Affordable Cost of Hair Loss

      If you are suffering from hair loss or male pattern baldness, then getting a hair transplant is the best option for you. A hair transplant is a safe and standard surgical procedure. During this procedure, the donor hair follicles are taken from a healthy part of the scalp. These hair follicles are then transplanted to the problem area to prompt hair regrowth.

      If you are planning to get a hair transplant done, then you should also be familiar with the hair transplant in India cost. Today, we’ll help you find the best hair transplant doctor in India and learn about the highest quality hair transplant clinic in India price.

      Understanding Hair Loss

      It is common for men and women to suffer from excessive hair loss. According to some reports, male pattern baldness affects almost 50% of men by the time they reach the age of 50 years.

      However, this doesn’t mean that you need to suffer from this condition. You can look for the best hair transplant cost in India and start looking like your best self again. It should be noted that if you are planning to get a hair transplant, then you should only get it done by the best hair transplant surgeon in India.

      Before you get the best hair transplant surgery in India, you also need to understand there are several things you need to learn. This will make sure that you get the top hair transplant in India done.

      And if you want to learn everything about hair transplant surgery in India, then you are in the right place. Today, we’ll talk about everything that you need from hair transplants and the hair transplant clinic in India.

      What is a Hair Transplant?

      A hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing donor hair from the healthy part of the scalp and transplanting it to the part of the scalp that does not have enough hair follicles. If you get this procedure done by the best hair transplant doctor in New India, then you can rest assured that the transplanted hair will behave in a similar way to your natural hair.

      Another great advantage of getting the best hair transplant in India is that with the right care and attention, the results of the procedure will last you a lifetime! Hair transplants have proved effective and have helped individuals all across the globe fight excessive hair fall and male pattern baldness.

      Am I an eligible candidate for a hair transplant?

      According to the best clinic for hair transplants in India, the question of eligibility for a hair transplant comes down to how severe the balding or excessive hair loss is. In most cases, if the individual is suffering from hair loss and is relatively healthy, then the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi would advise them to get a hair transplant done.

      Further, according to the top hair transplant clinic in India, in some cases, the individual might not have enough donor hairs for the procedure. In these cases, it won’t be possible to perform a hair transplant.

      This is why if you want to know whether you are eligible for a hair transplant or not, then you should directly contact a hair transplant surgeon. Now, let’s move on to find out the answer to the question of ‘is hair transplant safe and permanent.

      Types of Hair Transplant Techniques

      If individual wishes to understand the answer to the question of ‘is hair transplant successful’ or ‘is hair transplant painful,’ then it is vital to first learn about the procedure. Once you are familiar with the different types of hair transplant methods, then you can judge for yourself whether a hair transplant is worth it or not.

      There are mainly six types of hair transplant procedures. These procedures are discussed below.

      This is one of the longest forms of hair transplant methods. During this procedure, a long and thin strip of the scalp is removed. The hair follicles are removed from this strip and divided into several units.

      These hair follicle units are transplanted into the desired area. After that, the area of the scalp from where the strip was removed is sewn back together. This procedure is rather quick and requires the follicles to be removed at the same time.

      FUE is another well-trusted technique that is used for performing hair transplants. In this procedure, small and circular cuts are made to remove individual follicles or groups of follicles. This is done all over the donor area and is done until the surgeon has enough follicles to cover the hair loss area.

      This technique provides the most natural-looking results. This is why you might have heard about this procedure if you have been looking for the answer to the question of ‘does hair transplant look natural.

      Apart from FUE and FUT, other hair transplant techniques are:

      Also, if you want to know the answer to the question of ‘does hair transplant last forever,’ then you should know that with the right care, the results can last you for a very long time. This means that you should only get a hair transplant done by the best hair transplant surgeon.

      What Does the Recovery Look Like?
      What Can I Expect?
      Does Hair Transplant Have Side Effects?

      The initial recovery from a hair transplant does not take very long. The scars will also eventually face away and most individuals can return to work within three days of getting a hair transplant surgery!

      From there, it is only a steady road of recovery for the patient. However, one should note that several follow-up visits to the hair transplant clinic and a certain amount of aftercare will also be required. One should not miss anything and follow the exact advice and instructions provided by the hair transplant surgeon.

      Once the recovery is done, then the patient can expect to get a full head of hair. Further, if you have got a hair transplant surgery done by the best cosmetic surgeon in India, then you can also rest assured that you will not experience any side effects because of the surgery.

      Will the Hair Transplant Leave a Scar?

      If you get a hair transplant done by a skilled cosmetic surgeon, then you can rest assured that the scars from the procedure will be concealed properly. However, if you do not opt to get the surgery from a skilled cosmetic surgeon, then there will be visible scarring. Beyond this, the type of hair transplant method that you opt for also has an effect on the amount of scarring that will be left behind.

      For example, FUT procedures result in more prominent scarring than FUE procedures. The length of the hair that one maintains after getting the surgery will also have a clear effect on whether the scars are visible or not.

      Does hair transplant surgery hurt?

      Hair transplant surgeries are carried out under local anesthesia. This means that during the procedure there will be no or minimal discomfort for you. So, no, it shouldn’t hurt you to get a hair transplant done!

      The surgery is also non-invasive. This means that you will be able to leave around 30 minutes after the surgery has been performed. That being said, a sedative will be given to the patient during the surgery. Hence, one should arrange for proper transportation before getting the hair transplant done.

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      Frequently Asked Questions for hair transplant

      Question 1. When is the best time to get a hair transplant?

      Answer: The best time to get a hair transplant is during the early stages of hair loss. The longer one waits, the balder one grows, and the harder it becomes to get good donor hairs.

      Question 2. Which type of hair transplant method will work for me?

      Answer: There are different hair transplant methods that can be used to treat balding and excessive hair loss. However, only your cosmetic surgeon can judge what type of hair transplant method will work the best for you and will give you the final results that you want.

      Question 3. Are the results of a hair transplant permanent?

      Answer: If you get the best hair transplant done from Divine Cosmetic Surgery, then you can rest assured about the permanent hair transplant results. All we ask is that you take care of your new transplanted hair.

      Question 4. How long does the hair last after the transplant?

      Answer: The results of a hair transplant are permanent if one takes proper care.

      Question 5. Are hair transplants worth it?

      Answer: If you are suffering from excessive hair loss or balding, then hair transplants can provide you with the solution to your problem. The results of a hair transplant are permanent and natural-looking.

      Question 6. Can a hair transplant fail?

      Answer: If you don’t get a hair transplant done from a skilled, qualified, and experienced surgeon, then a hair transplant can fail.

      Question 7. Is hair transplant good or bad?

      Answer: Hair transplant is a good procedure if you are suffering from excessive hair fall or balding.

      Question 8. Can a hair transplant be done twice?

      Answer: If you are not satisfied with the results of your previous hair transplant surgery, then you can get the procedure done again.

      Question 9. How many hairs are in a graft?

      Answer: The number of hairs that are present in the graft will depend upon the extent of the hair transplant surgery that you are looking for.

      Question 10. Can hair transplant give density?

      Answer: Hair transplants can provide patients with dense, beautiful, and natural-looking hair.

      Question 11. Can we shave transplanted hair?

      Answer: You can treat your transplanted hair just like your natural hair.

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