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Hair Restoration

Bio Synthetic Hair Transplant

Bio synthetic hair transplant price In Delhi (India) - Synthetic hair implant

synthetic hair transplant is also called as Bio Fibre hair transplant. Synthetically generated hair fibers can be used to to create a look of a head full of hair, or even when a person does not have good hair in his donor area. These are manufactured in Japan, and Italy and are available as per the requirement

How can Synthetic Hair Transplant be useful for you
  • Perfectly natural look.
  • These are available in different length and different colors
  • Result is immediate and extremely aesthetic
  • Very high density immediately
  • Quick seamless painless process
  • No break needed from sport or gym activity
  • We can combine this with other procedures such as hair transplant
  • Can be done reason for people who do not have good hair on the back of their head
  • Can be used for alopecia areata
Differences between hair transplant and synthetic hair implantation
Hair transplant Synthetic hair transplant
Time for result 9 months Immediate
Downtime 10-14 days none
permanent yes 1-5 years
maintenance no Yes -scalp hygiene
cost 20-50 rs per follicle 100 rs per follicle
Bio synthetic hair transplant price In Delhi (India) - Synthetic hair implant
Problems of bio fiber hair transplant
  • Expensive
  • Not permanent
  • 15-20% fall off each year
  • Not successful in scarring alopecia
  • Need for annual refilling procedures
  • No blood thinner – aspirin, deplatt, clopigrel, etc
  • No heart problem
  • Not on antidepressants
  • Test patch with 100 follicles
  • Wait 7 days at least
  • Plan the hairline and areas to be filled
  • 2000-2500 follicles to be implanted in each session
  • Bio Fibres in the front and Nido triplets at the back
  • Annual refilling
Post-procedure care
  • Daily washing with antidandruff shampoo – scalpe, keraglo AD for 2 weeks, and then the alternate day
  • Antibiotics – ceftum 500 mg twice daily for 5 days
  • If you are diabetic – 7-days of antibiotics
  • Pain killer, combiflam tablet SOS basis
  • Review on 6 monthly basis


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