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    Understanding the downside of filler migration and how to prevent it

    What is filler migration? How does it occur, what are its dangers and how to fix it? If you have a runway filler at hand or wish to educate yourself about the possibility, we have the experts to ease your crease issues.

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    Who is an ideal candidate for cosmetic surgery? Risks revealed and myths debunked

    The Indian surgeon Sushruta (circa. 1000-800 BC) is considered the ‘father of plastic surgery’. The earliest form of such surgery was the use of skin from other parts of the body (arm, cheek, or forehead) to reconstruct amputated noses.

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    Why plastic surgeons are all for mindful surgery

    When it comes to plastic surgery, need and addiction are big differentiators. Dr Amit Gupta, founder and director of Divine Aesthetics, New Delhi, explains the pre-procedural protocols and why patients undergoing them should not expect the impossible.

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    Dr. Amit Gupta felicitated as the Industry Veteran at IMCAS Bali – Shared Insights on Rhinoplasty

    Dr. Amit Gupta, founder Divine Cosmetic Surgery, a renowned name for Aesthetic Surgeries all across the globe has recently graced the IMCAS event with his phenomenal session on “Rhinoplasty”.

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    18% GST only on aesthetic surgery is hurting Indian & Int’l market : Dr. Amit Gupta

    Over the last 10 to 12 years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of patients asking for plastic surgery and also in the number of procedures that they are asking for.

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    Aesthetic industry is rewriting the script for healthcare industry in India

    Once upon a time, the Indian healthcare industry was centred around providing fundamental, perhaps life-saving treatments to patients. The dearth of basic infrastructure, practitioners, and resources was a big challenge, not only for villages but also for metropolitan cities.

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    Why breast reduction surgeries in India have gone up 100% per year since 2019

    I still remember the incident vividly. It was just after my university classes, and as I boarded my bus home, I heard a voice screaming at me, 'Wow, such huge breasts'," recalls Jaspreet (name changed on request)

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    Sharp jaw, longer chin: Looksmaxxing is making men go after their face with needle and tongs

    We often talk about social media setting unrealistic beauty standards for women. However, there is a new trend on social media known as looksmaxxing, which is setting similar standards for men

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    Beyond The Botox: India’s Growing Potential For Aesthetic Surgeries Propelled by Generation Z

    In a sweeping wave of change, cosmetic surgery has found a fervent following among the world’s younger demographic, particularly those belonging to the age group of 21 to 30 and India is no different.

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    The hymen myth

    What are perfect weddings made of? A perfect venue, impeccable decor, designer lehengas and eye-popping jewellery as the bride-to-be (and her family) goes to extremes to make her ‘big day’ the most beautiful ever.

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    Microrefined Microfollicular Hair Transplant A New Modification in Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure in men; at our center, we perform nearly 40 transplants a month, with nearly 450 procedures in a year.