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Vampire Facelift

This procedure is gaining mass popularity for improving facial skin tone and texture. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) from the blood which acts as a rejuvenating agent for the skin. The result is an immediate glow that helps in improving the skin tone, closure of small pores and enhancement of youth on your face. It proves itself to be a far better procedure as compared to Mesotherapy Procedure for the face. The process includes giving PRP (white blood) injections on the face which takes care of fine wrinkles, provides glow and removes blemishes. With results lasting almost a year, this treatment has become really popular among both young and older women.

A spectacular example of this process is the very famous Kim Kardashian, who regularly gets a Vampire facelift done and the results are as we all know are fabulous. It gives a supple-looking skin to her which makes her look even more stunning.


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