How To Increase Breast Size?

October 9, 2023 | By admin

How To Increase Breast Size?

Are you unhappy with the size of your breasts? Do you see other women and wish that you had more curves in your body? If yes, then you should consider getting a breast implant or augmentation done.

A breast implant is a plastic surgical procedure that helps women get larger breasts safely and without compromising their overall health. This procedure helps women achieve their aesthetic goals. However, if you want to get a breast implant, you need to learn more about the procedure and only seek the help of a talented plastic surgeon like Dr. Amit Gupta.

Keep reading to learn more about breast implants and how you can increase your breast size.


What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the size, shape, and volume of a woman’s breasts. This popular cosmetic surgery involves the use of breast implants to achieve the desired breast size and contour.

During breast augmentation, a board-certified plastic surgeon makes incisions, typically in locations that minimize visible scarring. The surgeon then places breast implants beneath the breast tissue or behind the chest muscle.

Breast implants used in augmentation can be of various types, including silicone and saline. Silicone implants are filled with a silicone gel that closely mimics the feel of natural breast tissue, while saline implants are filled with sterile saltwater. Implants also vary in shape (round or teardrop) and profile (projection from the chest wall).

The surgeon may use different surgical techniques and incision placements, such as inframammary (under the breast crease), periareolar (around the areola), or transaxillary (in the armpit), depending on the patient’s anatomy and aesthetic goals. Because of these reasons, getting a breast implant is a very personal decision and should be approached with the help of a board-certified plastic surgeon only.

What Are Breast Implants?

A breast implant is a medical device used in breast augmentation surgery or breast reconstruction to enhance the size, shape, and contour of a woman’s breasts. These implants can be of various types. They come in various shapes, sizes, and profiles to meet individual patient preferences and surgical goals.

If a woman wants to increase the size of her breasts, then breast implants will help address all her concerns and get her the breasts that she wants. If you wish to learn more about the procedure then watch this latest video by Dr. Amit Gupta.


Key Considerations Before Increase Breast Size

There are several points that women should consider before getting a breast implant, including:

Type of Implants

There are many different kinds of breast implants, including silicone and saline. Silicone implants are filled with a silicone gel that closely resembles the feel of natural breast tissue. Saline implants are filled with sterile saltwater and can be adjusted after surgery to achieve the desired size.

To determine what type and size of breast implants are suitable for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Amit Gupta. You can also watch this video for more details.


Breast implants come in two primary shapes: round and teardrop (anatomical). Round implants are symmetrical and provide fullness in both the upper and lower parts of the breast. Teardrop implants have a more natural, tapered shape, with more volume in the lower part.


Implants are available in different profiles, including low, moderate, and high. The profile affects how the implant projects from the chest wall, allowing for customization of the breast’s appearance.

Surface Textures

Implants can have smooth or textured surfaces. Textured implants may reduce the risk of capsular contracture, a condition where the scar tissue around the implant tightens excessively.


Implants can be placed either above the chest muscle (subglandular) or beneath it (submuscular). The choice depends on factors like the patient’s anatomy, tissue characteristics, and aesthetic goals. This is something that only the plastic surgeon can help you understand.

Surgical Techniques

Breast implant surgery can be performed through various incision locations, including under the breast crease, around the areola, or in the armpit (transaxillary). The choice of technique depends on individual preferences and surgeon recommendations.

Primary Uses

Breast implants are primarily used for breast augmentation to enhance breast size and shape. They are also used in breast reconstruction after mastectomy or trauma.


While breast augmentation is generally safe, it carries risks, including infection, bleeding, implant rupture or leakage, scarring, changes in sensation, and the possibility of capsular contracture. Regular monitoring and follow-up with a healthcare provider are essential. To avoid these risks, you should only get the procedure done by a qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Amit Gupta.

Breast implants have been used for many years to help women achieve their desired breast appearance. However, it’s essential for individuals considering breast augmentation to have a comprehensive understanding of the procedure, risks, and aftercare to make informed decisions about their breast enhancement journey.

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