Transform Your Confidence: Exceptional Hair Transplant Treatment in Noida

    What are Hair Transplants?

    Losing hair is one of the most traumatizing experiences in one’s life and sometimes it becomes inevitable to avoid hair loss. Some people experience hair loss in the later stages of their life but it becomes extremely depressing for the people who start experiencing it in their early 20s. Hair Fall is a problem that should be addressed as soon as possible because once it takes an aggressive stage, it becomes very difficult to stop it. The treatment becomes costly too.

     The ultimate solution to hair loss problems is now a hair transplant. Gone are the days when hair transplant techniques were painful and costly.  With the improvement in science and technology, it is now possible to get a head full of hair if you have gone bald. The beauty of hair transplant treatment is that it can be done at any age and you can achieve the results you desire anytime.



    A hair transplant is one of the most widely followed methods of dealing with hair loss problems today. Why wear wigs if it is possible to get the natural hair back now? Hair transplant techniques in Noida, Maharashtra can now deal with all types of hair loss that are caused by:

    • Alopecia areata

    • Androgenetic Alopecia

    • Diffuse Alopecia

    • Medical conditions

    • Trauma-related hair loss

    • Triangular Alopecia


    Hair transplants can be done for cosmetic as well as reconstructive reasons. If you too are dealing with hair loss and looking for an expert surgeon to perform the surgery for you, Divine is the right place for you. Dr. Amit Gupta is one of the best hair transplant doctors in Noida, who has more than 20 years of experience in hair transplant and has performed about 8100 successful transplants in his career. 

    People Come to us for hair transplants from locations like Delhi, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Noida, and Bangalore. This is because we are known to give 100 percent results at the cheapest costs possible.

    Are you struggling with hair loss too? Know the reason behind it

    • There are various reasons behind hair loss, including

      • Genetics: Hair loss is most commonly caused by male and female pattern baldness, which is inherited from both parents.

      • Hormonal changes: Changes in hormone levels as a result of pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, or thyroid problems can lead to hair loss.

      • Medical conditions: Hair loss can be caused by conditions like alopecia areata, scalp infections, and autoimmune disorders.

      • Medications: Some medications can cause hair loss as a side effect, like medicine for high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, depression, and heart problems.

      • Stress: Stress can lead to a temporary loss of hair due to emotional or physical reasons.

      • Nutritional deficiencies: When a person does not receive adequate nutrition, in particular vitamin D, iron, and protein, he or she may suffer from hair loss.

      • Hairstyling: Hair that is over-styled or uses harsh chemicals, such as bleach or dyes, can be damaged and will fall out if the hair is over-stylized.

      • Ageing: With age, people’s hair naturally thins and may eventually cause them to lose their hair as a result.

      The cause of hair loss can be a combination of factors, so consult a doctor to determine the underlying cause and how to treat it.

    Types of Hair Transplant





    long hair





    Hair Transplant Clinic in Noida – Why Divine?  

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    Yes, taking hair follicles from areas of the scalp that are not affected by male or female pattern baldness can be the permanent solution to hair loss, since the transplanted hair follicles are taken from parts of the scalp that do not show any signs of male or female pattern baldness.

    During a hair transplant, the surgeon uses a small needle to numb an area of your head with local anesthesia. There are two main techniques that might be used to obtain follicles for transplantation, including FUE and FUT.

    • FUE

    In follicular unit extraction, the hair follicles are directly cut out from the back of the head or the donor area where there are hundreds to thousands of tiny punch incisions. The surgeon will make tiny holes with a blade or a needle in the area of your scalp that will receive the transplanted hair. The hairs are gently placed in these holes.

    During one of these treatment sessions, a surgeon can transplant hundreds or even thousands of hair follicles. After that, gauze or bandages might cover the scalp for a few days. The session can take four hours or more.

    • FUT

    In follicular unit transplantation, the surgeon starts by using a scalpel to cut out a strip of scalp skin from the back of the head or the donor area. This incision is usually several inches long. It is then closed with stitches.

    The surgeon performs the next step by separating the removed portion of the scalp into several small sections. This is done by using a magnifying lens and a sharp surgical knife. When implanted, these sections help achieve hair growth that is very natural.

    After the hair transplant is done, then your scalp might be sore for a few hours. You will need to take some medications after the hair transplant, including:

    • Pain medication
    • Antibiotics
    • Anti-inflammatory medications

    Also, make sure that you ask your surgeon when you are ready to get back to work and resume your normal routine. Most people feel completely fine after two to three weeks of the procedure at most.

    You will also be able to see some new hair growth after 8 to 12 months of the hair transplant procedure. While recovering, if you have any doubts or if you are suffering from any problem, then make sure that you reach out to your cosmetic surgeon. Beyond this, make it a point that you are not taking any additional medications without consulting with your cosmetic surgeon.

    Patients should remember that most hair transplants done by the best hair transplant doctor in Noida have no side effects. However, if you get a hair transplant from an individual who is not qualified, skilled, or experienced, then some side effects that you can observe are:

    • Bleeding
    • Infection
    • Swelling of the scalp
    • Bruising around the eyes
    • Crust forming on the areas of the scalp where hair was removed or implanted
    • Itching
    • Numbness or lack of sensation in the treated area
    • Shock loss
    • Inflammation
    • Unnatural-looking tufts of hairNoida

    There is no method that can be labeled as the best hair transplant method in Noida. Instead, you should rely on the judgment of your plastic surgeon to determine what procedure will suit you the most and get you the best results.

    It should be noted that the EMI option is available for hair transplant in Noida at Divine Cosmetic Surgery, which is India’s most trusted cosmetic surgery center.

    Meet Dr. Amit Gupta – Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Noida

    Meet one of India’s most accomplished and recognized cosmetic and aesthetic surgeons in the South East Asia Region. With more than 17+ years of experience and 15,000+ national and internationally satisfied patients, he guarantees one thing, the best change in you. Known to combine his skills, creativity, and mastery to re-design the new you. Be it the surgical precision or reconstructive brilliance you couldn’t be in better hands than Dr. Amit Gupta at Divine Cosmetic Surgery, the best silicone bust insertion surgeon in India.

    Dr. Amit Gupta

    MS (Surgery), DNB (Plastic Surgery), and Fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery (Brazil-Belgium)

    dr amit gupta
    What is the Average Hair Transplant Cost In Noida?

    The average hair transplant cost in Noida is between INR 50,000 to INR 250,000. You should remember that there are several factors that can have an effect on this cost.

    Why is hair transplant treatment in Noida the best solution to all your hair fall problems?

    Hair loss is an extremely common problem in Noida these days because the lifestyle of Noida is different from other cities. People here deal with a very stressful life, humid weather, pollution above all due to extreme work pressure and race of life, people have a sedentary lifestyle. All these factors lead to hair loss problems among people. Due to high aesthetic awareness, the hair transplant in Noida is in huge demand as everyone looks for a permanent solution to the hair loss issue. 

    Hair transplant surgery involves transplanting hair follicles from a donor area (usually your back or sides of your scalp) into areas where your hair is thinning or falling out. The transplanted hair follicles keep growing hair in their new location, so the head looks fuller and more natural.

    There are a few reasons why hair transplant surgery is a highly effective solution for hair loss and people in Noida prefer it a lot:

    1. Results are permanent: Hair transplant surgery can fix hair loss permanently. Patients can keep growing hair for the rest of their lives with transplanted hair follicles.

    2. Natural-looking results: Hair transplant surgery can give you a natural-looking head of hair that looks just like your own.

    3. Recovery time: While recovery times vary depending on the individual and the surgery, many patients are back at work within a few days.

    4. Personalized: Hair transplant surgery can be customized to meet the needs and goals of each patient.

    The hair transplant surgery may not be right for everyone. Make sure you consult with a qualified hair transplant surgeon before you choose this procedure.

    Discovering the best Hair Transplant Clinic in Noida

    Everybody wants to go for the best hair transplant surgeon after learning about others’ experiences, but the higher hair transplant cost in Noida snuffs out their dream of having hair growth. However, Noida and Delhi hair transplant industries have opened up affordable access to world-class hair transplants.

    At Divine Clinic, we serve many Noida patients who get impressive hair transplant results at a very affordable price. Our patients always tell us that cost is always a secondary factor, but they choose Divine Clinic because they have an amazing experience with us, plus we’re affordable.

    So if cost is a limiting factor for you to get a hair transplant in Noida, don’t worry. Divine Hair Transplant Clinic comes among the top 10 hair transplant clinics in Noida, offering international-level facilities at affordable prices.


    Are the results of a hair transplant done at Divine clinic long-lasting?

    Our body has two types of follicles-DHT sensitive and DHT resistant.  The DHT-sensitive hair follicles have receptors for the androgen hormone and thus they get influenced by the hormones. Genetic hair loss is due to genetic dysfunction which makes the follicles oversensitive to androgen hormones and leads to massive hair loss.

    On the other hand, DHT-resistant hair follicles do not undergo hair loss because they do not have androgen receptors. These types of hair follicles are used for transplantation and they stay for a lifetime in the area they are transplanted.

    So yes, hair transplantation is the only permanent and long-lasting solution to hair loss whereas all other treatments are just temporary magnets.

    To get the best results, hair transplant procedures need meticulous planning, in-depth knowledge, and expert hands. Therefore, you should choose a hair transplant surgeon with plenty of experience. It’s critical to take judicious decisions when choosing the site for harvesting or how many grafts to harvest. This could lead to over-harvesting and potentially violate the donor area’s safe zones, affecting the result’s permanence.

    For this reason, you should find a hair transplant surgeon across the country who can guarantee permanent results. When it comes to hair transplants, Divine hair transplant clinic offers world-class results at an affordable price if you’re looking for the cheap and best hair transplant in Noida.

    Hair Transplant in Noida-Techniques we perform

    Divine hair transplant clinic, the no 1 hair transplant clinic of Noida performs world-class hair transplants. Divine hair transplant clinic’s head Dr. Amit Gupta takes a holistic approach to choosing the right technique based on your needs.

    Dr. Gupta spends a lot of time researching and developing hair transplants. His routine practice incorporates newer techniques and research being done on hair transplants worldwide. There are very few hair transplant clinics in India practicing these new techniques as they need excellence, expertise, and the latest high-technology instruments.

    Here are the techniques used at Divine for hair transplants: FUT Technique: In Follicular Unit Transplantation, in which a strip of hair-bearing skin is removed from the donor area and is dissected into follicular units using a microscope. These follicular units contain one to four hairs which are then transplanted to the recipient area of the scalp that is suffering from hair loss using small incisions made by the surgeon. The advantages of this technique are:
    • Many hair follicles can be transplanted in a single session
    • less expensive and less time consuming
    • It is also applicable in eyebrow and beard transplantation

    At Divine, every step is performed under high magnification, and hair grafts are dissected under a video-assisted microscope to ensure that no damage is done to the hair grafts, and to deliver permanent results. As a result of the excellent skill and expertise of Dr. Amit Gupta, he performs hair transplants with a damage rate of less than 1%. If you want the best FUT hair transplant in Noida, don’t hesitate to reach out to Divine hair transplant hospital in Noida.

    FUE Technique: During an FUE hair transplant, individual hair follicles are harvested from your donor area (usually your back or sides of your head) and transplanted into your balding area. In contrast to Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) requires no incisions or stitches.

    An FUE hair transplant involves extracting individual hair follicles from the donor area with a punch. Incisions are made around the follicles, then forceps are used to pull them out. A transplanted hair follicle is transplanted into bald spots.

    Two types of FUE hair transplant in Noida at Divine

    There are two main types of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants:

    1. Manual FUE: The surgeon removes individual hair follicles from the donor area by hand. Hair follicles are extracted with punch tools, which have a diameter between 0.7mm and 1mm. It’s time-consuming and takes skill and precision to do FUE manually.
    2. Robotic FUE: A motorized punch tool extracts hair follicles from a donor area. The punch tool is rotated by a motor and helps extract follicles faster. Several motorized FUE devices are available, including the SAFE System, NeoGraft, and ARTAS Robotic System. The surgeon can do motorized FUE faster and with less effort.
    In Noida, both manual and robotic hair transplants can produce natural-looking results. This depends on the surgeon’s experience and preference, the patient’s needs, and the clinic’s technology. With the right hair transplant surgeon like Dr. Amit Gupta, you can determine the best approach based on your hair loss pattern and goals.
    • FUT +FUE: It is the latest hair transplant technique adopted by Divine, which is used to treat high-intensity baldness. With this technique, more than 4000 hair grafts can be harvested, which is a good amount to cover a large bald spot. The hair grafts are saved from damage because very few hair grafts are harvested using FUE, which can cause more damage. FUT hair transplant in  Noida combined with FUE is one of the most effective hair transplant techniques to deal with extreme baldness.

    • MMFT Hair Transplant: MMFT stands for Micro Refined Microfollicular Hair Transplant. Hair restoration has been completely transformed with Micro Follicle Hair Implants. In MMFT, direct implant instruments give natural results that are quick and painless. It doesn’t involve removing any scalp. The MMFT doesn’t require hair transplant surgery, incisions, donor sites, etc. In MMFT, individual follicles are extracted from the donor area and inserted into the recipient area in the most appreciative way. It takes a few months for the implanted hair to grow and look natural. MMFT is considered to be the latest procedure after FUT and FUE. It is a scarless treatment and gives permanent results. 

    • Synthetic Hair Transplant: During a synthetic hair transplant, artificial hair is grafted one by one onto your bald patches. That’s why artificial hair has a good cosmetic appearance. Japan and Italy are the only places that make synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is made of artificial fiber and is biocompatible, which means that it’s not harmful to the body and is made of polyamide fibers that are highly purified. The Italians use biofiber, and the Japanese use NIDO fiber for artificial hair. You can get artificial hair in all kinds of colors and shades. They’re available in 15 cm and 30 cm lengths. The artificial hair transplant can be used to treat different types of hair loss, especially alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia, and scarring alopecia. Artificial hair transplants are available if your hair has gotten thin and you’re not completely bald.

    • Long Hair Transplant: Long hair transplants don’t cut a single hair from either the recipient or donor area.  The long length of hair is implanted and you can actually go to the office after 3 days without even knowing you have undergone a hair transplant. It is an extremely difficult procedure and most clinics do not perform it. It can be done only by an experienced surgeon like Dr Amit Gupta.

    • Body Hair Transplant: This procedure uses scalp hairs to restore hair to your chest and abdomen most commonly, but it can also be applied to the pubic area, axilla, arms, and other areas where hair is desired, either to thicken the existing hair or to grow new hair where it doesn’t exist. Having no hair could be genetic, electrolysis, laser hair removal, surgery scar repair, burns, or other types of accidents. In some cases, patients just want a thin amount of coverage or filling-in in a limited area, while in other cases, they want a thick chest and abdominal area. In some cases, a second procedure may be needed to get the maximum density. Usually, doctors in Noida use scalp hair for body hair transplants


    How to choose the best technique?

    There are several factors to consider when deciding the best technique for a hair transplant:

    • Hair Type: The type and extent of hair loss determine the best hair transplant technique. For example, if a person has extensive hair loss, a follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique may be more suitable.

    • Density and Quality of Hair: The density and quality of hair in the donor area can determine the technique. In cases where there isn’t much hair density in the donor area, a strip method (FUT) might be a better option.

    • Age: It’s important to take the patient’s age into account when choosing a technique. FUE may be better for younger patients since they have more available donor hair.

    • Patient preference: Patient preference also determines the technique used. There are some people who prefer FUE because there are no linear scars, while others may prefer FUT because it harvests more hair at once.

    • Cost: The cost of the procedure is also a significant factor in determining the technique used. FUT is generally cheaper than FUE.

    The best technique for a hair transplant depends on the needs and goals of each individual patient. A qualified surgeon who specializes in the field of hair transplantation can help determine the best technique for each individual patient. With proper consultation with an experienced doctor like Dr. Amit Gupta, you can decide the best technique suitable for you. Book your consultation now and decide the best and cheapest hair transplant technique for you. 

    Who is the right candidate for the hair transplant procedure?

    The eligible candidates for hair transplant surgery are:

    • It is a suitable surgery for anyone experiencing male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, head trauma, traction alopecia, and a receding hairline.

    • A person should have good health and should not suffer from any underlying disease.

    • People suffering from spot baldness or those who have insufficient hair in the donor area are not eligible for this procedure.

    • The surgery is not recommended for people who are below 25 years of age as it is not possible to determine the long-term results in their case

    Best Hair Transplant in Noida-Know the Procedure

    The hair transplant in Noida starts with local anesthesia to numb the scalp. It’s pretty common for patients to be awake during surgery. First, the surgeon cuts a strip of skin off the scalp or removes each hair one at a time. The next step is transplanting. Before the transplant, technicians prepare the removed hair, and the surgeon preps the scalp. Depending on how many hairs are to be transplanted, the main surgeon and his team will place healthy hair in the recipient area. The whole scalp is bandaged once the procedure is over.

     Duration of surgery

    Depending on how many hair grafts are done, the entire procedure takes 4 to 8 hours. Local anesthesia is used for the procedure, and patients can resume their normal activities immediately afterward. It’s normal for the area where surgery is performed to be quite swollen for 3 to 5 days after surgery, but people can resume work after that. The body hair transplant can sometimes take a couple of sessions to get the best results. A surgeon decides how many sessions are needed before the procedure to complete the procedure.

    Things to expect after the surgery

    • The surgeon will place bandages on the donor site after the surgery.

    • There is some swelling in the treated area after the surgery. You will be provided with proper medication and patients have to make sure to take the medicine on time to avoid any kind of infection.

    • Patients have to wait for at least two to three weeks to see the visible results of the surgery.

    • To nourish the hair follicles and promote hair growth, you might have to take some medication. There’s no effect on the hormones or the cells that trigger natural hair growth after hair transplant surgery in Noida. A hair transplant gives better results when paired with medical therapy.

    • Within a few days, you can resume normal activities, but avoid any strenuous activity until your doctor says it’s okay.


     What is the Cost Of Hair Transplant Surgery in Noida, India

    Costs for hair transplant surgery in Noida, India vary depending on the technique used, the number of grafts needed, the experience of the surgeon, and the clinic’s location and reputation. In Noida, India, the cost of 1200 grafts for a hair transplant starts at 60000. However, this cost can go up if you need more grafts. In choosing a hair transplant surgeon, don’t let price be the only deciding factor. You should also consider the experience and qualifications of the surgeon, the reputation of the clinic, and the quality of services.

    The average cost of a hair transplant in Noida may vary from surgeon to surgeon. It greatly depends on the reputation of the clinic and the number of grafts required. It is best to book an appointment with the best hair transplant surgeon in Noida to know the complete procedure and cost.

    Why should you choose Dr. Amit Gupta for your next Hair Transplant procedure in Noida?

    Dr. Amit Gupta at Divine hair transplant center in Noida can give you an impeccable hair transplant at an affordable price. He is definitely a world-class hair transplant surgeon in Noida for a number of reasons explained as follows:

    • His reputation is widely known across the country as one of the best hair transplant surgeons.

    • The hair transplant surgeon Amit Gupta has performed more than 8100 hair transplant surgeries with a high success rate and excellent outcomes.

    • He has incredible surgical skills and artistic vision, so he’s been able to deliver world-class hair transplant results.

    • Instead of other branded clinics that just run on the name of reputable hair transplant surgeons, he performs every hair transplant procedure himself.

    • He’s got a great reputation and recognition worldwide, but he’s extremely compassionate toward his patients. He solves all their issues calmly for a better understanding.

    • In addition to being up to date on the latest techniques, he has incorporated them into routine practice, which has earned him appreciation from national and international patients.

    • It’s his USP to design extremely natural-looking hairlines that are often undetectable.

    For the best hair transplant outcomes, Dr Amit Gupta is definitely worth consulting as he is one of the top 5 hair transplant surgeons in Noida.

    What makes Divine Clinic Unique and Why should you choose us?

    Here are some reasons why you should choose Divine, the best FUE hair transplant clinic in Noida: 

    • Precise and Consistent Results: Our robotic hair transplant procedure uses advanced imaging technology to accurately identify and extract individual hair follicles. This results in a more precise and consistent outcome than traditional hair transplant techniques.

    • Faster Healing and Recovery Time: Robotic hair transplant procedures are minimally invasive and involve no stitches or staples. This means that there is less trauma to the scalp and patients can expect faster healing and recovery time.

    • Natural-Looking Results: Our robotic hair transplant procedure uses individual hair follicles, which are carefully placed in the scalp to create a natural-looking hairline. This ensures that your new hair looks and feels just like your natural hair.

    • Customizable Treatment: Our robotic hair transplant procedure can be customized to suit each patient’s unique needs and preferences. This means that we can tailor the procedure to achieve the exact hairline and density that you desire.

    • Affordable: The hair transplant cost at Divine is very reasonable. The hair transplant cost per graft at our clinic is affordable and will not hit your bank balance at all.

    • Experienced Surgeons: Our robotic hair transplant procedure is performed by experienced surgeons who have undergone specialized training in the use of robotic technology. This ensures that you receive the highest quality care and the best possible results.

    • No Linear Scar: Traditional hair transplant methods often leave a linear scar on the scalp, which can be unsightly and difficult to conceal. Our robotic hair transplant technique does not leave a linear scar, allowing you to wear your hair in any style you choose.

    • Long-Lasting Results: Robotic hair transplant results are long-lasting, with many patients experiencing permanent hair growth. This means that you can enjoy a full head of natural-looking hair for years to come.

    Divine is the best hair transplant center in Noida. Our goal at Divine Cosmetic Surgery is to avoid any kind of infection after treatment. That’s why we use safe surgical procedures when performing surgeries. To make sure you get 100% results, we only use the latest technology.  We at Divine understand the problems of our clients, and we’re determined to provide them with affordable services. We provide hair transplant services at the most affordable prices in Noida. 



    Hair transplantation involves two main methods: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). For FUT, a strip of hair is removed from the donor area and dissected into follicular units. FUE involves removing individual follicular units directly from the donor area using a small punch tool.

    Yes, taking hair follicles from areas of the scalp that are not affected by male or female pattern baldness can be the permanent solution to hair loss, since the transplanted hair follicles are taken from parts of the scalp that do not show any signs of male or female pattern baldness.

    Patients usually feel minimal pain after hair transplant surgery because it’s done under local anaesthesia. However, mild discomfort may be experienced during the recovery period.

    Every surgical procedure carries some risks, including hair transplant surgery in Noida. Possible risks include bleeding, infection, scarring, and damage to the surrounding tissues. If the procedure is done by a qualified surgeon like Dr Amit Gupta in a sterile environment, the risks are relatively low.

    Hair transplants have no major side effects. It might result in tissue scarring and infection depending on the surgeon. A temporary side effect of hair transplants is shock loss.