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Hair Restoration

Semi-Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplant is a significant modification of the conventional follicular unit extraction technique. HAARTs Mini Is the semi-robotic device that we use at divine.  the procedure is as follows

  1. Marking of the recipient area to define the number of hair follicle required
  2.  Using the semi-robotic machine to extract the hair follicle
  3. The semi-robotic machine simultaneously sucks out the grafts  as the punching device makes the hole
  4. The Automatic implanterVapi is then used to implant is follicle in the recipient area
Regain your Hair in 1 Session!
  • Almost 100 % graft survival.
  • More sessions can be carried out in a short time period.
  • Improved aesthetic results.
  • Increased comfort of patients and surgeons.
  • Cost-effectiveness.

With a rapid increase in technical advancements occurring in the cosmetic field, the existing manual surgical work is getting replaced by many robotic arms. Similarly, the FUE procedure has also been brought to its functioning by employing a device known as the S.A.F.E.R. device. The procedure is called the Trans FER technique, the major drawbacks of which are imperfections in the conventional procedure that are rectified after adopting this method. Divine Cosmetic Surgery is one among the few centres in the country that keeps itself updated with all recent technological advancements. Our main objective is to bring the latest medical technology into practise so that our patients get maximum satisfaction. Our founder and surgeon, Dr. Amit Gupta carry more than 5 years of excellence in the field of hair transplant and takes immense pleasure in introducing robotic hair transplant in the country.

There are several factors that affect the success rate of the conventional FUE procedure, some of which are graft loss, damage to the follicle, patient fatigue, restricted number of grafts per session and more. These defects can be overcome, by introduction of the robotic device, SAFER. There are various advantages of following this procedure, one of which is that it involves no touch. The SAFER device can reduce wastage rates of grafts to less than 1% which has proven to be better than the FUHT procedure. The special device, which is helpful in the suction of the grafts, also aids in reducing the total time required to extract the grafts which reduce patient and assistant fatigue. If there is a better survival of the grafts then there is no damage to the hair. Some of the mentioned advantages are the highlights of this automated procedure. Moreover, the grafts are untouched and they are inserted using a robotic arm.

After rapidly harvesting the grafts, they are stored appropriately and are then implanted without pain. Over 1,500 grafts are transplanted by the Transfer S.A.F.E.R device within 3 hours and about 2,000 grafts can be transplanted in 4 hours.

To sum up, the following are the advantages that are associated with the robotic hair transplant:

  • Almost 100 % graft survival.
  • More sessions can be carried out in a short time period.
  • Improved aesthetic results.
  • Increased comfort of patients and surgeon.
  • Cost-effectiveness.


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