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      Hair loss can occur due to various reasons and can be a reason for the loss of self-esteem for many people. If you do not have sufficient nutrition in-take in your diet or suffer from a genetic problem of losing hair frequently, hair thinning can occur. There may also be hair loss due to health issues, like the sudden onset of prolonged disease. Either way, a lot of Indians suffer from this phenomenon and wish to fix it with surgical or non-surgical solutions. One way is to have a Vitamin Supplement treatment. Divine Cosmetic Surgery offers a FACT Kit treatment for the same.


      This procedure does not require any anaesthesia, as the medicines are ingested and not administered through injections.

      Side effects for these medicines are rare, but if you are allergic to any of them, our team of professional doctors will come up with alternatives for you.


      A cyclical treatment for hair loss is done using different sets of vitamins and minerals that are essential for curing hair loss. These are given alternatively to achieve the best absorption of the nutrients. The FACT kit has been scientifically designed to supply the necessary vitamins and minerals on alternate days.

      The FACT kit designed by our team of experts at Divine Cosmetic Surgery has helped achieve a significant reduction in hair fall in most of our patients. We have a record of up to 30% of hair growth in all our customers.

      This treatment is highly advised after every hair transplant to speed up the process of hair growth.

      While non-surgical hair-fall treatment can be quite expensive in India, we offer the same for relatively reasonable prices.

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