Hair Transplant

The success of any surgical or no-surgical method is portrayed well in a “before” and “after” image. This shows the success of any surgeon or the clinic. Other than that, planning and process carried out in the hindsight, plays a vital role because real results are witnessed only after execution. A gentleman with crown baldness came for a hair transplant consultancy and the crown area required 1300 to 1500 grafts depending on his hair quality.

If in case, the grafts are multi follicled then 1300 is adequate where FUE , Zonal FUE (unshaven), FUT or robotic procedure worked depending on the patient’s comfort.

The patient is given local anaesthesia with the whole procedure not taking more than 3 hours. The results are shown in 8-9 month. The procedure is carefully carried out where you can take a follow after 2 weeks and eventually 4 months and 9 months.

I was fed up baldness in such a young age. Getting bald from front side. I got my hair transplant done by Dr. Amit and had a great experience . i went through internet many times but I did not find anyone as pleasing and promising as Dr. Amit he answered all my question genuinely. Thank you doctor for changing my look. I would really recommend Dr. Amit Gupta to everyone.

Rajat Bhatia