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      Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi – Dr. Amit Gupta


      If you are looking for the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi, then book your consultation today with us at Divine. Here at Divine, we have Dr. Amit Gupta who is a veteran when it comes to hair transplants. With his experience and expertise in different types of hair transplant techniques, Dr. Gupta has been providing life-changing results to his patients for over 20 years. 

      At Divine, we believe in always staying one step ahead, and so we use the best and the latest that technology has to offer, which is why they are often referred to as the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi.

      The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi – Dr. Amit Gupta

      Dr. Amit Gupta is the founder and director of Divine Cosmetic Surgery and has been working tirelessly for the last few decades to provide his patients with the best results. 

      Dr. Gupta began his career as a Senior Resident at Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi, which is a renowned medical college in India. Apart from that, he also possesses fellowships from places like Brazil and Europe and has had a significant amount of his work appear in respected journals.

      Dr. Amit Gupta is passionate about removing the stigma surrounding hair transplants and other cosmetic surgeries among patients and in society in general. His goal is to help patients who suffer from depression and low-esteem issues simply because of the way they look. 

      Dr.Gupta understands how important self-confidence and self-image are to a person and how both of those are rooted in the way a person looks and perceives himself. He understood this right from the beginning of his journey as a plastic surgeon, back when neither the profession nor its contribution was taken seriously. But over time with a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication, he became an expert in his field and has successfully raised awareness about cosmetic surgeries like hair transplants. No wonder he is known as the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi.

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      If you are suffering from excessive hair loss or baldness and you want to improve your appearance and self-confidence, then a hair transplant is the right procedure for you. Factors that make you a good candidate for a hair transplant are:

      • Men with male pattern baldness
      • Women with thinning hair
      • If you have lost hair due to a burn or scalp injury

      Apart from this, individuals who don’t have enough donor hair or who form keloid scars after injury or surgery are not candidates for hair transplants.

      During a hair transplant, the surgeon uses a small needle to numb an area of your head with local anesthesia. There are two main techniques that might be used to obtain follicles for transplantation, including FUE and FUT.

      • FUE

      In follicular unit extraction, the hair follicles are directly cut out from the back of the head or the donor area where there are hundreds to thousands of tiny punch incisions. The surgeon will make tiny holes with a blade or a needle in the area of your scalp that will receive the transplanted hair. The hairs are gently placed in these holes.

      During one of these treatment sessions, a surgeon can transplant hundreds or even thousands of hair follicles. After that, gauze or bandages might cover the scalp for a few days. The session can take four hours or more.

      • FUT

      In follicular unit transplantation, the surgeon starts by using a scalpel to cut out a strip of scalp skin from the back of the head or the donor area. This incision is usually several inches long. It is then closed with stitches.

      The surgeon performs the next step by separating the removed portion of the scalp into several small sections. This is done by using a magnifying lens and a sharp surgical knife. When implanted, these sections help achieve hair growth that is very natural.

      After the hair transplant is done, then your scalp might be sore for a few hours. You will need to take some medications after the hair transplant, including:

      • Pain medication
      • Antibiotics
      • Anti-inflammatory medications

      Also, make sure that you ask your surgeon when you are ready to get back to work and resume your normal routine. Most people feel completely fine after two to three weeks of the procedure at most.

      You will also be able to see some new hair growth after 8 to 12 months of the hair transplant procedure. While recovering, if you have any doubts or if you are suffering from any problem, then make sure that you reach out to your cosmetic surgeon. Beyond this, make it a point that you are not taking any additional medications without consulting with your cosmetic surgeon.

      Patients should remember that most hair transplants done by the best hair transplant doctor in India have no side effects. However, if you get a hair transplant from an individual who is not qualified, skilled, or experienced, then some side effects that you can observe are:

      • Bleeding
      • Infection
      • Swelling of the scalp
      • Bruising around the eyes
      • Crust forming on the areas of the scalp where hair was removed or implanted
      • Itching
      • Numbness or lack of sensation in the treated area
      • Shock loss
      • Inflammation
      • Unnatural-looking tufts of hair

      There is no method that can be labeled as the best hair transplant method in Gurgaon. Instead, you should rely on the judgment of your plastic surgeon to determine what procedure will suit you the most and get you the best results.

      It should be noted that the EMI option is available for hair transplant in Gurgaon at Divine Cosmetic Surgery, which is India’s most trusted cosmetic surgery center.

      Why Should You Always Opt for an Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi NCR?

      Ideally, you would want to get a hair transplant surgery just once. This is why you should opt for a highly experienced hair transplant surgeon who would give you the best quality and satisfactory results.

      The first thing that you need to consider when looking for the right surgeon is the amount of experience that they have with this particular operation, as well as in the industry. You will often find that experience matters a lot as it defines the quality of the surgery you are getting. 

      An experienced surgeon possesses medical degrees that play a significant role as the training involved during the doctor’s practice is very intense, which accredits the skills of the surgeon. The primary reason for considering medical degrees is that the kind of training that a plastic surgeon goes through is extremely rigorous. This is why only highly experienced plastic surgeons can become experts in their fields.


      Another factor that you should consider when seeking the services of a plastic surgeon is the reputation of the surgeon. Go through their social media profiles and look up customer reviews. This will help you determine the kind of experience that patients had with that particular plastic surgeon. At the end of the day, your surgeon should be skilled, reputed, experienced, and qualified.

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      Types of Hair Transplant Techniques
      There are different types of hair transplant methods. However, the most popular types of hair transplant methods are FUT and FUE. Both of these methods help in restoring thicker and more natural-looking hair on the head of the patient.

      If you are looking to get a hair transplant done, then you must have a lot of questions in your head. Choosing which type can be quite a struggle. Let’s start by going over what an FUE hair transplant is.

      1. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

      In an FUE hair transplant, every individual follicular unit is harvested from the scalp. The hair follicles are removed randomly. This allows the surgeon to harvest hair from the donor area without causing any noticeable thinning in the area. In FUE hair transplant, hair is harvested through microscopic circular incisions on the scalp. There are also two types of FUE hair transplants which include Manual FUE and Robotic FUE hair transplant. A robotic FUE hair transplant offers benefits like higher graft quality, lack of pain, shorter recovery period, and more natural-looking results.

      1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

      The follicular unit transplantation method is also known as the strip method. In this procedure, a long and thin piece of tissue is removed from the back of the scalp. After that, individual follicular units are extracted from the strip by using stereo-microscopic dissection.

      After the follicles have been harvested, then the wound is closed by leaving a single and very fine linear scar. This scar is quite easy to conceal with surrounding hair so it’s virtually undetectable. This allows the individual to get fuller and more natural-looking hair. One of the few benefits of getting a FUT hair transplant like the quick recovery time.

      With a FUT hair transplant, hair is usually harvested from the mid-donor zone where most hairs are permanent. Because of this reason, patients with limited hair available in the donor area are often recommended to get a FUT hair transplant.

       3. Long Hair Transplant

      A long hair transplant is a hair transplant technique in which the length of the hair is maintained and not shaved from the donor or the recipient area. The biggest benefit of this hair transplant is that the patient is able to get almost immediate results. Beyond that, there is an almost unnoticeable postoperative period in contrast with other hair transplant techniques. Long hair transplants can work wonders for patients who want long hair but are unable to grow that length of hair.

      4. Synthetic Hair Transplant

      Synthetic hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which synthetic fibers are implanted into the recipient area. These synthetic fibers are artificial hair strands that look and feel completely natural. Further, each artificial hair strand has a knot at the end that allows the surgeon to implant the strand easily into the scalp of the patient. This is a great hair transplant technique for individuals who have no or almost no natural hair in the donor area.


      Why is Divine Cosmetic Surgery the Best Hair Transplant Clinic?

      At Divine Cosmetic Surgery, we have the most qualified, experienced, and skilled plastic surgeons on our team. We are the most trusted cosmetic surgery center in India and the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi. We are proud of the fact that we have always put the safety of our patients above everything else.

      The entire team at Divine Cosmetic Surgery is led by Dr. Amit Gupta, who has over two decades of experience in the field of hair transplants. Every single year, Dr. Amit Gupta and his team treat hundreds of patients and give them an aesthetically pleasing look.

      If you are looking to get a hair transplant in Delhi, you must ensure that you only get a hair transplant done by the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi who is at Divine Cosmetic Surgery.


      If you are worried about the type of hair transplant that you should get, then the first thing that you need to know is that there is no single type of hair transplant that is the best. Every hair transplant method has its advantages and disadvantages. This is why you must consult with a cosmetic surgeon before making any sort of decision about your hair transplant.

      Who Can Benefit From Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi?

      There are a variety of patients who can benefit from hair transplant surgery. Firstly, adults who are hitting their 40s can make the most of this surgery. People who are busy with their office routine experience a lot of stress which can result in hair loss, but this treatment can bring your hair back.

      Individuals who suffer from excessive hair loss and baldness can also get a hair transplant to get their hair back. The youth in the present times is experiencing a lot of stress which ultimately leads to hair fall. When teenagers hit early adulthood, they start undergoing a significant amount of stress, which affects their hair growth. Not only stress but also other factors as well, affect the quality of hair growth among teenagers. Factors that can often lead to hair loss are:

      • Lifestyle and Habits – Individuals who have a sedentary lifestyle often end up losing their hair due to poor lifestyle choices. This includes suffering from excessive stress, not having a healthy diet, or using harmful hair products.

      • Diet – Eating junk foods that consist of high amounts of fats and oil lacks the nutrients which provide growth to the hair and scalp. 

      • Hard Water – Households are being supplied with hard water which can be damaging to hair.

      • Harsh Chemicals – Harsh chemicals used in hair products can often lead to excessive hair fall.

      • Smoking – Smoking affects the lungs, but it also affects the hair growth of the individual.

      • Alcohol – It affects the liver along with your hair growth. You will often find that individuals who excessively consume alcohol have patches of baldness on the scalp.

      • Genetics – Genes responsible for balding are inherited from the parents to the offspring. 

        What Happens During a Hair Transplant Procedure?


      These are the steps taken to perform a hair transplant – 

      • The donor areas of the candidate are selected. If the candidate has a few noticeable patches of healthy hair at the back and sides of the head, then those areas serve as the donor areas.

      • The surgeon extracts round grafts from the donor area.

      • The plastic surgeon prepares to implant the extracted hair follicles.

      • It takes about 8 months for you to see the complete results 

      For perfect and satisfactory results, the recovery period must go well. Here are a few tips that you can follow to boost the quality of your result:

      • Medications should be consumed timely

      • Stay hydrated

      • Avoid taking a shower

      • Correct your sleeping pattern and keep your head elevated

      • Avoid dyeing your hair

      • Do not work out for a week

      • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet

      • Stop smoking

      • Avoid drinking alcohol

      Factors of Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

      Here are some factors that determine the hair transplant cost in Delhi.

      • The Experience of the Doctor

      You will often find that experience matters a lot, as it defines the quality of the surgery that you are getting. Needless to say, hair transplants from a more qualified and experienced surgeon costs a little more than an average surgeon, but it’s worth every penny. 

      • Credentials of Your Doctor 

      The doctors must possess relevant medical degrees along with adequate experience.

      • Reputation among Patients

      A good doctor goes above and beyond to provide the best treatment to his or her patients. This is why you should look for reviews of a plastic surgeon online before going ahead with the procedure. Social media also plays a key role in spreading honest reviews of any plastic surgeon.

      • Technology Used

      The kind of technology used during a transplant can vastly affect the result. Therefore, you should always opt for a surgeon who is proficient with the latest technology. 

      • Checking the Success Rate of the Clinic


      The before and after photos show the success rate of the surgeon concerned. At the end of the day, the factor that would probably influence your decision the most is whether the success rate of the clinic is high or not. You should keep this point in mind when you are looking for a hair transplant cost in Delhi.