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Looking for cost of Puffy Nipples

About For Puffy Nipples:

Removal of puffy nipples in male gynecomastia. It is an easy surgical procedure that requires less than an hour.


The procedure is done using local anesthesia.


The procedure hardly lasts an hour. Nipple surgery cost in India is very low, especially if you do it in Divine Cosmetic Surgery. The patient can go home the same day.

What are Puffy Nipples?

In some males, there are enlarged breasts, which gives them a feminine look. It diminishes the confidence of the person and has less aesthetic appeal. In the case of puffy nipples, the person may have glands inside the Nipple, which gives it a puffy look. There will be no fat in the case of puffy nipples. Puffy Nipple is a common occurrence most males and is more than often a matter of concern. But nipple surgery can effectively remove this problem once and for all.

Gynecomastia surgery cost in India is meager, and it is a fairly easy procedure.

How does puffy nipple surgery work?

Puffy Nipple removal is a very easy procedure that is over in less than an hour. It includes creating an incision to remove the gland. It is a scar less procedure and done under local anesthetic. The result of the procedure is visible almost immediately.

The patient might be bandaged and may be advised to wear a pressure vest. Other than that, there are absolutely no risks involved and hence is a very popular surgery and Nipple surgery cost in India is feasible. It can be done discreetly in a matter of an hour.

Are there any risks or side effects?

There are no side effects in this procedure, and it is very commonly done due to this very reason

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