Chemical Peels

      Chemical peels for a glowing skin

      A method for removing the outermost layer of the skin to achieve a smooth and shiny texture is the basic process of chemical peels. This method is also used to improve the general smoothness of the skin and is most frequently done on the face, neck region, and hands. The new skin which is formed from the processed chemical peels will have lesser wrinkles but will become sensitive to sunlight.

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      Benefits of chemical peels

      Some of the benefits of using chemical peels for your skin include the following and may vary according to the skin type:

      •   This procedure will help you in reducing your skin’s fine lines, especially around the mouth.
      •   The method improves the appearance and general texture of even milder scars.
      •   The chemical peels will reduce the risk of getting certain forms of acne.
      •   The treatment also helps to get rid of clear age spots and other dark patches from the skin.

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      Cost on different treatment options

      The procedure for a chemical peel is influenced by the type of skin and depth of the issue. To put it straight, there are several non-surgical treatment options, as per your skin’s issue in India. 3 of the common ones are listed below:

      1. Light Chemical Peel – From dryness to treating fine lines, we will give a light chemical peel for your skin, thus removing the outer layer (epidermis). This superficial skin treatment has lesser side-effects.
      2. Medium Chemical Peel – This method involves removing the upper portion (dermis) of the skin. Wrinkles and acne are also majorly removed through this treatment option. The majority of the results have been found positive in individuals.
      3. Deep Chemical Peel – To remove any precancerous growth, Deep peel is the ideal option if your skin has deep roots in the problem.

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