Body Contouring Surgery In Lucknow with Less Cost | Procedure & Surgeon

      Body Contouring Surgery

      Do you have extra fat and sagging skin? Do you wish to have beautifully sculpted curves? If yes, then opting for a body contouring procedure is the right option for you. Body contouring is a reconstructive surgery that helps in removing sagging skin and extra fat. This surgical procedure improves the shape and tone of underlying tissues.

      With the help of a body contouring surgeon in Lucknow, one can get a body with smoother contours. Body contouring surgery costs in Lucknow can vary a lot but it should only be considered after a major weight loss or when the skin does not shrink back fully.

      According to the best body contouring surgery in Lucknow, this is a gradual process that can take months or years to complete. Some areas of the body where one might want to get body contouring done include the upper arms, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

      Body contouring surgery in Lucknow is a very popular procedure as it helps men and women gain back their lost confidence. It should be noted that if you want to get the most out of your body contouring surgery cost in Lucknow, then you must practice some lifestyle changes.

      Facts about Body Contouring Surgery

      Some important factors related to body contouring and body contouring price are:

      • Body contouring surgery is not a suitable surgery for removing extra fat alone
      • For body contouring, weight loss must be stabilized
      • Good skin elasticity gives better results
      • Affordable male body contouring cost
      • The procedure of body contouring is permanent
      • Body contouring is not painful 

      Body Contouring Procedure

      If you are wondering whether body contouring is the same as cool sculpting or if body contouring really works, then you need to learn more about this procedure. Body contouring is usually performed under a general anesthetic.

      Scars are involved in this procedure but if you get this procedure done by a skilled cosmetic surgeon, then these scars will be easily hidden in the natural folds of the skin. There are also different types of body contouring. Some of these types of body contouring surgeries are:

      • Lower Body Lift

      During this procedure, excess skin is taken from the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and outer thighs. The procedure can also improve a dimpled and irregular skin surface. In some cases, the entire lower body lift can be done during a single operation.

      • Thigh Lift

      The surgeon makes a cut in the gro that runs down the inner leg to the knee. Extra fat and skin are removed during this procedure.

      • Buttock Lift

      During this procedure, the surgeon cuts across the top of the buttock, and, depending on the extent of the operation, it can be done along the sides as well. In this procedure, the skin is pulled together and sewn.

      Apart from these procedures, the other techniques are breast lift and arm lift. After the surgery, the patient can expect to get drainage tubes in the wound to help prevent fluid build-up. There can also be bruising, swelling, possible numbness, a bit of pain, and discomfort.

      However, if the patient follows the recovery advice provided by the cosmetic surgeon, then he or she will not feel any discomfort throughout the recovery process. Beyond this, one can also avoid suffering from any potential complications of a body contouring surgery if he or she follows the guidelines set by the cosmetic surgeon during the recovery period.

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      Body Contouring Self-Care Suggestions

      As mentioned earlier, the common self-care suggestions that one should follow after getting a body contouring done are:

      • Rest as much as possible
      • Avoid strenuous activities and exercises for at least four weeks
      • Make sure that the stitches are not placed under stress
      • Wear compression garments
      • Report any bleeding, severe pain, or unusual symptoms

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Question 1. What is included in body contouring surgery?

      Answer: Body contouring is the procedure that helps in improving the shape of your body. It can include techniques and methods like an arm lift, tummy tuck, and getting rid of love handles.

      Question 2. What is included in body contouring surgery?

      Answer: What is included in a body-contouring surgery will depend on one individual to another. This is because the requirement of your body in terms of the presence of fat and extra skin will be different from other people.

      Question 3. Are body-contouring results permanent?

      Answer: Yes, body contouring results are permanent if you are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid excessive weight gain.

      Question 4. Is body contouring painful?

      Answer: Body contouring done right is not painful. During the recovery, the cosmetic surgeon will also prescribe certain medications that will ensure the least amount of discomfort to you.

      Question 5. How many body contouring treatments are there?

      Answer: There are different body contouring treatments available depending on the body shape and type of an individual. Body contouring procedures help in improving the shape of the body of an individual. Hence, this procedure will be different from one individual to another.

      Question 6. How much weight do you lose with a body lift?

      Answer: A body lift procedure is not designed to help an individual lose weight. Instead, it helps in enhancing the contours of the body.

      Question 7. What is the average cost of body contouring?

      Answer: The cost of body contouring will depend on what the procedure includes for the patient. This is why one must directly ask a cosmetic surgeon to share the price of body contouring.

      Question 8. What are the benefits of body contouring?

      Answer: A body-contouring surgery will enhance the contours of your body and will ensure that you feel more confident in yourself.