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    About Vaginoplasty Surgery

    Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to “tighten up” the vagina that has become slack or loose due to vaginal childbirth or aging. In this process, the female’s pelvic floor muscles are tightened. This process leads to better sexual pleasure, according to some reports.


    Generally, vaginoplasty surgery in India is a safe surgical procedure. But the patient has to stay away from the sexual intercourse for almost a month.


    This surgery is not too complicated, and it takes almost 3- 4 hours for the entire surgical procedure to get completed.

    Vaginoplasty Cost In Delhi

    In vaginoplasty, the surgery and the cost vary according to different patients and their requirements. But the vaginoplasty cost in India is low as compared to western countries. For more information about vaginoplasty and the cost involved, you can call the doctors at Divine cosmetic surgery.

    How does vaginoplasty works?

    Vaginoplasty decreases the vaginal lining and tightens the vaginal muscles to make he vagina normal after vaginal childbirth or even for people who have a saggy vagina due to aging. Under this procedure, the vagina is shaped up till the cervix so the women can feel youthful after the operation.

    Procedure for vaginoplasty surgery in India

    Under this process, general anesthesia is given to the patient, and then incisions are made in the natural creases of the vagina. And even the underlying vaginal muscles are accessed. Then the vaginal line is reduced to make the vaginal opening normal. Then the sagged muscles are joined and shortened to give elasticity to the vagina. After that, the patient has to stay away from any sexual activity for over a month.

    Target areas for vaginoplasty

    People undergo vaginoplasty to get the following benefits:

    • Improved vagina structure
    • To tighten the vaginal opening
    • To repair the weak vaginal muscle
    • To treat the loose and saggy vagina
    • To make women comfortable
    Are there any risks involved during vaginoplasty?

    Minor side effects after vaginoplasty include:

    • Pain
    • Nausea
    • Numbness
    • bruises

    Although not every patient faces this problem, you can consult doctors at Divine cosmetic surgery for better information. They charge nominal vaginoplasty cost in India.


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