Nipple Surgery and Areola Reduction Surgery

      Nipple Surgery and Areola Reduction Surgery

      People often worry about their large nipple which could restrict them from wearing their favourite dresses and be their confident self. As a solution for this, many people opt for nipple reduction surgery. The surgery procedure includes working on large, long or droopy nipples. The size and shape of the breast can be greatly boosted by these procedures. One major requirement for the people who are planning to have a nipple reduction surgery is that they should be healthy and also should be thoroughly informed about the consequences and side effects of the surgery. At the first step, meeting the surgeon and discussing with him about the surgery and possible risks and results after the surgery is vital. The procedure requires to give anaesthesia to the client at the time of the surgery. Nipple size reduction surgery may need local anaesthesia.

      The surgery takes one to two hours maximum. It is a day-care procedure wherein there is no need to stay in the hospital after the surgery. The process is carried out in such a manner that after giving you anesthesia, the doctor would make small incisions on the nipples. The incision will be small enough for it to heal very quickly. After the incision is made, surplus tissues around the incision are removed by the doctor. Then, there are stitches made to close the incisions and dressing will be placed over the breasts.

      The surgeon might suggest you to replace your regular bra with a special one over your breasts. It is done in order to assure the best healing position for your breasts. You are recommended not to take a bath for one or two days after the surgery. You will be able to go back to your regular routine in just one day after the surgery. Driving is prohibited for one or two days after the surgery.

      You would be allowed to carry out any strenuous activity only after three weeks post-surgery. It will take several months or maybe one year for the scars to fully fade off. The first two days after the surgery there could be some discomfort or pain. You may be prescribed medication by the surgeon to ease your pain and discomfort. You must be aware of the below-mentioned shortcomings as well-

      • Experiencing bruising
      • Numbness in the area of surgery
      • Swelling of the breasts
      • Tingling in the nipple-areola complex


      All these would eventually get over with time. You should be careful about the postures while you sleep post-surgery. In order to make the healing process swift, the doctor may suggest you to sleep on your back for the first week. You would be recommended to wear a special surgical bra for the first few days and not at all the ones that are too tight. You would be recommended to wear your bra almost all the time post the process in order to keep the breast in position.

      The probable risks of the surgery include some general risks that are a part of any other surgery, some of which are mentioned below-

      • Infection
      • Scarring
      • Loss of nipple sensation

      In most cases, the result of the surgery lasts forever. But, a point to be kept in mind is that the shape and size of the breast may alter over time as a result of ageing.

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