Guide for Breast Enhancement

March 10, 2023 | By admin

Guide for Breast Enhancement

If you want to live your best life, then you have to be confident in who you are and how you look. And if you are not satisfied with the shape, size, or look of your breast, then you should get breast enhancement surgery done.

And when it comes to changing the shape, size, and look of your breasts, many people recommend getting a breast enhancement. But it can be pretty confusing to differentiate between breast enlargement, breast enhancement, and breast augmentation of these procedures if you have never heard of cosmetic surgeries before. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that as we have got you covered.

Today, we’ll help you understand how you can undergo breast enhancement and how it can improve your life.

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

This surgery is also known as augmentation mammoplasty or Breast Enhancement. The surgical treatment involves an increase in the size of the breast.

Many women believe that breast augmentation is a way for them to feel more confident. For some women, it might also be a part of rebuilding the breasts after undergoing some medical condition.

This is why if you want to get a breast augmentation done, then you should not just look for the breast implant surgery cost in India. Instead, you should know what breast enlargement surgery in India can do for you. It can:

  • Enhance your appearance if you believe that your breasts are too small or if you think that your breasts are asymmetrical in appearance
  • You want to reduce the size of your breasts after pregnancy or after dramatic weight loss
  • You have uneven breasts after breast surgery or some other condition
  • Improve your self-confidence

If you want to experience all of these benefits, then make sure that you are also familiar with the breast augmentation surgery cost in India.


What is Breast Enlargement Surgery?

Breast enlargement involves the placement of an implant under the patient’s breast tissue to enhance the size and shape of the breast. The implants are usually inserted using an incision placed under the breast at the crease, but can also be put in via an incision in the armpit or around the nipple.

Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Enhancement Surgery?

You are a good candidate to undergo Breast Enhancement Surgery if:

  1. If you want a bigger breast cup size
  2. In case you want to correct the asymmetry of your breasts
  3. You want to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the breasts
  4. You want to replenish your age after having some trauma or any other issues.

How is Breast Augmentation Surgery performed?

Breast augmentation surgery is quite straightforward. This is a daycare procedure that has a brief recovery period. The surgery usually takes only 35 minutes to perform but this window can increase if the patient chooses to get a breast lift at the same time. A great benefit of getting a breast augmentation is that this procedure can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries. This can help the patient achieve dramatic results without any extra hassle.



How to Find the Right Breast Implant?

Apart from the type of breast implant, there are several things that you need to consider, including the texture of the implant and the type of implant. Only your cosmetic surgeon can help you make this decision correctly so rely on his or her medical expertise. Consider these tips when you are thinking about the type of final results that you want from your breast enhancement procedure.

Aesthetic Goals

Getting a breast augmentation done is a very personal decision. A patient might want to go a few sizes up from where she is right now or get a larger size to enhance her overall look. Some might wish to be a little more discrete and opt for a decent enhancement look. You must consider what you want in terms of your final look.

Implant Shape

Once you are sure about your aesthetic goals, then the next step is to figure out how to get that desired look. Your plastic surgeon will play a vital role in this. There are several implant shapes available that can help you achieve your desired looks, including round and teardrop implants.

Natural Body Shape

Your current body proportions play a vital role in deciding the type of breast implant you should get. As we have mentioned above, different breast implants work differently for people. This is why one must consider their natural body shape while deciding which implant the patient should get.


Younger patients have more elastic skin. This makes it easier for them to adjust to a new breast profile. As one ages, the skin gets prone to sagging. This is when one might consider getting breast lift surgery along with a breast augmentation.

The Lifestyle

If a patient lives a physically active life, then Dr. Amit Gupta does not recommend getting overly large breasts as those breasts can interfere with several daily routine activities.

Why Should You Get Breast Enhancement at Divine Cosmetic Surgery?

After going through all of these choices and options available out there, it is very easy for anybody to feel overwhelmed. This is why if you are feeling that way, then you should book a consultation with Dr. Amit Gupta.

Dr. Amit Gupta is the founder, director, and head surgeon at Divine Cosmetic Surgery. He has over 20 years of experience and has performed thousands of breast implant and breast enhancement surgeries. Dr. Amit Gupta goes to great lengths to ensure that his patients can get the final results that they want without any hassle.

If you are intrigued and want to get a breast augmentation done, then book your first consultation today!

Getting a breast enhancement can be a tough decision. Go through this guide to make sure that you are making smart choices and only getting breast enhancement from a qualified, experienced, and skilled plastic surgeon.


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