How to Analyse Hypospadias at Home?

October 27, 2022 | By admin

How to Analyse Hypospadias at Home?

The birth of a child is a great occasion. Parents are the happiest people on the planet and want to do everything that they can to ensure the health and happiness of their children. But what if a baby boy was born with a penis that didn’t look or work quite like it’s supposed to?

In this case, the parents would want to know more so that they can get the condition treated right away. And this is understandable. Urine and sperm travel through the urethra, the tube that opens at the tip of the penis. But boys who suffer from hypospadias are born with the location of the opening ranging from within the head or shaft of the penis, the scrotum, or the perineum.

It should be noted that hypospadias is a pretty common condition and can be left as is in some cases. However, in severe cases, doctors will need to perform surgery to fix the condition.

Depending on where the opening is on a child’s penis, they might have problems having children because their sperm might not be able to effectively fertilise an egg. Keeping the penis clean can be hard too.

The opening can be bigger than normal and if it’s not located on the underside of the penis, then it can be difficult to check whether it’s clear or if there is any redness or infection present.

If the condition isn’t corrected early, a boy might have to sit down when they pee. They might have further problems as adults.



What Causes Hypospadias?

Hypospadias is a birth defect and doctors are not sure why some boys get this condition. However, some possible causes of this condition are:

  • Genetics: It’s more likely for boys to suffer from this condition if they have a father or brother who suffered from this condition too. It is also associated with some genetic syndromes.
  • Fertility Treatments: The mother may have used some hormone therapy or medicine to get pregnant and that might cause this condition.
  • The Mother’s Age and Weight: There are higher chances for a baby to be born with hypospadias if the mom was overweight and over the age of 35. It is also possible if the mother suffered from diabetes before the pregnancy.
  • Exposure to smoking or pesticides
  • Premature baby

A mother can reduce the chances of the child suffering from hypospadias by:

  • Not indulging in smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Keeping a healthy weight
  • Taking 400 to 8– micrograms of folic acid per day
  • Regularly visiting the doctor


How to Analyse Hypospadias at Home?

It is ideally suggested that only doctors should identify if the child is suffering from hypospadias or not. This can be done by examining the baby’s penis during routine exams after birth. Usually, it’s easy to see that the opening is in the wrong place. The doctor might suggest delaying circumcision and referring the parents to a specialist.

There are also three types of hypospadias that depend on where the urethra opening is located, including:

  • Subcoronal, when the opening is near the head of the penis
  • Midshaft, when the opening is along the shaft of the penis
  • Penoscrotal, when the penis and scrotum meet

How Does Hypospadias Surgery Work?

There are several techniques that can be used for performing a hypospadias procedure. One should always remember that surgery is not even required in all cases. For example, if the location of the opening is near the tip, the penis often works well enough without requiring any surgery.

But in cases where surgery is required, the procedure often includes straightening the penis. The goal of the surgical correction is to create a penis with normal function and appearance with a urethral opening as close as possible to the ventral tip of the penis.

Surgical correction should result in a properly directed urinary stream and a straightened penis upon erection. Doctors often use the foreskin or skin from other parts of the body to repair the opening.

Children can also get this surgery done between the age of 3 months and 18 months. The child can go home on the same day as the procedure. For some reason, if hypospadias has not been detected early, then it can also be corrected later.

The surgery for fixing this condition is highly successful. It also works on adults who have the same problem. But it is slightly more difficult to perform on adults and is also not commonly done.

The Risk Factors

It should be noted that hypospadias surgery is a completely safe procedure to perform. However, there are some risks that one might be prone to if this surgery is not performed by an experienced and qualified medical professional. Some of those risks are:

  • Abnormal appearance of the penis
  • Problems in learning how to use a toilet
  • Abnormal curvature of the penis with erection
  • Problems with impaired ejaculation

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