How Fillers Work

    How Fillers Work

    After the Botox & Fillers Procedure complete, fillers work very promptly. As it boosts the skin with natural substances, so it shows immediate results. During the filler injection process, minor pains may occur. As it is viscous, while injecting, it stretches the skin and causes pain. The dermal fillers proliferate and rejuvenate the area where the treatment happened. Botox & Fillers Procedure in India is a cosmetic surgery procedure that makes a person look young; it is for those who are concerned about their looks. It reduces the wrinkles, ageing lines and gives a natural softer appearance. 

    Post Procedure Symptoms

    During dermal fillers recovery, you can get these below-mentioned symptoms:

    • The treated area of the skin or lips appears as “overfilled.”
    • Can get swelling or bruising ranging from slight to severe
    • You can feel short-term numbness or reddishness on the area
    • You might get palpable lumps or hardness 
    • hypersensitivity or allergic reaction can be seen with rashes and swelling

    The body breaks down Hyaluronidase enzymes gradually while people are getting older. Injecting Hyaluronidase enzymes speed up the process to regain the natural shapes of the body parts.

    Time for Recovery

    After fillers injection, it takes around two weeks to settle fully and four weeks to fully assimilate into the skin tissue. Some fillers are considerably cohesive than others. Botox Injection Cost in India is not much expensive. So, many people avail of this service from us these days. After 2-4 weeks, it can be visible with results. If you are not getting the effect within this stipulated time, you need to take a reappointment with the expert and take his suggestions. It is seen commonly used among the Bollywood stars. 

    Cost of the treatment

    BOTOX abbreviation of the Botulinum toxin Injection costs unit based in India. During the treatment, the charges are based on every unit added and service tax in addition. There are different brands available, and a standardized brand effect lasts for 6 months around.  Based on different countries and different geographical locations, the prices may vary. 

    Botox & Fillers Cost in India varies in different aspects. At Divine, it is much affordable. We follow clients’ centric approach and try to satisfy our customers in the best possible ways.


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