Mole Removal Surgery In Delhi (India) – Doctor & Procedure Cost

      About the process of mole removal

      Melanocytes are the cells that produce melanin, the pigment that gives the natural colour of your skin (complexion). Sometimes, the melanocytes get collected together and form marks called Moles. The irregular brown/black patch-like shapes on your skin is a mole. Most of the moles in our human body are genetically inherited.

      But there are times where a mole can be diagnosed for melanoma (cancer cell). Or even a few individuals tend to feel it as a disturbance or when clothes snag on it. From Congenital mole to Atypical mole, any form of melanocyte gathering can be removed through proper treatment.

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      Types of mole removal procedures

      There are a few non-surgical approaches that will help you get your mole removed from your skin effectively. These methods include the following features:

      Shave Excision: A technique where a small blade will be useful to remove the area surrounding and beneath the mole, without the requirement for a suture (stitch).

      Excision Biopsy: In addition to the mole, a small portion of the skin is also removed in this process. (safety margin).

      Depending upon your mole’s size, shape, variant, colour, texture, appearance, and the depth of growth, other surgical or nonsurgical methods are given suggestions. However, irrespective of the demographics of your mole, the pros and cons of these treatments are individual-centric.

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      Skin-specific treatment rates

      The pricing of a mole removal process depends on two factors. One is the skin’s type and the second is the type of surgical process. However, choosing the right treatment is important to get the best result and cure effectively when comparing the cost.

      Divine Cosmetic Surgery has quite a low cost of mole removal surgeries in the industry.


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