Long Hair Transplant – Feel Confident Inside You

      Long hair transplant is the only hair transplant technique where not even a single hair is trimmed and a person can go to his office after 3 days without anyone knowing that she has had a hair transplant done.
      This technique is one of the most difficult of all hair transplant techniques and very few doctors in the world are able to perform a long hair transplant.

      Who is a candidate for a long hair transplant Surgery in Delhi?

      • Pilots, CEOs, Senior MNC executives, and Hospitality industry managers, who don’t want a shaved look
      • People who don’t want to shave
      • People who don’t want to tell anyone they have had a transplant

      How is it done

      (Long Hair Transplant) LHT is a modification of the FUT technique where Not a single hair is cut either in the donor area or at the recipient site

      • The hair-bearing strip is carefully extracted from the donor area and closed in the most delicate of manners in order to leave the finest of scars
      • Individual grafts with long hair are then carefully separated from the strip and maintained in a special solution in order to maintain their viability
      • Spacing in the Recipient area is then done carefully in order to avoid any damage to the existing hair
      • The final step of implantation is to in-plant the long hair roots into the space between the existing long hair

      Why is difficult to do/ why don’t clinics want to do

      • The team needs to be a big one and a very well-trained and dedicated team
      • It is expensive to carry out the training of such teams in order to carry out this procedure
      • It is very difficult to take out the strip with the long hair and even more difficult to implant without cutting any hair at all
      • These procedures are very long and require a very patient environment

      Why are these procedures expensive

      • High training cost of the team
      • Difficult procedures that require much greater retention of the doctor
      • The team cannot do more than one procedure on that day
      • Extreme caution and care need to be taken

      Differences between Long hair transplant / FUT / FUE

      Hair trimmingNone at allOnly the recipient areaShaving over the entire head
      techniqueTrichophytic FUT with zero trimmingTrichophytic FUTUsing drills with 0.7 mm punch
      resultMore than 95%More than 95%More than 95%
      Visit the office without a cap3rd day2-3 weeks2 weeks

      Advantages of Long Hair Transplantation

      • People who need to have brief outcomes with hair transplantation pick long hair transplants. They can see the instant outcomes of an extended hair transplant and leave the sanatorium with a smile.
      • With the long hair at the transplanted place, it’s hard for anyone to locate the purple marks left at the back of the technique, and hard to become aware that they have got passed through hair transplantation.
      • With long hair transplantation, you may get ahead completely in 1 day.

       Precaution of Long Hair Transplantation in India

      • Not all clinics are presenting lengthy hair transplantation due to the fact it’s miles a bit hard and time taking technique, for that Dr. Amit Gupta can serve as the best choice.
      • He is a skilled physician who can help you to ensure that you are consulting and taking long hair transplants via the means of the proper physician.

      How many hours does it take for the whole technique?

      • The period of the technique relies upon the variety of follicles required to transplant and the donor place availability.
      • A maximum of 2000 grafts may be transplanted in a day, and for the overall head insurance, it could soak up to 3 days.

      What is the long hair transplant cost in India?

      • The cost of hair transplantation relies upon the variety of hair follicles required to transplant and the provision of the donor place.
      • Long hair transplantation is a piece dearer in comparison to FUT, FUT Hair transplantation.

      Why Dr. Amit Gupta for Long Hair Transplantation?

      • Hair transplant professional
      • Has a track of numerous successful long hair transplants.
      • Countless hair transplant surgeries
      • Hair Transplantation is done in the simplest way
      • Safety & consumer delight is our priority
      • A long list of happy customers
      • Honest Pricing

      How the cost is a figuring-out component in deciding on a fine hair transplant?

      • Many individuals request the value of hair transplantation and figure out whether or not to go to the hospital or not. But that isn’t always the proper manner of searching for hair transplantation due to the beneath reason.
      • Hair transplantation can simply be done a couple of times in the lifetime, relying upon the donor place’s availability. If you’re questioning whether hair transplantation value is the simplest standard and the doctors aren’t good, then you’ll emerge with an unsuccessful hair transplant or drop the cash without seeing outcomes.
      • If the physician is inexperienced, the donor place is limited, and the grafts aren’t extracted properly, then the donor hair can also additionally get wasted. In this approach, you’re dropping your current hair via way of means of paying the cash.
      • Those who are tormented by hair loss recognize the cost of every hair. So, recall every hair is so valuable and you may now no longer get it returned when you lose it. So, I continually choose a professional and skilled physician for hair transplantation.
      • Skill Matters- if the medical doctors and workforce aren’t professional and inexperienced, then you should not visit them because individuals have significantly suffered from contamination after the technique. So, we want to take the choice accurately by not simply regarding price.

      Is a Hair Transplant Permanent?

      • After your hair follicles are grafted into regions in which your hair is thinning, it takes a while for your pores and skin to heal. It’s ordinary for a number of your hair to fall out for the primary 3 months after the technique.
      • Healing can take someplace between 6 to twelve months. But as soon as the recuperation manner is whole, the transplanted follicles start to develop hair to fill out the bald patches on your scalp. This is hair to keep growing certainly as you get older.
      • The motion of the hair follicles is everlasting; there’s no manner to go back to their preceding position. But just like the relaxation of your hair follicles, the transplanted ones have a lifespan. At a few points, they will steadily prevent generating as lots of hair as they used to.

      Is it possible that you may want another?

      • It’s feasible that your first hair transplantation technique won’t be your last.
      • There are a few applicants who could be informed via the means of their physician that they want multiple “sessions” of transplant surgical procedures to attain the outcomes that they need.
      • Other applicants are thrilled with the outcomes after their first hair transplant has healed, and later determine to try and fill out extra thinning patches on their heads.

      Types of strategies

      • There are two forms of “modern” hair transplantation strategies which might be presently done.
      • The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) sort of technique transplants a strip of your hair follicles, taken out of your scalp in the back of your head, to regions of your hair that might be thinning or bald.
      • A Follicular Unit Extraction (FEU) makes use of small punctures to transplant follicles from throughout your head to regions in which your hair is thinning or bald.
      • Both forms of hair transplantation strategies are taken into consideration everlasting.

      Are hair transplants secure?

      • Although maximum doctors say that hair transplant is a secure technique with minimum or no facet effects, they first advocate non-surgical techniques which include medicines or stimulating the follicles and the perfect diet plan.
      • “After a transplant session, the hair takes around 9 months to regrow completely.

      What is the success rate of a hair transplant?

      • Clinical research displays that approximately 85-95% of all implanted grafts without difficulty develop inside the transplanted place.
      • Some sufferers worry that, like different transplants, there could be a phenomenon of rejection referred to as a graft.


      • When your hair transplant technique is done, it’ll take time earlier than you may see the outcomes. As the transplanted sections of hair start to heal, you can word that you lose even extra of your hair for the primary few months. Your issuer has to reassure you that that is ordinary and to be expected.
      • Once your hair transplant has completely healed, you’ll see follicles of your hair starting to make an appearance. The hair will develop in and ultimately be an identical texture and duration because of the relaxation of your hair. Hair transplants are done via the way of means of a micrograft may be cut, styled, and dyed in keeping with your preference.

      Which age is fine for a hair transplant?

      • Although hair transplants may be performed on anybody above the age of 18, it’s miles beneficial not to have a transplant till the age of 25+.
      • Younger guys might not be fine applicants when you consider that their hair loss sample might not completely be determined.

      Is hair transplantation painful?

      • A postoperative ache in a maximum of the sufferers takes place after a hair transplantation surgical procedure.
      • This ache takes place specifically in hair transplantation done with FUT (follicular unit transplant). Because of the transaction of peripheral nerves all through strip harvesting.

      Does a hair transplant go away scars?

      • Hair transplant surgical strategies have come to an extended manner for the reason of those early days of hair plugs.
      • Even so, scarring remains an inevitable byproduct of the technique.

      When do hair transplants appear normal?

      • Most individuals are capable of going back to work 2 to five days after the operation.
      • Within 2 to a few weeks after the surgical procedure, the transplanted hair will fall out, however, you have to begin to word new increases within some months.
      • Most individuals will see a 60% of recent hair increase after 6 to nine months.

      Can a bald man or woman get a hair transplant?

      • Hair transplant if bald is sadly, now no longer feasible.
      • The remedy works to both create the arrival of a complete head of shaven hair, with a natural searching hairline, and also can be used to feature the arrival of thickness and density to positive regions of the scalp.

      Does transplanted hair become skinny/thin?

      • The essential gain of hair transplant is that it’s miles an everlasting technique.
      • Yes, The transplanted hair can also be skinny over time, much like ordinary hair.
      • You will want a surgical “touch-up” after the transplant technique to create extra herbal-searching outcomes.

      Is a hair transplant well worth it?

      • Hair transplants are usually an extra hit than over-the-counter hair recuperation products.
      • But there are a few elements to recall: Anywhere from 10 to eighty percent of the transplanted hair will completely develop in an envisioned 3 to 4 months.
      • Like ordinary hair, the transplanted hair will become skinny over time

      How much does a good long hair transplant cost in India?

      • The value of a hair transplant is quite variable.
      • These charges are frequently all out of pocket. Most coverage organizations recall a hair transplant as a beauty technique.
      • The value of hair transplants is depending on many exceptional elements.

      What to assume long-term?

      • Your hair transplant has to keep up over the long term. It’s feasible that as you age, the hair follicles will become skinny, however, they may maximum probably produce at least a few hairs for the relaxation of your life.
      • If your hair thinning continues, your hairline won’t recede in keeping with your former “sample” of herbal hair loss. Your physician has to speak with you, at duration, the plan to ensure that your hair doesn’t appear patchy or unnatural within the coming years after your hair transplant.
      • Hair transplants are a remedy alternative for hair this is visibly thinning. The outcomes of a hair transplant are taken into consideration everlasting due to the fact you cannot undo them.
      • However, that doesn’t imply that the manner your hair transplant appears after it heals is the manner that it’ll search for the relaxation of your life.
      • Amit Gupta is aware a way to create a natural, sustainable hair transplant layout is critical to being thrilled together along with your outcomes.

      Do hair transplants appear natural?

      • Hair transplants can appear natural so long as you visit Dr. Amit Gupta.
      • Hair transplant applicants can be involved approximately in the conspicuousness of their outcomes; however, Dr. Amit Gupta will create fine hair transplants that contain mimicking nature.

      When to speak to Dr. Amit Gupta?

      • If you experience self-awareness of your hair loss, you have to talk together with Dr. Amit Gupta. Some clinical situations and medicines could reason hair loss as a facet effect. You can also additionally want to rule the elements of the door earlier than you’re taken into consideration as a candidate for a hair transplant.
      • There isn’t any credentialing manner to vet Dr. Amit Gupta to carry out hair transplantation. That’s why it’s critical to do your homework as you recall why he should be appointed to apply for this technique.

      Dr. Amit Gupta specializes in hair transplantation. Ask for numerous units of earlier and after photos and speak about the technique and manner of your hair transplant before reserving your appointment.

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