have an unbeatable sense of aesthetics. Dr. Amit Gupta is a renowned Indian plastic surgeon who is known for his experience and attention to detail. His cosmetic procedures are known for delivering long-lasting and impressive results. 

      Who is a good candidate for hourglass surgery?

      A person is a good candidate for hourglass surgery when:

      1.  Hours of exercise and gym have shown no effective results in weight loss
      2. You don’t have any previous medical problem
      3. You have a positive outlook towards the surgery
      4. Patients should have a good general and emotional health
      5. People who understand the long-term consequences and demands of the surgery are the perfect candidates for hourglass surgery

      How to achieve an hourglass figure

      Several plastic surgery techniques will help you achieve the perfect hourglass figure. The techniques involved are as follows:

      1. Hourglass liposuction
      2. Hourglass tummy tuck
      3. Hourglass breast augmentation
      4. Hourglass breast lift
      5. Hourglass fat transfer
      6. Hourglass buttock augmentation
      7. Hourglass Brazilian butt lift
      • Liposuction: Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery techniques available on the market today. This particular treatment is used for removing excess and stubborn fat from different areas of the body like hips, abdomen, thighs, and waist. Liposuction is the perfect plastic surgery technique that can be used to achieve the desired hourglass figure among women. Liposuction breaks and removes the excess fat from the above-mentioned areas of the body thus creating a smaller and beautifully designed waist, which is one of the pivotal components of hourglass surgery. 
      • Tummy Tuck: Medically known as abdominoplasty, this particular cosmetic procedure removes excess skin, fat, and stretch marks from the abdomen area and tightens the abdominal muscles. A tummy tuck procedure leads to a flat and smooth stomach, gives the waist the much-desired shape, and thus giving a perfect hourglass figure. 
      • Breast augmentation: popularly known as a boob job or breast enlargement, this procedure involves inserting implants into the breasts giving them a fuller and rounder shape. It is a perfect procedure for patients who want to achieve an hourglass figure as breast augmentation makes the waist look smaller thereby giving a perfect hourglass shape. 
      • Breast Lift: Medically known as mastopexy, this procedure involves reshaping the breasts to change their look. It also makes the breasts look firmer and stronger. This is a better option as compared to breast augmentation because it is also leading to enhanced breasts without the need for implants. Rather than increasing the size of the breasts by implants, the procedure involves the removal of excess skin and the nipple and areola are moved higher up the chest. For women who need a subtle hourglass figure, this procedure is best as it gives perfect enhancement to the breasts. 
      • Fat Transfer: popularly known as lip modeling or fat transfer, it is a very short surgical procedure in which fat is moved from one part of the body to another to achieve a perfect hourglass frame. This procedure aims to remove the fat from the area that contains excess fat like the stomach and move it to the area that contains less fat like breasts. 
      • Buttock Augmentation: medically known as gluteal augmentation, this particular procedure is used to improve the shape and the size of the buttocks. The procedure can be achieved using two methods, either buttock implants or fat grafting. Sometimes to achieve the desired results, the combination of two procedures can also be used. Buttocks are the main part of an hourglass figure as they make the waist look smaller, providing a perfect hourglass figure. A flat or small back could prove to be the biggest barrier in achieving the hourglass figure, which is why butt augmentation*** is the best way to achieve a fuller back and add perfect shape to the back.
      • Brazilian Butt Lift: Commonly known as BBL, this cosmetic procedure involves fat transfer that can help to achieve a fuller back. For patients who require an hourglass figure, Brazilian Butt Lift has two major benefits. Firstly, in this procedure, excess fat is removed from the body from the areas like the waist or abdomen thereby giving them a smoother look. Secondly, it gives the buttocks a natural look that is difficult to achieve with butt implants.

      Combining Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

      All the procedures mentioned above, help to improve a person’s appearance. A tummy tuck is used to flatten a person’s stomach but it does not give an hourglass silhouette. To achieve a complete hourglass figure, a patient also needs targeted liposuction.

      The combination of a tummy tuck with targeted liposuction is also known as hourglass tummy tuck and the procedure provides the benefit of both tummy tuck and liposuction.

      In an hourglass tummy tuck, excess skin is removed which firms a patient’s abdomen. The procedure removes the fat cells from certain areas of the body like the abdomen, lower back, and flanks giving a more defined waist. 

      The fat removed is then purified, and is transferred to the hips of the patients giving them a curvier and rounder shape. The resulting hip to waist ratio achieved is the classic hourglass figure

      An hourglass tummy tuck helps to achieve a thin waist, flat stomach, contoured hips, and a sexy hourglass figure

      The procedure of hourglass surgery

      • The hourglass surgery is performed using Vaser technology. The technology is energy-assisted liposuction. In this procedure sound energy is used which leads to emulsification of fat and skin contraction. This technology has the ability to remove superficial fat without causing any kind of skin damage. 
      • The key to hourglass surgery is marking and a very good understanding of human anatomy. The process begins with marking the areas that are to be suctioned and the required areas are highlighted.
      • Then the process of infiltration is performed. Vaser is done to emulsify the area, liposuction is done for the removal of fat and all the collected fat is injected into the areas like buttocks, face, and breast to give a perfect hourglass shape. 

      Post Procedure precautions

      The recovery period after hourglass surgery is very important for your health and the achievement of desired aesthetic results. After the surgery, you need continuous medical care to avoid any possible complications. It is very important to ask your surgeon about the risks associated with hourglass surgery beforehand.

      Post Procedure Care

      1. Use Compression Garments: After an hourglass surgery, the patients are required to wear compression garments. These garments are required to keep the contoured body intact, reduce swelling and prevent infections
      2. No smoking: smoking is very dangerous for the health; therefore, it is riskier for people who had hourglass surgery. The cigarette contains nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, which slows down the healing process.
      3. Avoid strenuous activities: engaging in physical activities after plastic surgery can lead to poor wound healing, bleeding, infections, implant displacement, and scarring. It is advised to have complete rest after getting an hourglass surgery and avoid any kind of strenuous activities.
      4. Sleeping, resting, and sitting: if after having an hourglass surgery, you become careless with sleeping, sitting, and resting, you may experience medical problems. For example, if after having buttock implants you start sitting immediately, it can lead to bleeding and infection. 

      A patient must avoid sleeping, sitting on the operated side as the pressure can cause incisions to open and this can lead to bleeding, and poor wound healing.

      1.  Preventing infections: There is a high risk of infection after hourglass surgery. You have to be extremely watchful for infections. Do not let any person other than experienced staff touch your incisions and bruises. 
      2. Doctors Instructions: It is extremely important to follow doctor’s instructions for a smooth recovery after plastic surgery. If you fail to follow the instructions, the chances of infection may rise. Contact your surgeon immediately in case of any issues.
      3. Use of medications: Remember not to start any medication after the surgery without taking the proper advice from the doctor. Taking drugs without a doctor’s advice can prove to be life-threatening and it can also lead to poor aesthetic outcomes.

      The recovery period

      The recovery period plays a very important role after the hourglass surgery. It begins right after the procedure and the primary healing takes place 2-3 weeks after the surgery. It takes at least 6 weeks to recover completely after the surgery. 

      Cost of hourglass surgery in India

      An hourglass surgery includes multiple procedures like hourglass tummy tuck, hourglass hip procedure, etc. The cost of hourglass surgery in India depends on the procedure your surgeon will recommend to you to get a perfect hourglass shape. The cost of hourglass surgery in India depends on the following factors:

      1. The experience of the doctor
      2. No surgeries required
      3. The city in which surgery is performed
      4. The hospital
      5. The complexity of the surgery
      6. The equipment used in the surgery

      The average cost of hourglass surgery in India depends on the number of procedures you go through as a part of hourglass surgery.

      Cost of hourglass surgery in Delhi and Gurgaon

      Hourglass surgery cost in Delhi and Gurgaon is affordable and client-friendly. The cost depends on many factors like the experience and qualification of a doctor, the complexity of the surgery, the technology used, patients profile, infrastructure, medicines, and follow-ups.

      If you are planning to get an hourglass surgery in Delhi, then Indian doctor Dr. Amit Gupta is the best in business. His experience and knowledge in the area of cosmetic surgery are unbeatable and his results are mind-blowing. Above all, all his treatments are available at client-friendly rates. 

      At Divine Cosmetic Surgery, we believe in taking extreme steps to avoid any kind of infection after the treatment and that is why we use safe surgical procedures to perform surgeries. We only use the latest technology and tools to give 100 % results to our clients.  

      At Divine, we understand the problems of our clients and we are determined to provide them our services at the most affordable rates possible 

      Frequently asked questions

      I am a 26-year-old boy with an hourglass figure. What can I do to rectify that?

      You can get rid of your hourglass figure by focusing on core exercises like crunches, side crunches, planks, vacuums. Focus more on building your upper body like shoulders, chest, and arms. Having more muscle on the upper body area will take away all the attention from the hip area making the hourglass shape less noticeable. 

      I am a boy with a girlish body; can I get rid of my curves?

      Most men have straight waists and broad shoulders. To get rid of the curvy body, exercise more and eat more supplements and healthy food. It is quite possible that you have high estrogen levels and it is possible due to genetics. 

      Is it possible for a boy to get rid of an hourglass figure?

      Yes, a boy can get rid of an hourglass figure. Follow a healthy training regime with a mixture of movements like lifts, pulls, thrusting motions, and squats. Take the help of a certified dietician to get a perfect eating plan and be consistent with your regime to get rid of the hourglass figure. 

      How does one maintain an hourglass figure?

      The top ways to maintain an hourglass figure are:

      1. Choose the exercise that helps you best to maintain your body
      2. Commit to your workout program and follow it religiously
      3. Work on your strength. Focus on strengthening your body
      4. Do cardio exercise
      5. Take proper diet
      6. Try waist training 

      If you still have questions regarding hourglass surgery or any other procedure done at Divine including hair transplant, chin liposuction, breast augmentation, Gynecomastia treatment, Facelift, chin implant, etc., and feel free to contact Dr. Amit Gupta, to schedule an appointment with him.

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