Bio Synthetic Hair Transplant – Artificial/Biofibre Hair Implant

      Hair loss is a common problem these days among both men and women. There are several reasons behind this grave issue like the adoption of an unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, stress, illness, hormonal changes, or the use of harmful chemicals on hair. Falling of 50 -100 strands of hair per day is normal but when it becomes more than that, it becomes a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

      The best option available right now for people dealing with serious hair fall is a synthetic hair transplant. Artificial hair transplant or bio synthetic hair transplant is a procedure performed on people dealing with hair fall using hair implant devices. In this procedure, artificial or synthetic hair (also known as bio fibers) is relocated to the patient’s scalp one after the other using special implant devices. The implanting is done in such a way that it matches the already existing hair on the patient’s scalp.




      • Bio fibers are soft, strongly resistant, and have fine hairs.
      • They are made up of inactive tissues which are nontoxic and also produce a keratin plug that makes sure that microbes do not enter the scalp.
      • They do not break as they have high tensile strength.
      • They have a reversible knot at the end which ensures excellent fixation.

      Bio synthetic hair transplant price In Delhi (India) - Synthetic hair implant

      Dr. Amit Gupta is a renowned bio synthetic hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, whose track record speaks volumes about his work. He has set a benchmark in hair transplant surgery in India by performing the maximum number of successful synthetic hair implants. Before undergoing a synthetic hair transplant, 100 synthetic fibers are done in a test implant to rule out any allergic reaction and of course to have a better understanding of the compatibility of the procedure for a particular patient.

      We use high-quality synthetic fibers in our clinic which gives 100 % natural-looking results. The two renowned brands used by us are:

      • Biofibre (Italy)
      • Nido (Japan)

      These fibers can be transplanted anywhere and are best for those who want immediate results. Bio fibers are 15 to 30 cm natural-looking hair made of polyamide fibers. Available in different lengths, sizes, and colors, they look exactly like natural hair, and it becomes almost impossible to differentiate between the two.




      While performing the procedure, we implant single hair at a time. Bio fibers have a knot at the end, which gets tied up in the scalp after implantation. After proper sitting with the patient, we decide the number of hairs that need to be transplanted. it depends totally on the size of the bald area and the hair density desired by the patient. Normally we can implant 500 strands in an hour. The number may increase to 700 strands, but it totally depends on the skin type. Divine is the best synthetic hair transplant clinic in India, as we promise speed, accuracy, and quality to our clients.

      Bio Synthetic Hair Transplant Price In Delhi (India) - Cost Of Biofibre Synthetic Hair Implant


      What is the difference between a biosynthetic hair transplant and a traditional hair transplant?

      The primary difference between synthetic hair transplant and traditional transplant procedures is that in the traditional method, the hair existing on the scalp is taken to fill the bald area. The hair surgeon takes the hair from the donor site and fixes it to the bald area which is commonly called the recipient side. However, in certain cases, patients do not have much hair on the donor site, which is when synthetic hair transplant plays a major role in transforming the overall look of such people.

       Hair transplantBio Synthetic hair transplant
      Time for result9 monthsImmediate
      Downtime10-14 daysnone
      permanentyes1-5 years
      maintenancenoYes -scalp hygiene
      cost20-50 rs per follicle110-165 rs per follicle

      Advantages of Synthetic Hair Transplant – Biofibre Hair Implant

      • Synthetic hair looks exactly like natural hair, thus giving an excellent cosmetic appearance. It becomes almost impossible to identify that a person has got an artificial hair transplant.
      • Biofibre hair transplant is a boon for patients who have limited donor areas. It is an impeccable option for those people too who have exhausted their donor area.
      • If you are someone who wants instant results, then a synthetic hair transplant is the right choice for you. The results are quick and unlike traditional hair transplants, people who undergo artificial hair transplants can continue with their work on the same day.
      • It is a quick and painless procedure.
      • Synthetic hair transplant gives immediate results
      • Hair does not turn white after time and aging


      Who should get a bio synthetic hair transplant?

      You become an eligible candidate for synthetic hair transplant if:

      • Your donor area is limited or it has been exhausted and cannot be used for the hair transplant procedure.
      • You want instant results and do not wish to go for the procedures that take a long time to show desired results.
      • You are totally bald or have a very low density of hair on your scalp
      • You do not have sensitive skin or scalp
      • You had poor results from your previous transplant
      • You have successfully passed your patch test

      The procedure of bio synthetic hair transplant

      Before performing the transplant, we first perform a patch test of about 100 follicles and observe it for 1-week \ to see how these follicles behave. The patients are kept under observation to note down the body reaction after the patch test. If the patient passes the patch test, we carry out the whole transplant procedure.

      So, this is how artificial hair transplant happens at Divine:

      • First of all, the patient is given anesthesia on the head.
      • After giving anesthesia, single hair strands are implanted one by one on the head via an automatic hair implant device, also known as an implanter. The process continues until we reach the hair density desired by the patient.
      • After this significant step, the scalp of the patient is cleaned via disinfectant.
      • Few antibiotics are prescribed to the patient for a week, after the surgery to prevent any possible infection.
      • The procedure is quite simple and we can implant approximately 500 to 700 strands in a single session. However, the speed of implantation also depends on the patient’s skin.


      Duration of the procedure

      • It takes an hour to implant 500 follicles. The number can go up to 700 if the patient’s skin is soft. 2000 to 2500 follicles can be implanted in each session.
      • A patient can return to work on the same day.

      Precautions after the surgery

      • There is a very rare chance of an allergic reaction after the surgery since a patch test is performed. However, if something happens, it is best to consult as soon as possible.
      • It is very important to understand that bio-synthetic fibers cause a lot of sebum production. Therefore, it is mandatory to use anti-dandruff shampoo (scalp, keraglo AD) after the transplant.
      • It is mandatory to wash hair daily for two weeks after the surgery to get the best synthetic hair transplant results.

      Antibiotics if you are diabetic and also painkillers on an SOS basis.

      The durability of Bio fibers

      • Biofibre hair implants are generally fragile after 4 to 5 days of the transplant
      • Speaking of synthetic hair transplant results, it has a fall rate of 10 to 20 % per year. However, the statistics may vary from person to person.
      • Artificial hair transplants remain intact for 1 to 5 years
      • To ensure longevity, it is crucial to get a regular follow-up as regular cleaning of crusts and sebum plugs is necessary after the transplant.

      Downsides of synthetic hair transplant

      Synthetic hair transplant in India is a life-changing procedure for those who suffer from baldness. However, there are some downsides associated with it.

      • Not Permanent: Bio fibers do not grow. There is a 10 to 20% loss of synthetic hair per year, so the patients have to get reimplantation of the lost hair per year.
      • Regular Cleaning: After the fibers are implanted on the scalp, sebum formation starts taking place and that is why hair has to be cleaned on a regular Failure to do so increases the chances of infection and also fall of hairs. However, there is nothing to worry about as hair cleaning is a very simple process and anyone can learn it after simple training.
      • Maintenance: People who undergo synthetic hair transplants have to use certain shampoos and hair care products on a regular basis to maintain these hairs. Despite all these minor shortcomings, synthetic hair transplant is a proven solution for people dealing with baldness or who have limited donor areas.

      How to care for a synthetic hair transplant?

      A few days post the hair transplant surgery are the most crucial days as these days determine the success of the hair transplant.

      • Use your medications properly.
      • Stay away from swimming pools. Keep away from blow dryers, hair iron, etc.
      • Follow the advice of your surgeon to ensure a smooth recovery.



      Which is better-Biofibre or Nido?

      There is almost no difference between the two brands. Biofibre is from Italy whereas Nido is from Italy. Both variants are biocompatible with the human body. There is a slight difference between the texture and thickness of both. Bio fibers or Nido are suggested to the patients depending on the existing quality of their hair.

      Synthetic hair transplant cost in India

      The cost of synthetic hair transplants in India is variable. The cost of an artificial hair transplant depends on many factors like:

      • Number of grafts
      • Surgeons’ expertise
      • Location of the surgery
      • Technique used

      With the advancement of technology, artificial hair transplant has become more affordable and accessible in India. Due to less knowledge about the procedure and its cost, people are reluctant to get the surgery. The average synthetic hair transplant cost in India starts from Rs 110-165 per follicle, which is very less compared to countries like the USA and UK. So, by getting the procedure done in India, you can save 70 to 75 % on cost.

      If the operating doctor is highly in demand from locals and travelers coming from outside India to get a synthetic hair transplant, then the cost may even get higher. The cost varies from patient to patient, the expertise of the doctor, and the time taken to do it.  However, Dr. Amit Gupta provides cost-effective solutions for synthetic hair transplants in Delhi. The price of a synthetic hair transplant at his clinic may range from Rs 85 to Rs 160 per follicle.


      Frequently asked questions

      Is biosynthetic hair transplant safe?

      Biosynthetic hair transplant is a very innovative method that helps people win a lifelong battle against hair loss. It is CE-certified and also compatible with the human body. It is an effective and safe method for both men and women dealing with hair loss. It is also effective for completely bald people.

      Are there any pre-and post-treatment procedures for artificial hair transplant?

      Yes, there are certain guidelines as a part of the pre-treatment procedure, and certain tests are run to know more about the patient’s medical history. You also have to use certain products to make your scalp ready for implantation.

      As far as the post-treatment procedure is concerned, you will have to use special shampoos to take care of your hair. Also, stay away from hair gels and hair dyes. Take your antibiotics religiously and avoid scratching your hair as much as possible.

      Are there any complications from the surgery?

      Every surgery has some risks associated with it. However, the complications associated with synthetic hair transplants are almost minimal. Bleeding is minor and a patch test is performed to rule out any chances of infection. So, there are no risks at all.

      Does an artificial hair transplant procedure hurt?

      No, the procedure does not hurt at all. It seems gruesome, but it is not painful at all. You will experience a little discomfort, but it goes away once the process repeats. Post-surgery, antibiotics are prescribed to manage mild pain. So, there is nothing to worry about.

      Is it possible to have long bio-fiber implants?

      Yes, it is possible to have long bio-fiber implants. The implants come in different lengths like 15 cm, 30 cm, and 45 cm, and also in different shapes like straight, wavy, and curly. Patients need not worry about the fact whether their present hair will match the synthetic hair or not.

      How long does the visual result of a bio-fiber hair transplant last?

      The duration of aesthetic results obtained after a synthetic hair transplant varies from person to person. It all depends on how efficiently a patient manages his synthetic hair post-surgery. However, the results usually last for 2 to 5 years with a progressive loss of almost 10% per year.

      Are the results of biosynthetic hair transplants permanent and do they look fake?

      The results are not permanent. Due to the loss of hair per year, you have to undergo an implantation procedure again to maintain the required density. Bio fibers do not look fake at all. They look similar to natural hair.

      Why is Doctor Amit Gupta famous for performing synthetic hair transplants?

      Every surgeon must possess the art of being extra safe while performing surgeries on their patients. One has to follow the best practices so that they do not end up hurting their patients. Dr. Amit Gupta possesses all the qualities of a perfect surgeon and does all the surgeries by applying his experience.

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