An excellent external appearance helps you feel good about yourself and increases your confidence. It is hence essential to always try and look your best. Divine Cosmetic Surgery utilizes advanced treatment methods and patient welfare techniques to help you look and feel good about yourself. We are among the best centers for cosmetic surgery in India. Our commitment to providing the best possible care for our patients is key to our success. We have displayed immense growth under the guidance of Dr. Amit Gupta, a renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeon. Our doctors are trained under his able supervision, and we have one of the best hair transplant surgeon in India in our ranks.

About Dr. Amit Gupta 

Dr. Amit Gupta (MAMCite Plastic Surgeon) is a well-known surgeon for six-pack surgery in India. He performs four-dimensional body contour procedures. Apart from this, he is also an expert in hourglass figure surgery for women, pectoral shaping, deltoid shaping. Dr. Alfredo Hoyos trained in Columbia for the six-pack surgery; he is the inventor of all these cosmetic surgery procedures.

How can Divine Cosmetic Surgery help International Patients?

Worldwide, our services are open for domestic as well as international patients. We have centers in the US, UAE, and the UK, as well. Our patients are provided first-class treatment from the minute they land in the country. We provide airport pick-up and drop facilities. We can also assist with your visa and hotels as per your specified requirements and budget. Our services much beyond the procedures itself, and it is critical to our being renowned internationally.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures for all our patients. Here, we’re offering an insight into some of them.


It is a condition commonly found in men. It is a case of over-developed breasts in men due to hormonal imbalances, fat deposition, or metabolic disorders. It can be easily treated with a combination of body contouring and a gland removal procedure. We are working on minimizing the gynecomastia surgery cost in India and making it accessible to all patients.

Breast Implants

A breast augmentation procedure is to attain fuller breasts or to restore volume post other surgical procedures. It can be done with the help of implants or fat transfer. You can choose from a range of implants, and profiles are per your body and personal preferences. The high breast implant cost in India puts off a lot of people, but we offer it at affordable rates.

Tummy Tuck Surgeries

Large concentrations of abdominal fat can cause the belly to sag or bulge out. A tummy tuck is a common procedure to remove excess fat from the stomach region. The main aim is to contour the abdomen and tighten the muscles. Liposuction is used to perform the procedure. We provide the safest procedures at the lowest tummy tuck surgery cost in India. You can get back to your daily routine in less than a week following the procedure!

Hair Transplant

It is one of the most sought-after procedures worldwide. Hair loss or thinning can occur in both men and women due to many reasons. We take hair from an area resistant to hair fall and transplant it into a region of baldness. The growth is lifelong, and it is completely natural hair. Don’t worry, we can assure you of the best hair transplant in India.

Flexible Payment Options

We take a token advance payment to confirm the booking for the procedure. We accept all currencies. The entire sum must be paid any time before the procedure is undertaken. The payment can be made by transferring directly into our bank accounts, or via Western Union and PayPal. You can always contact us in case of any further queries!

A brief about Dr. Amit Gupta

Dr. Amit Gupta is a leading cosmetic and plastic surgeon based out of Gurgaon and Delhi. He is experienced with procedures like hair transplant, body contouring, facelifts, and nose procedures. He completed his medical training from MAMC, Delhi, and has completed several fellowships in Europe and Brazil. He is among the best surgeons in VASER procedures in India and is involved in training other surgeons as well. Dr. Amit has also been bestowed with numerous prestigious awards for his contributions towards the medical practice.

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