FAQ on Fillers and Botox

      1. Will my face look unnatural after Botox and Fillers?

      No, not at all. Botox injections relax your facial muscles tissues to prevent your face from wrinkles.

      2. Can patient go for gym after Botox and Fillers?

      No, you should avoid exercising or gym after botox for 4 to 6 hours at least. As gym or any other exercise increases circulation which penetrates your botox injected proteins to the different areas.

      3. Looking for the best and permanent treatment for aging?

      Botox and fillers are the best and permanent solution for ageing because it is completely non-reactable proteins which has no side effects.

      4. Want to get selfie lips, choose fillers to get the perfect shapes?

      Sagging lips diminish your beauty. Enhance beauty with the best and trustable treatment called Fillers. Fillers are used to enhance the shape and sizes of the lips.

      5. Frown lines diminish your beauty, if yes then opt for the Botox treatment?

      Wrinkles on your face makes you ugly and embarrassed. Opt to Botox to prevent yourself from all the ageing problems like frown lines, wrinkles, crows feet, etc.