Frequently asked questions about cosmetic procedure

    Hair Transplant

    Is the hair transplanted by you is life long?

    Yes the results are life long

    When will the hair shed off and new hair will start coming?

    Hair started shedding in 2 weeks to 6 weeks after surgery and will start growing approx 2.5 to 3 months

    When can I go to the gym after surgery?

    A patient can start gymming after 7-8 days post the procedure

    When can I start working after surgery?

    There is no need to be at home, a patient can start working from 2/3 day onwards

    It’s a one time procedure or has to get it done twice?

    Yes, definitely. If a patient wants to sustain hair coverage after the first hair transplant, but Hair Transplant only possible  if hair is available to the donor area.

    Is this going to affect my brain?

    No, not at all. It is completely safe and doesn’t affect the brain by any means.

    People say they get Migraine, is it?

    Problem of migraine is totally different from Hair Transplant. Hair Transplant doesn’t affect migraine by any means.

    Is my hair going to grow the way it used to grow before hair transplant, the normal way?

    Yes, the hair will grow just like natural hair and there will be no difference.

    What is Robotic surgery and how it works?

    Robotic Surgery are surgical procedures that are done by using robotic systems to reduce errors and save time. Robot Assisted Surgery procedures allows doctor to perform  complex, and flexible process more easily. There is lesser donor site damage, better hair survival, and overall a better hair transplant result.

    Why the area is being shaved for FUT method?

    The area is trimmed so that it is easier to perform the hair transplant, at divine cosmetic surgery we could also do the same procedure without trimming even a single hair which is called as long hair transplant.

    What is the divine success rate?

    Our success rate is 100% as every surgery is performed by our experienced team of surgeons.

    Will FUT leave a scar / permanent pain

    Yes, any technique would leave a scar and please note, Scar less hair transplant is a myth. FUT will leave a thin pencil line scar on the donor area which will be covered beneath the hair. The donor area would not be visible to anyone once the new hair is grown.

    FUE is the best technique?

    One can never say FUT is the best technique or FUE is the best technique, Each technique has its own pros and cons. So, it is best to discuss this with your plastic surgeon prior to surgery.

    If I have high blood pressure, can I undergo hair transplant?

    If you are a BP patient we still can do hair transplant however one needs to ensure that         you are absolutely normal on the day of procedure. No registered clinics would ever do a hair transplant without ensuring that you are fit to undergo a transplant.

    Is minoxidil /PRP /finax mandatory post hair transplant?

    These certainly do help marginally however one must understand that these are not at all mandatory, as in a hair transplant the roots taken from the donor area (permanent zone) which will grow anyway and doesn’t need any additional supplements.

    Breast Implant

    What are the side effects of Breast Implant?

     No, there are no side effects of the Breast Implant.

    Will breast implants increase the risk of breast cancer?

    No, Breast Implants are completely safe and there is no risk of breast cancer post implant surgery.

    After breast implant when can we start exercising and when can I return to work?

    Patient starts normal exercise g after 1week, but should avoid heavy exercise for about 2 weeks Patient can get back to the office after 2 days

    Can I breastfeed after implant?

    Yes, patient breastfeeds after implants as implants are placed under or top of the breast tissue that allows breast ducts to produce milk.

    Will breast implant works for me if my breast is sag?

    Minor degrees of breast sagging can be treated by breast implants, more severe forms of sagging need breast lift surgery

    After breast implant surgery when can I feel the sensation on my nipple?

    Patient should wait at least 3-4 weeks to get the nipple sensation back.

    Is it 100 % safe?

     Yes, it is 100% safe. Silicone,  are safe and effective breast implants and helps to get the best, long-lasting and rupture free results.

    Do implants sag?

    No, good quality breast implants never sags and it is rupture-free and 100% safe.

    How long do breast implants last?

    Generally 10 to 20 years. Although Breast Implants never expires as it is guaranteed to last a lifetime. But, the good quality saline or silicone implants may last approx 10 to 20 years.

    Is there any other alternative to breast implants?

    Yes, own fat cells injections are the other alternative to implants that uses your own fat cells to enhance breast tissue. It’s called fat grafting, and this process doesn’t involve any scarring. 

    Filler & Botox

    Will my face look unnatural after Botox?

    No, not at all. Botox injections only relax your facial muscles tissues to prevent your face from wrinkles

    Can I go to the GYM after Botox?

    No, you should avoid exercising or gym after botox for 4 to 6 hours at least. As gym or any other exercise increases circulation which penetrates your botox injected proteins to the different areas.

    Is there any side effects from Botox?

    No, as such there are no major side effects of Botox but sometimes patients may have bruising, bleeding and pain, etc. 

    Can Botox make you look older?

     No, it only smoothen the frown lines and relax your facial muscles.

    Do and don'ts after Botox?

     Stay with up face for 2 hours after botox as it leads to reduce pressure and decrease the blood flow.

    Face Lift

    How long it takes to recover from facelift?

     Patients can go back home after a few hours, the swelling lasts for about a week after the procedure.

    After surgery when can go outside from home?

    Patient should take a rest for at least 10 days post surgery.

    How is the recovery process after Face lift surgery?

    Recovery process is very smooth, and requires a rest of about 1 week.

    How long does swelling numbness after face lift?

    The numbness and swelling is very normal for 6-8 weeks at least and it will subside gradually after 10-14 days and numbness will subside within 4-6 weeks.

    How do I prepare for a facelift?

    You should avoid smoking for 24 hours and get your all asked reports on the surgery day and avoid taking any herbal supplements as it increases the risk of bleeding and bruising.

    At what age should you get a facelift?

    The minimum age required is 30 for face lift as facelift surgery helps to enhance face beauty.

    Eyelid (Blepharoplasty)

    Can Blepharoplasty done twice?

    No, there is no need to done Blepharoplasty again.

    How successful is this surgery?

    Every surgery is successful at Divine Cosmetic Surgery as every surgery is performed with skillful and experienced hands. There is a little pain during surgery which will subside after few days

    Is eyelid surgery painful?

    Yes, there is a very mild pain after surgery or you may tight or itchy skin but your surgeon prescription helps you to deal with pain and discomfort.

    What are the risks of eyelid surgery?

    There may be a short term risks like bleeding and bruising which subsides after some time.

    What is the fastest way to recover from a blepharoplasty?

    Sleep with elevated head and use of ice bags and cold compresses for a few days to reduce swelling, avoid alcohol consumption and drink plenty of water and juices.


    How long after liposuction do we see the result?

     It can take upto 3 months to see the final result however a good idea can be gauged at 3 weeks after a liposuction

    What to do after liposuction to get the best result?

    Avoid vigorous exercise and any physical exertion post 3 weeks of surgery.

    When can be start gym?

    Gym or other physical activities should be starts after 3 weeks of liposuction surgery.

    How long should you wear compression garments after liposuction?

     You should wear compression for 24/7 for three weeks except while taking a shower. After 3 weeks you can avoid compression for a night and after another 3 weeks you can wear as much as you tolerate.

    Why Liposuction is important?

    Liposuction is important to remove excessive fat through the incisions and it is useful to contour the body and beautify it.


    After hymenoplasty surgery is there any problem in Delivery?

    No, there is no problem in delivery after surgery

    Is there any issue in menstruation?

     No, there is no problem in menstruation or periods after the hymenoplasty

    If the hymen tissue breaks once, then can I get it back?

    Yes, it is possible. Hymenoplasty is the best option to get your Hymen back.

    Is there any surgery to get your virginity back?

    Hymenoplasty surgery is the only option to reconstruct the hymen.

    Is hymenoplasty surgery painful?

    Yes, there is a mild pain after the surgery but it will subside gradually.

    Tummy Tuck

    What are the risk & complications after tummy tuck surgery?

     Tummy tuck surgery is a very safe procedure, there may be a minor discomforts like anesthesia reactions may happen as in any surgery.

    Recovery time after tummy tuck surgery?

    Usually, recovery needs at least six weeks. During this period, Abdominal binder is necessary to tuck your tummy.

    Can we conceive after tummy tuck surgery?

    Yes, absolutely but we advise patients to complete their family before this surgery. We do not recommend pregnancy for at least 3 years after a tummy tuck

    What are the precautions?

    One should avoid heavy lifting and consumption of smoke and alcohol during a recovery time as it hinders the healing process. Start to take more and more fluids and fruits in their diet. Keep your hygiene clean and avoid direct exposure to the sun.

    When can be start exercising?

    After1 week of post surgery, one should start exercising normally.

    Can you have a tummy tuck twice?

    Yes, if the patient is not satisfied with the first surgery then absolutely second surgery is the best option to opt.

    Do tummy tucks leave a scar?

    There are very minor scars after tummy tuck surgery and will fade over time


    How Gynecomastia occurs?

     Hormonal changes , increase in estrogen or decrease in androgens , aging , use of drugs, steroids or supplements, alcoholism, liver failure, brain tumors

    When can I go to gym after surgery?

    One can start workout after 7 days after surgery

    Will it occur again?

    No, generally not. But, if one can start consumption of steroids again, then probably, Gynecomastia occur again.

    How do I know if I have Gynecomastia?

    Symptoms are breast enlargement,  swelling ,  discomfort or lumps

    Are there any medicines to treat Gynecomastia?

    No, surgery is the only treatment as any oral treatment can increase the chances of cancer.

    Outstation patients want to stay also included?

    Outstation patient can stay but it will be paying extra because whatever package we are suggesting is only for the hospital building as well as the daycare stay, surgeon fees and pressure garment if any patient wants to stay because there are different varieties of patients and different requirements as per the finances that is why stay charges are not included. Any patient can book as per their financial capacity and our medical coordinators may help them as per the requirement.

    Can we take supplements after Gynecomastia surgery?

    We cannot advised to take supplements after surgery because they might have steroids in it and if one can take steroids Gynaecomastia is likely to happen again because it will increase estrogen levels in the body which will result in extension of the gland however if any supplement which is not having any steroid he might take that.

    Can I drink after gynecomastia surgery?

    Drinks like fruit juice, coconut water and other soft drinks to prevent dehydration but alcohol must be prohibited for 72 hours.

    How long should I wear compression garment after gynecomastia surgery?

    4-6 weeks are mandatory to wear a pressure garment and shirt over it.

    Double Chin Removal

    Is the treatment painful or any side effect?

    Yes, there is a very mild pain during surgery but it will subside after a few days and has short term side effects like bruising, sensitivity and swelling which may subside after a few days as well.

    Any precaution after Double Chin Removal surgery?

    Use regular ice for first 3 days to minimize swelling and sleep with elevated head to avoid overnight swelling.

    What is the best procedure to get rid of a double chin?

    Nobody can say which is best procedure but plastic and cosmetic surgeons use various procedures like liposuction, fat removal etc.

    Can a double chin come back after lipo?

     Yes, if the weight of the patient has increased, then there are chances of double chin happens again.

    When can I return to work after Double Chin Removal?

    You can return to work after 1 to 2 weeks. But, you should avoid vigorous and heavy exercises for 3 to 4 weeks.