Reverse your Age through Botox

    Botox treatment for reversing your age:

    Botox and fillers procedure in India is an effective and long-lasting treatment for aging skin. It disables the muscles in your face to fade your wrinkles. Also known as botulinum toxin, these injections helps in enhancing the elasticity of your skin for three to four months to make it remain active for a long time.

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    How do botox injections work?

    Botox injections contain a certain type of bacteria which if taken a lot in amount. It can prove to be poisonous but if taken in the small and required amount, can help in treating the facial wrinkles. The botox injections will block the nerve signals, thereby contracting the facial muscles. As a result, the muscles stop moving and it eliminates the unwanted wrinkles on your face. After the injection, you can notice the muscles relaxing, and within a week, you will feel that your face looks much younger. 

    Benefits of botox and filler treatment:
    • When you get used to Botox treatment, your muscles are also trained with time. They stop making aggressive expressions that form wrinkles on your face. Similarly, you will also start avoiding those expressions in areas where the effect of botulinum toxin is fading out.
    • If you use Botox treatment for a long time, the wrinkles will stop developing automatically after years, even if you stop taking the medication. Also, when you no more inject those toxins, the drug is active in your muscles for a long time and delays aging, thereby, reducing the wrinkle formation.


    Cost for Botox Injections:

    Botox injection cost in India usually depends on the unit and the procedure. The botox injection cost in India is usually around Rs. 1000. The effect of the most standard brands stays up to 4-6 months. 

    The botox and filler cost in India including the upper face, the frown complex, crow’s feet, and forehead would cost Rs.15,000 to Rs.18,000 per session.


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