What are the Benefits of Body Contouring?

April 11, 2023 | By admin

For the majority of people, nutrition and exercise are often not enough to lose the stubborn fat attached to their bodies. In these cases, opting for a body contouring procedure might be the solution that most people are looking for. Learn more about this surgery and what it can do for you in this article.

What is Body Contouring Surgery?

Body contouring is a surgical treatment that helps reshape particular areas of the body where weight loss is ineffective. In some cases, some stubborn extra skin sometimes persists after the liposuction surgery, which can only be reshaped through body contouring surgery.


How Can Body Contouring Be Useful?

Body contouring surgery is highly useful as it helps in reshaping your body so that you are able to achieve the body shape of your dreams. Body contouring is also an excellent procedure for people who have loose and sagging skin. In that case, body contouring can help get rid of the extra skin. With natural aging as well, the skin gets wrinkled and loses the ability to tighten itself. There are some common areas where body contouring is very useful. These areas are the thigh, buttocks, neck, abdomen, arms, back, and chin.

What Are the Benefits of Body Contouring?

  • Best way to treat Stubborn Fat

You might have practiced a number of diets and exercises but there are some targeted pockets of stubborn fat that you might always be unable to lose. However,  through body contouring the same body part can look more toned and contoured. For example, love handles are among the last parts which lose fat in the abdomen area but body contouring procedures makes it possible to lose those love handles.

  • Easy and Quick Treatments

Body contouring procedures have the advantage of being quick, safe, and easy surgical procedures. An average procedure takes around 40 to 80 minutes of surgery depending upon the size of your treated area.

  • High-Cost Efficiency

The conventional methods of losing fat used to be expensive whereas body contouring procedures are much more affordable when you consider the fact that the results will not go away as long as the patient follows a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  • Highly Versatile Procedure

Body contouring treatments provide versatility to the patients that let you improve the contours of various parts of your body. For example, to look more toned, patients often go for the popular procedure of contouring stubborn fat in the thigh and the abdomen. Similarly, to achieve more toned arms, one can opt for body contouring targeted at your arms.

  • Fewer Possibility of Health Risks

If you consider a good plastic surgeon with a sufficient amount of experience, you would find that there are absolutely zero numbers of health risks occurring when proper post-recovery is followed. For example, issues like infection, ulcers, infection, nausea, vomiting, and intense pain can be prevented easily.

  • Result-Oriented Surgery

If you follow the tips recommended by your plastic surgeon along with proper diet and exercise, you would get 100% satisfactory results. Consider going for follow-up visits as well for consistent and long-term goals.

  • Easy Post-Recovery

Only mild inflammation, pain, and redness are involved in body contouring procedures which disappear in a day or two. Patients can return to their routine office work within two days of proper recovery.

  • Accessibility

Body contouring procedures are easily accessible for patients irrespective of age, gender, and shape of the patient. The results would be satisfying as always if you get the surgery from a skilled plastic surgeon.

  • Comfortable Body

The body contouring procedure would make you feel like you are in some new body that feels so athletic and light. The level of comfort is on cloud nine.


What Are the Things To Keep in Mind During the Post-Surgery Period? 

Once the body contouring procedure is done, the body does not accumulate new fat cells over the treated area. However, this does not mean that there will be no fat deposits as the remaining fat cells can enlarge and lead to asymmetrical results. If the patient is inactive for a long time, it would be possible to gain weight in other areas of the body, which will impact the overall contouring effect procedure.

It should be noted that there are some key points if followed, the patient can have the best outcomes from the body contouring surgery. 

  • Regular Exercise

A normal workout that includes 25-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises done thrice a week is enough to maintain your body weight.

  • Eat a healthy diet

Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining the overall health of your body. A patient who underwent a body contouring procedure should eat foods that have high roughage and fiber. And avoid foods having a high content of fats like junk food. 

  • Sufficient Sleep

An average person should sleep 7-9 hours a day to recover and replenish energy to carry out daily routine activities. A sleep of more than 8-9 hours would generate fat in the long run and make you feel lethargic. Sleep should be more quality oriented rather than quantity. 

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Body contouring is an amazing treatment with loads of benefits. If you cannot lose stubborn fat in any particular area, then body contouring surgery is for you.

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