Gynecomastia Surgery – Male Breast Reduction Procedure Cost

    Gynecomastia Surgery

    The main aim of a gynecomastia surgery in Delhi is to reduce breast size in men who are embarrassed by their overly large breasts. The male breast reduction surgery cost in Delhi depends on the reduction methods used.

    In most cases, liposuction is performed along with cutting out excess glandular tissues. This means a combination of liposuction and excision is performed which points to the fact that the gynecomastia surgery cost in Delhi can vary a lot depending on one individual case to another.

    If you are searching for gynecomastia surgery in Delhi because you want to get this treatment soon, then you are in the right place. Today, we are going to talk about everything that you need to know about male breast reduction in Delhi.


    When Should I Get Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi?

    You should get the best gynecomastia surgery in Delhi if:

    • You are reluctant to remove your shirt in public to swim, to participate in sports, or to exercise at a gym
    • You want to improve the proportions of your body
    • You experience psychological discomfort that is often associated with men having large breasts or man boobs
    • You want to increase your social confidence

    You can achieve all of this and more by opting for the treatment of gynecomastia in Delhi. You should also be familiar with the gynecomastia treatment cost in Delhi before getting the surgery done.

    Considerations to Explore Before Finalising the Gyno Surgery Cost in Delhi

    If you get this treatment done by the best gynecomastia surgeon in Delhi, then there are some positive outcomes that you can experience. These positive outcomes are:

    • You will feel comfortable revealing your chest contours whether you are clothed or unclothed
    • You will gain more social confidence
    • You will enjoy the permanent result
    • With minimal to almost invisible scaring, you won’t feel self-conscious
    • You will be completely satisfied with the final results


    Who is a Good Candidate for Gynecomastia Treatment?

    Before you can find the best gynecomastia surgery cost in Delhi, you need to be sure that you are a good candidate for this procedure. According to the best gynecomastia doctor in Delhi, an individual is a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery if he or she fulfills the criteria mentioned below.

    • You are unhappy with the size and appearance of your breasts
    • You experience physical discomfort because of your breasts
    • You have good skin elasticity
    • Diet and exercises have no effect on reducing the size of your breasts
    • You are not significantly overweight
    • You are in good health
    • You have a positive attitude and have realistic expectations
    Good Questions to Ask During First Consultation

    There are also some questions that you should ask your cosmetic surgeon before getting the gynecomastia treatment. Some of these questions are:

    • What causes gynecomastia?
    • Does exercise correct man boobs?
    • How is gynecomastia treated?
    • Is there noticeable scarring after surgery?
    • Can man boobs grow back after surgery?
    • How long should gynecomastia last?
    • How big is a gyno lump?

    We’ll answer all of these questions and more today.

    The Gynecomastia Treatment Procedure

    The main purpose of gynecomastia surgery is to restore the normal breast contours of a man. This surgery can also help in correcting any deformities of the breast, nipple, or areolas. The surgical options included in this procedure are:

    • Liposuction
    • Excision
    • Combination of liposuction and excision

    Excision is usually performed when there is a glandular breast tissue causing gynecomastia. Glandular breast tissues are denser than fatty tissues and are not appropriate for liposuction. Further, the choice of the surgical technique will also depend on the skin elasticity of the patient. Younger patients often have better skin elasticity than older patients.

    It should also be noted that you should only get gynecomastia surgery done by the best cosmetic surgeon. This is mainly due to the fact that the better skills and experience the surgeon has, the better results you will be able to experience after getting gynecomastia surgery.

    Role of VASER Technique in Gynecomastia

    VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. It is a liposuction technique that uses ultrasound waves to break up and liquefy fat cells. This makes it easier for the fat cells to be extracted and provides better-looking contours to the patient.

    Things to Expect on the Day of Gynecomastia Surgery

    Most patients think that all they need to do on the day of the surgery is to simply show up at the hospital. Sadly, this is not true. There are several things that a patient must do on the day of the gynecomastia surgery. Some of those things that are expected out of the patient are:

      • Wear comfortable and loose clothing on the day of the surgery. It is also helpful to wear tops that open in the front and loose sweatpants
      • Check the fitting of your compression garment in advance before bringing it with you on the day of the surgery

    • Collect information related to drains, any normal symptoms that you might experience during recovery, any potential signs of complications, or anything else that you need to know about the recovery procedure
    The Aftercare and Recovery
    • Do not get the surgical area wet for two days after the surgery. You can wet the bandages and remove them after the first two days of the surgery
    • You should wear the jacket for 16-18 hours and not 24 hours. This should be followed for three weeks
    • In case of severe gynecomastia, one needs to wear cotton pads under the compression garment after the first week
    • Antibiotics and painkillers should be consumed as instructed
    • Also, if you want to bring down the swelling quickly, then after taking a bath, massage coconut oil on the chest in a circular motion
    • To ensure optimal healing, most cosmetic surgeons recommend avoiding strenuous activities for the first two to three weeks after getting the surgery
    What Can I Do to Recover Quickly?

    Some tips that you can follow to make sure that you have a smooth recovery are:

    • After the surgery, the patient can expect to be bandaged, wear a compression garment, and have surgical drains
    • The first three days after the surgery is highly critical in the recovery period. One must completely rest during this time
    • All rigorous activities should be avoided during the first three days after getting the surgery.
    • If you experience any pain or abnormal swelling during this time, then you should immediately contact your cosmetic surgeon
    • It should also be noted that the recovery time after the gynecomastia surgery depends on the extent of the procedure that was performed
    • Usually, individuals are able to go back to work after a week of getting gynecomastia surgery. The recovery period is also rather gentle
    • The only thing that one needs to remember is that he or she should follow all the patient care instructions provided by the cosmetic surgeon
    • One should not forget about any of the follow-up visits after the surgery. These follow-up visits are crucial for the patient to help the surgeon determine your condition. On the basis of the assessment, the surgeon will be able to decide when the sutures have to be removed when you can stop wearing the compression garments, and after how long you can resume your daily activities.
    • Ideally, the patient should avoid exposure to direct sun or tanning for about six weeks after getting the surgery. This will allow most of the bruising and swelling to subside. 
    • Patients should also remember that it is quite common to notice some decrease in sensation in the area around the operated wound. This is completely normal and is not something that one should worry about. For most patients, this sensation returns within a few months to a year
    • If you have observed some skin creases due to less skin elasticity, then you can also stop worrying about that as those skin creases will resolve on their own within 5-6 months.

    After the entire recovery period has passed, you can rest assured that the results you can see now will stay that way. You can prolong those results by having a healthy lifestyle.

    Grade ProcedureDescriptionInfiltrationTreatment plan
    1a puffy nippleNo obvious problem is visible except stretched areola. Button type feel below50 ml each side along  with the glandExcision in LA from the infraareolar incision



    Minor chest enlargement (< 100 ml fat, gland +)


    The chest is a visibly bigger, but limited fat, usually higher amount of fibro-glandular tissue


    200 ml each side


    Suction and gland excision in LA from infraareolar incision and stab incision in the inframammary area
    1cMinor chest enlargement

    (100-250 gm fat)

    The chest is visibly larger. The assessed fat component is between 100 to 250 gm300 ml each sideSuction and gland excision In GA from infraareolar incision and stab incision in the axillary area


    Moderate chest enlargementThe chest is moderately enlarged. The fat component is between 250-500 gm. No skin looseness expected500 ml each sideSuction –  stab incision in axillary area, and gland excision In GA from the infraareolar incision
    2bModerate chest enlargement with skin loosenessThe chest is moderately enlarged. The fat component is between 250-500 gm. Large gland component in the form of a conical chest. Excision is likely to leave loose skin. U lift needed500 ml each sideSuction from  stab incision in axillary area, and gland excision + U skin lift from supra areolar approach In GA


    Big chest with side rolls without skin looseness


    The chest is severely enlarged. The fat component is between 500+ gm. Fat in breast rolls+.  No skin looseness expected750 ml each side and axilla


    Suction –  stab incision in axillary area, axilla from infra areolar,  and gland excision In GA from the infraareolar incision
    3bBig chest with side rolls with skin looseness expectedThe chest is severely enlarged, fat component +, axilla rolls +, skin looseness expected


    750 ml each side and axillaSuction from  stab incision in axillary area, and gland excision + U skin lift from supra areolar approach In GA


    Big chest with very large skin laxityThe chest is severely enlarged, fat component +, axilla rolls + large skin looseness expected750 ml + each side


     Stage procedure. 1st stage sams as 3b. 2nd stage, o- lift procedure
    4bSevere weight loss condition


    The chest is hanging, not much fat excess expected, gland +, skin excess ++200-250 on each sideMastopexy, chest lift type of procedure
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Question 1. How do I deal with man boobs?

    Answer: Dealing with man boobs can be difficult. But you can get rid of this difficulty by simply getting gynecomastia treatment done at Divine Cosmetic Surgery.

    Question 2. Can gynecomastia stay forever?

    Answer: If gynecomastia is left untreated, then it can stay forever.

    Question 3. How can I reduce gynecomastia quickly?

    Answer: If you want to get rid of gynecomastia quickly, then all you need to do is get gynecomastia surgery treatment at Divine Cosmetic Surgery.

    Question 4. How do I know if it’s gyno or fat?

    Answer: There are pretty good chances that you can’t judge for yourself whether it is gyno or fat. This is why if you want to be sure about your condition, then you should book a consultation with the best cosmetic surgeon in India.

    Question 5. How do bodybuilders get rid of gyno?

    Answer: The only way to get rid of gynecomastia is to get gynecomastia surgical treatment.

    Question 6. Can gynecomastia happen on one side?

    Answer: Yes, it is possible for gynecomastia to only happen on one breast side


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