Chin Surgery

      A smaller chin makes the facial features seem soft and less aggressive. Chin augmentation is done to increase the length of the face. Or to make the chin more prominent. We use silicone implants done via a small entry point in the mouth ( invisible scar). We use implants that can be customized to the need of the patients.

      The procedure takes about an hour to perform, and is usually performed as a day care. We are able to optimize costs because of volumes of such surgeries and availability of implants at better costs to our centre.

      Chin surgery, otherwise known as mentoplasty is the surgery for reshaping the chin. It can be either an implant or a reduction surgery. Patients who are appearing for nose surgery may sometimes have to undergo for chin surgery in order to acquire the perfect facial proportion. Chin surgery is meant to balance the proportions of facial features to better the look of the individual.

      The doctor will suggest you to have an x-ray before the surgery in order to find out which part of chin to operate on. The surgery procedure may vary according to your requirement. If you want to round out the chin using implants, the procedure will be :

      1. First step is the anesthesia. You may have to have a general anesthesia to make you asleep and pain-free. In some cases, the doctor may prefer any other medicine to numb the concerned area.
      2. An incision will be made inside or outside the mouth, under the chin. In order to place the implant, a pocket will be made in front of the chin and under the muscles.
      3. For implanting, the surgeon may use fat tissues or real bone, or an implant made out of any other material.
      4. Normally, the implant will be attached to the bone with screws or sutures.
      5. The incisions will be closed using sutures.
      6. If you are about to have chin surgery, the procedures will start with general anesthesia. The surgeon will make an incision inside your mouth in order to get access to the chin bone. After making a second cut through the jaw bone using chisel or bone saw. The jaw bone will be wired or moved in place. The incision will be closed using stitches or bandage. This procedure may take 1 to 3 hours of time. The surgery will have the usual possible risks of of all other surgeries.
      7. It will take 7 to 10 days for a complete recovery. The doctor will give you instructions to follow after the surgery.


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