Are you worried about not looking good, amongst others? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We at Divine, have the best infrastructure and equipment to help you feel good about the way you look. Divine has helped people by providing successful cosmetic surgery in India for so many years.

    About Dr. Amit Gupta 

    Dr. Amit Gupta (MAMCite Plastic Surgeon) is a well-known surgeon for six-pack surgery in India. He performs four-dimensional body contour procedures. Apart from this, he is also an expert in hourglass figure surgery for women, pectoral shaping, deltoid shaping. Dr. Alfredo Hoyos trained in Columbia for the six-pack surgery; he is the inventor of all these cosmetic surgery procedures.


    There is phenomenal growth in the number of foreign patients coming for cosmetic surgery in India. We at Divine Cosmetic Procedure understand the importance of a good cosmetic surgery in India. We have made some special efforts for our international patients to ensure comfort, satisfaction, safety while keeping the cost factors under consideration. We successfully deliver the best Cosmetic procedure at very Indian prices.

    Plan the Procedure

    We plan the whole procedure following the type of treatment that the patients want. We give detailed information to the patients before their arrival in India. We also do a detailed discussion regarding the costs of medicines, pressure garments, etc. that the patients have to bear.

    Airport Transfers & Hotels

    We give all our patients an option of Airport Pickup and Drop off by reliable cab service. We also arrange an English-speaking attendant to ensure proper communication. The cabs are clean and air-conditioned. We arrange the hotels depending upon the budget of our patients. We also keep in mind the distance and any specific needs of the patients who are traveling from Australia. The cost of the hotel varies from $60 to $250 per night.

    Visa Assistance

    We feel more than happy to provide Medical VISA assistance to our patients who are traveling from Australia. We issue our patients a letter which is addressed to the High Commission of India in Australia explaining the patient’s plan for the procedure with us and detailing out the stay and procedure details.


    For rendering the best service to our patients, we require an advance token amount. The amount can be transferred to us through PayPal or Western Union. The complete payment has to be made before the procedure begins. The fees can be made in any currency.

    Our Services
    Breast Enlargement Surgery

    Breast enlargement surgery is for those people who wish to achieve fuller breasts or those who want to restore lost volume post transformative events such as pregnancy or significant weight loss. We perform this surgery using implants or fat transfer. We perform the best breast enlargement surgery in India by making use of the latest Brazilian technique, which is a markless endoscopic technique resulting in a nearly invisible incision in the axillary region.

    The whole surgery is a daycare procedure, and the person can return to his/her daily routine two days post the surgery. We give our patients an option to choose from a variety of implants, sizes, and profiles that best suit their body types. The time duration for the complete surgery is 45 minutes.
    The cost of breast enlargement surgery in India varies a lot. We charge a reasonable amount of fee for the surgery. The expense of the surgery varies according to the type of breast implant chosen by the patient. The cost of the surgery with Mentor and Allergan implant is $1900, and the cost of Nagor implants is $1700. Divine caters well to its patients and is the best clinic for breast enlargement surgery in India.

    A Short Description Of Dr. Amit Gupta

    We have achieved all the success, trust, and fame under the guidance of our mentor Dr. Amit Gupta. He is a Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon who has been performing procedures such as Hair transplant, Body Contouring, Breast enlargement, including Endoscopic Markless Breast Augmentation, VASER, Breast reduction, etc. in India. Our highly qualified and extensively trained cosmetic specialists are all trained under Dr. Amit Gupta. They aim at providing exceptional care to our patients within our state-of-the-art facilities. Dr. Amit has significant experience in the field of cosmetic medicine and surgery, and his goal is to make Divine Cosmetic Surgery the best option for cosmetic surgery in India.

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