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Long Hair Transplant


Long hair transplant is the only hair transplant technique where not even a single hair is trimmed and a person can go to his office after 3 days without anyone knowing that she has had a hair transplant done.
This technique is one of the most difficult of all hair transplant techniques and very few doctors in the world are able to perform a long hair transplant

Who is a candidate for a long hair transplant
  • Pilots, CEOs, Senior MNC executives, Hospitality industry managers, who don’t want a shaved look
  • People who don’t want to shave
  • People who don’t want to tell anyone they have had a transplant
How is it done

(Long Hair Transplant) LHT is a modification of the FUT technique where Not a single hair is cut either in the donor area or at the recipient site

  • The hair-bearing strip is carefully extracted from the donor area and closed in the most delicate of manners in order to leave the finest of scars
  • Individual grafts with long hair are then carefully separated from the strip and maintained in a special solution in order to maintain their viability
  • Spacing in the Recipient area is then done carefully in order to avoid any damage to the existing hair
  • The final step of implantation is done to in plants the long hair roots into the space between the existing long hair
Why is difficult to do/ why don’t clinics want to do
  • The team needs to be a big one and a very well trained and dedicated team
  • It is expensive to carry out the training of such teams in order to carry out this procedure
  • It is very difficult to take out the strip with the long hair and even more difficult to implant without cutting of any hair at all
  • These procedures are very long and require a very patient environment
Why are these procedures expensive
  • High training cost of the team
  • Difficult procedures that require much greater retention of the doctor
  • The team cannot do more than one procedure on that day
  • Extreme caution and care need to be taken
Differences between Long hair transplant / FUT / FUE
Hair trimming None at all Only the recipient area Shaving over the entire head
technique Trichophytic FUT with zero trimming Trichophytic FUT Using drills with 0.7 mm punch
result More than 95% More than 95% More than 95%
Visit office without a cap 3rd day 2-3 weeks 2 weeks


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