Semi Robotic Hair Transplant Surgery

      Robotic hair transplant is one of the most popular and advanced hair transplant techniques in the world. This method works wonders for patients by aiding the physician in performing different hair transplant procedures. The procedure is done with accuracy and consistency that allows for maximum preservation of follicles.

      In robotic hair transplants in Delhi, follicular units are directly removed from the back and sides of the scalp using robotic techniques. This is done by making use of artificial intelligence to minimize injury to existing follicles.

      Robotic Hair Transplant in India

      The robotic hair transplants at Divine Cosmetic Surgery are performed under local anesthesia. In every single session, hair transplants are done by using thousands of follicular unit grafts. This procedure can take an entire day or even two consecutive days to complete.

      Also, all robotic hair transplants are performed under local anesthesia. Medication is also provided during this time by the cosmetic surgeon to provide comfort to the patient and make sure that he or she is able to relax.

      During the procedure, the patient can also choose to listen to music or watch a movie. This is mainly to ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the surgery. Also, depending on the type of comfort you opt for, the robotic hair transplant in India cost can also vary significantly.

      There are also some misconceptions that are associated with a robotic hair transplant. One such misconception is that the patient will have significant bleeding and pain. This is not true as the only pain one feels is during 2-3 minutes of the entire procedure. And even during that time, it feels similar to an ant bite. There is no major bleeding either.

      Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure

      After the patient arrives at the clinic, the staff will go over the activities of the entire day with the patient. The surgical consent form is taken and reviewed. At this point, if any other paperwork is required, then that is completed too.

      Your cosmetic surgeon will begin by reviewing the goals that were earlier established with you. The doctor will re-draw the hairline that was marked and photographed during the final consultation. Other markings might also be made to further delineate the extent of the procedure.

      At this point, if you still have any questions or doubts, then you should discuss and examine those problems before proceeding. The physician will also take photographs to become a part of the permanent medical record.

      The cosmetic surgeon might also provide you with sedatives that will help you relax. However, you can choose to be fully alert during the entire procedure if you like. Some patients prefer to listen to music or watch a movie while the surgery is being done.

      It should be noted that the length of your robotic hair transplant will depend on the number of follicular unit grafts that need to be transplanted. For example, if there are fewer grafts, then the session would only take a few hours. On the other hand, robotic hair transplant sessions with more grafts will be performed on consecutive days.

      Robotic Hair Transplant Cost in India

      There are several factors that can affect the cost of a robotic hair transplant procedure. Some of these factors are:

      • Geographic location where you want to get the procedure done
      • The cosmetic surgeon who will perform the procedure
      • Anesthesia fees
      • The kind of post-operative care one requires
      • Number of hair transplant grafts
      • Donor tissue from which the hair transplant will be extracted
      • The amount of area on which the procedure has to be performed

      One should also remember that there should be a proper balance between the price of the hair transplant and the quality of the procedure. There can be many complications that can arise if one does not get a robotic hair transplant done by an experienced, qualified, and skilled cosmetic surgeon.

      The Procedure of Robotic Hair Transplant

      • Donor Tissue

      The procedure of robotic hair transplant begins by focusing on the donor tissue. The donor tissue is often removed from a broad area of the back or sides of the scalp. The location of the donor area is chosen to ensure long-term stability.

      The patient will sit leaning forward with his or her forehead on a special headrest. As the robot moves around the donor area, it will scan and select follicles one by one. The follicular units will be separated from the surrounding area.

      Once the follicular units have been separated, then the units will be placed in a special cooled holding solution. This solution mimics the fluids of the human body and maximizes the survival of the grafts.

      • Stereo-Microscopic Dissection

      The next step in a robotic hair transplant is to place the extracted grafts under a microscope. This is done to assess the integrity and sort the hair follicles according to the number of hairs that they contain.

      Further, if there is a particular size of the follicular unit which is required, then in those cases, the robot microscopically dissects the hair grafts into the required size. Because of this reason, this method is especially useful while performing surgeries like eyebrow restoration.

      • Creation of Recipient Sites

      There are some problems that one comes across while creating recipient sites in manual hair restoration. Both of these problems are resolved when it comes to robotic hair transplantation.

      On top of all this, the chances of human errors are greatly removed during a robotic hair transplant. One also is able to get a naturally pleasing aesthetic hairline that makes it very hard to detect whether someone has gotten a hair transplant done or not.

      • Graft Insertion

      Once the recipient sites are made, then the surgical team will start placing the follicular unit grafts into the sites. The hair follicles are inserted in a manner that makes them naturally appealing.

      It should be noted that this is the most time-consuming part of hair loss surgery. During this process, there will be negligible pain or discomfort involved. To distract yourself or pass the time quickly, you can watch movies or listen to music.

      • Post Procedure

      Once the robotic hair transplant is done, then the cosmetic surgeon will double-check the position of all the grafts. No bandages or dressings are required usually on the transplanted area and all the dressings can be removed the following morning or the day after.

      Beyond all this, you should follow all the post-operative tips that are provided by the cosmetic surgeon. This would help in moving the recovery process along more efficiently.

      Get Robotic Hair Transplant Done from Divine Cosmetic Surgery

      At Divine Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Amit Gupta and his team of medical experts have decades of collective experience in performing hair transplants. The entire team is always focused on providing the best quality cosmetic procedures to all patients.

      We at Divine Cosmetic Surgery go above and beyond when it comes to our patients. This is why you can call us right now and book your first free consultation. On top of all this, you can rest assured that you are in completely safe and reliable hands when it comes to getting cosmetic surgeries done at Divine Cosmetic Surgery.

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