Hair PRP

      About Hair PRP

      Everyone wants those luscious locks that they can flaunt. If falling hair is your problem, then go no further because we at Divine Cosmetics are here for your rescue. Our team of highly specialized cosmetic surgeons aids you in reaching your goal of getting your dream hair. We offer the best hair transplant in India.

      Safety For Hair PRP

      The procedure is entirely safe and is done under local anesthesia. There are almost no side effects since the patient’s blood is used. To ensure complete safety, make sure to get it done at a clinic or center that offers best hair plant in India.


      The procedure is user-friendly. The patient can go back to the office after three days without making it evident that he (or she) has had a hair transplant. Sports activities can also be restarted after the 7th day of the process.

      Cost of the Hair PRP

      Divine Cosmetics offers you with one of the cheapest and budget-friendly options out of all the hair PRP costs in India. Typically, the hair PRP cost in India ranges from $1500 to $3500. The price also depends on geographical location, quality of equipment, and the addition of nutritious components.

      What is Hair PRP therapy?

      This therapy consists of three treatments and is an entirely safe procedure because, in this process, the patient’s blood used to reduce the side effects. The three steps of the procedure are as follows:

      1. The blood is drawn, preferentially from your hand, and is subjected to centrifugation.
      2. After 10 minutes, there are different layers of fluid separated, namely
      3. Platelet-rich plasma
      4. Platelet-poor plasma
      5. Red Blood Cells
      6. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected in scalp areas with scarce hair.

      Because your own blood is injected into you, there is almost no chance of contracting an infectious disease, when a person chooses to opt for Hair PRP treatment. But since the procedure involves the use of injections, there is a chance of injury to blood vessels, infection, calcification, or scarring. The treatment is not suitable for people who are on blood thinners or heavy smokers.


      Why choose Divine

      Newest Technology

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      Team of the Internationally Trained Plastic Surgeons

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