Mommy Makeover Surgery In Gauhati – Cost, Doctor & Procedure

      Mommy Makeover Surgery

      ‘Motherhood is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences in a woman’s life. After the birth of a little one, there are no words that can describe the connection between a mother and her child. The connection is beyond words and it is purely magical.

      But after the birth of a baby, it becomes physically very difficult for some mothers to bounce back and bring their bodies into shape. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and birth take a toll on the body, and in such a situation even exercise and a healthy lifestyle are not enough to bring the body back into shape.


      Certain individual procedures can address these concerns, but how will you feel if we say that all these procedures can be packaged together to give you a complete makeoverMeet Mommy Makeover, one of the most famous procedures, which can change any woman’s life for good.

      • – Mommy makeover surgery in Gauhati is a combination of plastic surgery techniques specially designed to solve the common issues faced by mothers after pregnancy.
      • – The procedures involved in a mommy makeover vary from woman to woman. Most women undergo a tummy tuck coupled with a breast lift or breast augmentation.
      • – The mommy makeover surgery is all about achieving the appearance you had before your pregnancy. You can add as many procedures to it to achieve the appearance you desire.
      • – Mommy makeovers are not for the women who are looking for weight loss. Typically, it is for women who are in fairly good health and are close to their ideal weight.
      • – Mommy makeover is a great option for women who had given birth to twins or had C sections.
      • It is important to give at least 6 months to the body to heal completely after childbirth. It is recommended to wait for at least 6 months before getting a mommy makeover.

      Tummy Tuck Surgery In Gauhati – Cost, Procedure & Recovery

      Dr. Amit Gupta is a renowned Indian plastic surgeon based in Gauhati. He is an expert in rectifying various conditions that occur after pregnancy like saggy breasts, loose skin, tummy fat, loose vaginal muscles. He recommends a series of procedures that your body will need and that too at affordable rates. He is the best mommy makeover plastic surgeon you can get in Gauhati.

      What is Mommy Makeover?

      mommy makeover is a customized set of plastic surgeries specially designed to treat the effects of pregnancy and aging, improve breasts and restore the original body. Most mothers experience a significant change in their bodies after pregnancy like breast deflation, sagging skin, abdominal stretch marks, and extra fat deposits that do not go away even after maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

      Many changes mentioned above are permanent and do not go away even after maintaining a strict regime. And that is when Mommy makeover can help. It includes any cosmetic surgery of breasts, face, or body. For example, some women need a breast reduction or breast lift and others may not want to change their breasts at all, instead need to address the issue of loose sagging skin in their abdominal area. Some mothers are worried about their face, neck, thighs, arms, or skin condition. In such casesa Full mommy makeover involves a different combination of cosmetic surgery procedures.

      When to Get a Mommy Makeover?

      You can consider getting a mommy makeover when:

      • If your pregnancy has changed the shape and size of your breasts and is lowering your self-confidence.
      • If you are worried about the loose skin around your tummy and the childbirth has left you with millions of stretch marks.

      If the pockets of fat on your arms, thighs, abdomen, and waist do not go away even after maintaining a healthy lifestyle


      Advantages and Disadvantages of Mommy Makeover

      • Advantages
      • It helps women attain a youthful bust and a flat tummy
      • After a mommy makeover, your clothes will fit you better, and you will get back into your original shape.
      • It will give you a slimmer body appearance. However, remember that it is not a weight loss procedure, it should be done only when you are at your ideal weight.
      • Disadvantages
        • If you get pregnant after a mommy makeover, all the results achieved before will disappear.
        • Weight gain after a mommy makeover can also compromise the results.

      Who is a good candidate for a mommy makeover

      Mommy makeover is specially designed to reverse the changes that a woman experiences after pregnancy and aging. If you suffer from any of the conditions mentioned below, then you are a perfect candidate for a mommy makeover:

      • You have drooping and sagging breasts or your beast volume has decreased
      • Your breasts have become so large that they are no longer in proportion to your body and their increased size is also causing you back pain.
      • You have loose skin and stretch marks around your tummy
      • Your waistline has become undefined and very thick
      • The C section surgery has led to multiple areas of fat hanging over your scar
      • Excess fat has accumulated in your hip region as well as thighs.
      • There are signs of, aging around your eyes and on your face
      • You have good general health and a positive attitude towards the surgery.
      • Your vagina becomes loose

      Procedures included in Mommy Makeover

      Mommy makeover is a descriptive term used to describe the procedures that are used to give a complete makeover to women who suffer from low self-esteem due to their unproportionate bodies after childbirth. Firstly you have to discuss in detail the procedures your body needs, with your plastic surgeon. The following procedures described below are included in the mommy makeover packages.

      • Tummy Tuck: Medically called abdominoplasty, it is a procedure used to remove loose and saggy skin around the abdomen area. A flabby stomach results from fat, excess skin, poor skin elasticity, and stretching of abdominal muscles, from ribs to pubic bone. The inner girdle that holds the body’s internal organs in place gets stretched during pregnancy or after weight gain, and the stomach protrudes. A tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that removes the excess skin and fat, tightens the whole abdominal area, and also removes all the stretch marks as well as excess skin in the lower abdominal area, which is below the belly button. The tummy tuck and mommy makeover cost depends on the complexity of the procedure and also on the techniques used.

      A tummy tuck procedure involves the following steps:

      • Firstly, the surgeon will mark the area on your abdomen to indicate the location of the incision, and also the location where the naval has to be repositioned.
      • Secondly, after doing proper markings, a local anesthetic is injected into the patient.
      • The primary tummy tuck incision is made above the pubic area from one hip bone to the other. In case you are getting a full tummy tuck, another incision is made around the navel and in the case of a mini tummy tuck, the incision made is comparatively smaller.
      • The surgeon will then loosen up the skin from the abdominal wall to your ribcage, and then place sutures in the fascia of the abdominal muscles and then pull them into a tighter position. This part is known as the muscle repair part of the tummy tuck surgery.
      • After the suture, the surgeon will perform liposuction, i.e., removal of excess fat. The abdominal skin is then stretched down to the incision and the excess skin is removed.
      • Next, the surgeon will mark the placement of the navel. Although the skin around the navel is moved, the navel stays in the same place. The surgeon will then cut the hole through the redraped skin, and then suture it around the navel.
      • The surgeon will use glue or staples to close the incisions.
      • In a full tummy tuck, the surgeon will insert drains to prevent any kind of fluid buildup, which can lead to pressure on the incision. The drain is a clear plastic tube, that is placed through a small incision below the main incision.
      • Liposuction: Cosmetic surgeons usually recommend tummy tuck and liposuction together, as liposuction is used to improve the contour of hips or flanks. It is a highly effective procedure and can be performed in areas having extra fat like the knees, neck, upper arms, thighs, and chest. The procedure is medically known as lipoplasty.

      The procedure is performed as follows:

      • A sterile liquid along with local anesthesia is injected into the body to control pain and bleeding.
      • After giving you anesthesia, your surgeon will make small incisions around the areas from where the excess fat has to be removed.
      • After it, a cannula( thin and hollow rod) is inserted via the incisions, where due to suction, the excess fat is forced inside the cannula.
      • After the fat removal, dressings and compression garments are applied

      Breast Lift: Breast Lift is the procedure for those women who suffer from loose and sagging breasts after pregnancy. The procedure evens the uneven breasts, and treats drooping nipples and stretched areolas. The breast lift procedure in mommy makeover brings the breasts back in youthful shape by lifting them. The surgery either enlarges the breasts or reduces them. Breast lift is medically known as mastopexy.

      The procedure is performed as follows:

      • Firstly, you will be given local anesthesia or a combination of local anesthesia with a sedative to reduce pain.
      • The surgeon will then make incisions. The incisions vary from person to person as it depends on the amount of excess skin, nipples position, and above all on your preferences combined with your doctor’s suggestions.
      • After the incisions are made, your surgeon will reshape and reposition the breast by removing excess skin.
      • The areola and nipple are then re-positioned to give the breast a youthful look.
      • The surgeon will then tighten the remaining skin by closing the incisions. The sutures are given deep inside breast tissue to give support to newly shaped breasts. A surgeon may also use skin adhesives to support the skin.

      Breast Reduction: Breast Reduction is another procedure involved in a mommy makeover. During pregnancy, the breasts swell and become large in shape. Though getting fuller breasts is a welcoming change, when they become disproportionately large, they start causing pain, breathing problems, rashes, skeletal deformities, and very low self-esteem. However, the breast reduction procedure in mommy makeover solves this problem by removing glandular tissue and fat, thus tightening the skin to give you smaller and lighter breasts.

      The breast reduction procedure is done as follows:

      • After giving you anesthesia, your surgeon will first make incisions on your breast to remove fat, excess skin, and glandular tissue. In some cases, the excess fat is removed with liposuction and excision, and if the breast size is large mainly due to the deposition of fat, only liposuction is used.
      • After deciding the best incision options, the surgeon will make the incision and will also reposition the nipple. He will then reduce the areola by removing the skin.
      • The surgeon will then reduce, lift and shape the breasts and then by bringing all the incisions together he will reshape the breasts that are smaller in size. The sutures are laid thereafter, that too deep under the skin to provide support to the breasts.
      • The surgeon will then close the skin using sutures and surgical tapes.
      • Your breasts will then be wrapped in gauze and you will be required to wear a surgical bra for healing.

       Breast Augmentation: Medically known as augmentation mammoplasty, it is a procedure used to restore or increase the size of breasts using implants. The implants can be silicone gel implants or saline implants.

      The breast augmentation procedure is performed as follows:

      • The surgeon will first make the incisions and lift the breast tissue to create a pocket in the breast pr a chest area. He will then place the saline or silicone gel implants in it.
      • The surgeon will then place the implant under the pectoral muscle. This muscle is located between the chest wall and breast tissue. He can also place the implant under the breast tissue and the top of the pectoral muscle.
      • After implantation, your breasts will be wrapped using gauze or a compression bra. Drainage tubes can also be used for a while to drain the surgical site.

      Vagina Tightening: Many women undergo vagina tightening as a part of the mommy makeover process, as the vagina becomes loose after pregnancy. Vaginoplasty is a procedure designed specially to tighten the vagina.

      The procedure of vaginoplasty is as follows:

      • The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.
      • The surgeon will first determine the amount of tightening to be done. Once the amount of tightening is determined, he will then make a pie-shaped wedge to determine the extra skin that has to be removed from the vagina.
      • The tissues between the skin are then tightened using strong sutures. Once the vagina has been tightened, the mucosal skin is also sutured.
      • If any external skin protrudes, it can be removed as well to get the best results.

      These are the procedures involved in the Mommy Makeover. You can consult your plastic surgeon about the procedures you needDr. Amit Gupta is the best mommy makeover surgeon in Gauhati when it comes to getting surgery done in Gauhati. His results are amazing and consulting him before going for a mommy makeover will help you achieve the best results.


      Preparing for mommy makeover surgery

      • You will be given detailed instructions by your surgeon before going to the surgery table. After a detailed medical and physical exam, if he recommends you to achieve a target weight, then do it religiously by adopting certain lifestyle changes.
      • Make sure to exercise for 30 minutes every day before going for the surgery.
      • Keep away from alcohol and stop smoking at all.
      • Do not take any anti-inflammatory medicine or aspirin before surgery as it can increase the chances of bleeding.
      • Prepare your home beforehand for a speedy recovery process. Do everything you can do to limit the mobility after the procedure and if you have small kids, arrange for someone to take care of them.
      • Try to take a healthy diet before surgery. It will help you in your recovery phase.


      What happens on the day of surgery?

      • The surgeon will give you anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the surgery. You can be given a combination of local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia.
      • The surgeon will follow the surgical plan that he decides with you. However, if certain circumstances force him to make slight changes in the plan, keep your trust intact.
      • The surgical dressings that you will receive will depend on the type of procedures you have and it can also include surgical drains
      • After surgery, you will be monitored closely in the recovery area.
      • You can either be discharged on the same day or your surgeon may decide to keep you for two days under observation. It all depends on how good the surgery goes. If certain complications arise, you will be kept under observation. Aftercare and recovery post-surgery, you will be given detailed instructions about the aftercare. It will include information about:
        • Drains, if your surgeon has placed them
        • Normal post surgery symptoms that you will experience
        • Any complications that can arise

      Immediately after the mommy makeover procedure

      • You will be bandaged, wearing compression garments, and may have some surgical drains
      • Once the anesthesia wears off, you will experience pain. But there is nothing to worry about as it can be easily managed using pain killers. In some cases, women also experience swelling after the surgery. If this happens, contact your surgeon for the cause behind it.

      Recovery Time Frame

      Since so many procedures are involved in a mommy makeover, the greatest benefit is that there will be only one recovery time. Your first week is going to be a little hard, but recovery will start in two or three weeks.

      • The first few days can be intense and you are going to experience a lot of pain. Take your pain medications religiously and get plenty of sleep.
      • The tummy tuck procedure is the most difficult part of a mommy makeover. Follow your surgeon’s instructions as the first two days are going to be painful. The pain will subside in 5 to 6 days.
      • It takes at least 6 weeks to recover completely. However, you can start walking on the first day after the surgery.
      • You will start walking frequently at the end of the first week but you won’t be able to drive
      • You will be able to drive after 2 weeks when all your sutures and drains will be removed
      • Swelling is most likely to subside in 5 weeks and the results of all the procedures will start becoming visible.

      Having done two or more procedures at the same time does not increase the recovery period. For example, if you have a breast augmentation, it will take 7 days to recover and if you have a tummy tuck along with it, it will take 14 days to recover. So the total recovery period will lie between 10 to 14 days.

      Risks and limitations in a mommy makeover

      Luckily the chances of any risk or complications in a mommy makeover are rare and the results produced are amazing. So we can say that the satisfaction rate is higher.  The chances of complications become low when the surgery is performed by a highly qualified and experienced surgeon.

      But, all surgical procedures have some risks. Some risks that can arise in a mommy makeover are:

      • Reaction to anesthesia
      • Hematoma is the accumulation of blood under the skin
      • Bleeding and infection
      • Allergic reactions
      • Scarring
      • Unsatisfactory results, happen only when you do not get it done by an experienced plastic surgeon

      Scarring in the mommy makeover

      Every experienced and acclaimed plastic surgeon tries to make the incisions as small as possible such that they are difficult to find. They are adept at hiding them.

      • The incision made during the tummy tuck starts from one hip to another. It is just above the pubic area. The incision can be easily hidden after wearing undergarments.
      • The incisions made during the liposuction procedure are small therefore the scars will also be small. The surgeons always try to place them in hidden areas.
      • Breast lifts are of different kinds, so the scarring pattern will be different in each case. The incision lines made on the surface of the breast are visible, but in most cases, these lines fade away or become lighter with time.
      • There are four different incision patterns in breast reduction. It depends on breast size, breast sag, and also where your nipples have to be positioned.
      • In breast augmentation too, the incisions are made at four different places. All the cosmetic surgeons try to hide these incisions as much as possible.

      Cost of a mommy makeover in Gauhati

      Most people choose to get a Mommy Makeover in Gauhati, as Indian medical facilities are supreme and are also available at affordable costs. There are the best cosmetic surgeons in Gauhati who use the latest techniques and tools to perform the procedures included in a mommy makeover. India is the most preferred destination for patients looking for mommy makeover procedures as the cost of all the procedures is 30-50% less than all other countries. The mommy body makeover cost in Gauhati depends on om the following factors:

      • Hospital: The cost of mommy makeovers in Gauhati depends on the type of hospital chosen by the patient. The cost is relatively high in well-acclaimed hospitals that have highly qualified doctors.
      • Type of Surgery: The cost also depends on the technique used for the surgery. Different techniques need different tools, machinery, and expertise. Therefore, the cost may vary depending on the type of surgery. It also depends on the number of procedures you get as a part of the makeover.
      • Complexity: Mommy Makeover price also depends on the complexity of the procedure. The higher the complexity, the more the price.
      • Equipment: If the surgery involves the use of high-end equipment and the latest technology, then its cost will be high automatically.
      • Doctor’s fee: The cost of a mommy makeover procedure mainly depends on the doctor’s expertise. Highly experienced and renowned doctors charge more, but it guarantees amazing results and there is very little room for mistakes.

      The total cost also includes hospital stays, anesthetics fees, medicines costs, etc. Usually, the cost of the procedure varies from patient to patient and it depends on the extent of reconstruction required. The price of a mommy makeover in Gauhati starts from 4.5 Lakhs and can vary depending on the procedures. India is the best place if you are looking for affordable mommy makeover options.

      Cost of a mommy makeover surgery in Gauhati

      The cost of a mommy makeover in Gauhati also depends on the above-mentioned factors.  Gauhati have many plastic surgeons, but Dr. Amit Gupta is the best in the business when it comes to complex surgeries like a mommy makeover. Divine Cosmetic surgery, with its new international technologies, is reducing the cost of Mommy Makeover in Gauhati. All the procedures involved in Mommy Makeover are available at client-friendly rates at Divine. Dr. Amit Gupta is a top-rated cosmetic surgeon in Gauhati, and his experience speaks volumes about his work.

      Frequently asked questions

      How long does mommy makeover surgery take?

      Mommy makeover surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It takes about 6 hours to perform the surgery. The time of surgery also depends on the types of procedure you choose like breast reduction, augmentation, liposuction, or tummy tuck surgery. A simple procedure can take 3 to 4 hours approximately, but if you choose a combination of procedures the time increases with complexity. It can take 6 to 8 hours at least.

      What is the cost of mommy makeover surgery?

      The total cost of mommy makeover surgery depends on several factors like the hospital you choose, its infrastructure, the city where it is located, doctor’s experience, anesthetics fees, and also on the technology used. It also depends on the number of procedures you undergo as a part of the makeover. The total cost of a mommy makeover in Gauhati starts from 4.5 Lakhs and can vary from patient to patient.

      How to prepare for mommy makeover surgery?

      You will be given detailed instructions by your surgeon before going to the surgery table. After a detailed medical and physical exam, if he recommends you to achieve a target weight, then do it religiously by adopting certain lifestyle changes.

      Also, make sure to exercise for 30 minutes every day before going for the surgery. Try to keep away from alcohol and stop smoking at all. Do not take any anti-inflammatory medicine or aspirin before surgery as it can increase the chances of bleeding.

      It is also advised to prepare your home beforehand for a speedy recovery process. Do everything you can do to limit the mobility after the procedure and if you have small kids, arrange for someone to take care of them, and do not forget to take a healthy diet before surgery, it will help you in your recovery phase.

      Is mommy’s makeover worth it?

      Mommy makeover is a world-famous procedure and has a successful history of satisfying women who are looking to correct the physical changes caused in their bodies after childbirth. According to a recent survey, 8 out of every 10 women is unsatisfied with the way they look after pregnancy. Mommy makeover gives a new life to such women and also boosts their confidence. Therefore the procedure is totally worth it.

      How can I recover speedily after a mommy makeover?

      The healing process takes a time of at least 6 weeks you have to be patient and if you do the following things, your recovery rate will speed up:

      • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
      • Stay hydrated
      • Wear the compression garments
      • Take your pain medications on time

      What is the best time to have a mommy makeover?

      The best time to have a mommy makeover surgery is when you are done having all your children. Wait for six months at least after giving birth to a child, before going for a mommy makeover. It is also recommended to maintain an ideal weight before considering the surgery.

      Can I have kids after mommy makeover surgery?

      If you plan to have a mommy makeover, it is better to get it done once you have had all the children. Any future pregnancy can diminish the results of a mommy makeover. The results may disappear as the pregnancy stretches the tissues again.