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      About Skin Lightening Treatment

      Divine Cosmetics is one of the best centers for facelift and skin lightening procedures in India. Our team of highly specialized cosmetic surgeons aids you in reaching your goal of getting your dream jawlines. Divine Cosmetics offers you one of the cheapest and budget-friendly options out of all the clinics in India.

      Skin Brightening Skin Lightening Treatment

      The commercials on television showing fair-skinned women cannot go unnoticed by anyone. With summers leaving their marks on our skin and that main event approaching, we worry that these tan lines will ruin our appearance. But worry no more! We, at Divine Cosmetics, take care of all those unruly tan lines and body-color differences to help you look beautiful and rejuvenated. Our center offers one of the lowest and economic costs for facelift and skin lightening procedures in India.

      Procedure For Skin Lightening Treatment

      The skin lightening procedures in India at divine cosmetics use glutathione, an amino acid that has antioxidant properties that help to lighten your skin naturally. Our experts do not rely on chemicals that provide temporary lightening, but instead, look up to nature to take care of that glow of yours. The amino acid is available in two forms, namely, injections and tablets. The injection needs to be diluted with a vitamin C solution and is given for a period of 16 weeks, along with the pills that need to be taken daily for up to 6 months. We believe in results that last long. Gradual lightening in skin tone color can be observed after the second month, and the effectiveness of this treatment is that it can last up to two years. 


      Post-treatment care includes regular use of sunscreen to counter the effects of harmful UV radiation and prevent the burning effect from the radiation. The facelift surgery in India is a safe and effective process.

      Cost of Skin Lightening Treatment & Surgery

      Typically, the facelift surgery cost in India ranges from $1500 to $3500. The price also depends on geographical location, quality of equipment, and the addition of nutritive components. Divine cosmetics offers cost-effective  facelift surgery in India. 

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