Breast Implants Before and After Pregnancy

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Breast Implants Before and After Pregnancy

According to several reliable sources, breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures that are performed in India. Because of this, it makes sense that patients have a lot of questions when they come in for a consultation.

Most of those questions range from the right size of implant to how the procedure will be performed. However, the most common question that we have encountered till now is regarding the change in breast implants before and after pregnancy.

If you have a similar question, then you are in the right place as we will help you find the correct solution to your worries.

Breast Implants Before and After Pregnancy Breast Implants Before and After Pregnancy

How Does Pregnancy Affect Breasts?

During pregnancy, a woman goes through a lot of hormonal changes. These hormonal changes make the breasts engorge and grow. This change happens throughout the entire pregnancy and during the time the mother chooses to breastfeed.

Further, during this time, it is possible for the breast shape and size to change dramatically as the breasts are made up partially of both fatty tissue and glandular tissue. Externally, the nipples and areolas might also change. Usually, the nipples and areolas become larger and darker in color.




Are there any Changes in Breast Implants After Pregnancy?

Usually, when a pregnancy is over and the woman has finished breastfeeding, then the breasts will change back. This is mainly due to the fact that the hormones responsible for producing breast milk have stopped. This will further lead to the shrinking of the glandular component of the breasts. This might make the breast appear different or deflated.

It should be noted that these changes might be permanent in women who have not undergone a breast implant. However, if you have undergone a breast implant, then your breasts would go back to the normal shape before pregnancy with a few changes in some cases. If you are not happy with the way that your breasts look, then you can get a breast lift or breast augmentation procedure.

Do Breast Implants Interfere with Breastfeeding?

This question seems quite simple. However, there are different parts to it that we are going to address today. First, if you are getting a breast implant and you want to continue having the ability to breastfeed after the procedure, then you should share the same with your cosmetic surgeon.

This is mainly due to the fact that there are certain incisions that require breast glandular tissue to be cut for the implant. This wouldn’t mean that you can’t breastfeed but it would make it difficult for you to breastfeed. This is why having that clarity in the first place before getting a breast implant is important.

Once the breast implant is in place, then your breast should function normally. This means that you always have the option to breastfeed if you want to. There is also the question of whether the implant material is secreted in breast milk. There are no studies that show that implant material gets in the breast milk or that it can harm the child in any shape or form.

This is why if you want to get a breast implant and the only thing stopping you is that you might not be able to breastfeed, then you shouldn’t worry anymore. Breast implants do not hamper your ability to breastfeed in any manner.



What is the Best Time for a Breast Augmentation Procedure?

If you are not happy with the shape, size, or look of your breast, then you can simply choose to get a breast implant. If you have always wanted bigger breasts, then you can get breast implant surgery right now without having to worry about changes in your life like pregnancy and breastfeeding.

But what if you are just not comfortable with getting breast implant surgery? In that case, it is also okay to wait. You can simply wait to have children and finish breastfeeding before getting a breast implant or breast augmentation done.

In other words, the decision of when you want to get a breast implant or breast augmentation done rests completely with you. Both of these choices are reasonable and personal. Hence, there is no right or wrong answer here.

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