Abdominoplasty – Tummy-Tuck Surgeries

      About Abdominoplasty

      A flat and well-toned abdomen is something every individual wants. But not everyone is capable of getting a toned abdomen even after surgeries. In these cases, you can go for abdominoplasty, under which excess skin and fats are removed from the abdominal area that can help you to give you a better body image. Since western countries charge a lot for abdominoplasty or tummy-tuck surgeries, many people come for abdominoplasty in India because the cost of the surgery is cheaper in India.

      Although surgeons are of the view that this a safe procedure, but like all medical procedures, Abdominoplasty also involves certain risks like:
      Seroma, or fluid accumulation under the skin, poor wound healing, or even numbness in the abdominal area.


      An Abdominoplasty surgery takes about 2- 5 hours. And the patient is given anesthesia before the surgery begins. Depending upon the cases, most of the patients have to stay in the hospital for a night.

      Cost of Abdominoplasty

      The average Abdominoplasty cost in India varies from 1.5 lakh to over two lakhs. But the cost varies in different cities. Western countries charge a lot for this surgery. So many international patients visit India every year to perform this surgery. The Divine cosmetic Surgery, which is located in Delhi, performs this surgery with utmost precision and also at a very affordable cost.

      How does abdominoplasty works?

      Sudden weight loss and even pregnancy can lead to sagging skin in your abdominal area. And this sagging abdomen doesn’t give you a look you desire. Thus Abdominoplasty helps you to get rid of this problem by removal of fat, tightening of muscles, and removal of excess skin on your abdominal area.

      Procedure for abdominoplasty

      During abdominoplasty surgery, the surgeon makes an incision on the abdomen to remove the fat between your belly button and the pubic area. And the fascia that lies above the abdominal muscle is tightened with permanent sutures. A skin adhesive, clips, and tapes are used to close the incision. This surgery gives patients a tighter and firmer abdomen.

      The target area for abdominoplasty

      Abdominoplasty can be used to solve the following target areas:

      • Drooping skin on the abdomen
      • Excess skin on the belly button
      • If liposuction didn’t improve your abdominal area.
      • If you have a weak abdominal wall.

      Are there any risks or side effects?

      Yes, like any other surgeries, an abdominoplasty in India has certain risks associated.

      • Risk of adverse reaction to anesthesia
      • Excessive bleeding during incision
      • Infections after the surgery

      It is also possible that the person can have allergies during the medication after surgery. Thus it is advisable to inform the surgeon about any allergies or


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