Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

      About Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery:

      Body contouring is a procedure required to address your excess skin and fatty tissues that are left over after a massive weight loss. Post weight loss plastic surgery incorporates all the body areas and undergoes procedures like abdominoplasty, thigh lift, arm lift, facial rejuvenation, and breast surgery to remove excess saggy skin present in all parts of the body.

      Post weight loss plastic surgery:

      • Body contouring: It is a long-lasting procedure in which a cut is made along the abdomen to remove the excess and saggy skin. The muscles present on the saggy skin are gathered & shifted to the lifted skin. Further, the excess saggy skin is removed and tightened across the buttocks, thighs, arms, waist, and hips to improve the body contour. Doctors also prefer liposuction to remove the extra fat from the body. The surgery gives permanent results.
      • Tummy tuck surgery: This surgery is performed to get a flatter stomach. Some people confuse it with liposuction (fat removal), but this one is performed to remove the saggy skin and get the tummy in place post-pregnancy or massive weight loss. 
      • Breast lift: Done to reshape the breast by removing the saggy skin and tissues, sometimes the nipples and areoles are also needed to be removed and repositioned. 

      Safety for Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery:

      Complications in post-weight loss plastic surgery are very rare. Like any other surgeries, the following risks may occur.

      • Skin loss
      • Fluid buildup
      • Loss of circulation
      • Excessive bleeding
      • Unevenness in the body contour
      • The spread of infections and allergy
      • Numbness in and around the treated areas
      • Nausea and fatigue due to local anesthesia

      Convenience for Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery:

      Post-surgery, the patients will require to wear a compression garment to prevent the spread of swelling and soreness. During the condition of fluid buildup, the patient has to attach some drainage tubes to drain the extra fluid and blood. Complete bed rest of 1-2 weeks in recommended.


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