How to Reduce Hair thinning?

April 19, 2023 | By admin

What Causes Your Hair to Start Thinning?

Hair thinning is similar to hair loss. There are three stages in which your hair grows. This consists of the growth stage, transitional stage, and resting stage. The hair follicle grows from the roots on your scalp in the growing stage. The next stage is the transitional stage where there’s a stop in the growth of the hair and finally the resting stage when the hair starts falling out and the follicle takes time before it grows another hair. 

On an average, losing 60-120 hair a day is absolutely normal, which can be seen when you shower, brush your hair, or even when you wake up. As you grow old, during adulthood, the follicles stop growing hair which can be due to numerous factors like lifestyle, inherited genetics, and hormonal changes. 

There is another term called Hair Shedding which differs from hair loss and is caused by many reasons including malnutrition, changing hairstyles frequently, depression, giving birth, and chemotherapy. Your hair shedding might give you a signal that your follicles are in the resting stage. In such cases, you must consult with a plastic surgeon who can notice the problem and provide you with the correct solution. 




Get Hair Transplant To Get Rid of Hair Thinning

Who is the Right Candidate?

Men and women who are suffering from thinning of their hair or balding are the ideal candidates for the robotic transplant procedure. However, beyond this, there are other things that the plastic surgeon would have to consider before ensuring whether someone is the right candidate for this procedure or not. This is why you must consult a plastic surgeon before deciding the type of hair transplant that you want to get.

Daily Lifestyle Habits to Minimize Hair Thinning

The below-mentioned are some important things you must consider in order to get amazing hair transplant results.

Medications and Prescriptions

Consider taking your medications which are prescribed by your plastic surgeon. Make sure that you take these medications on time so that you recover properly and get good results.

Stay Hydrated

Your body constitutes 70% of water, as water is needed by the body for its functioning. Faster recovery is ensured when your body is hydrated enough. 

PRICE Technique

PRICE stands for Protection, Rest, Icing, Compression, and Elevation. Icing is done when there is some inflammation experienced. As a part of recovery, you can follow this technique. 

Hair Dyeing

It is highly not suggested to dye your hair frequently as the hair follicles can be damaged. The chemicals present in the dye can penetrate the scalp and harm the follicles. 

Sleeping Pattern

The sleeping pattern must be taken into consideration within the first two weeks of the hair transplant surgery. A supine position is recommended while sleeping, not sleeping on your side or stomach. Do not let your scalp rub against the pillow. 

Sun Soaking

You can soak under the sun, and obtain Vitamin D which helps the body in absorbing Calcium and Phosphorus. It should be noted that, if you experience sunburn then you should stop soaking your head under the sun.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol can vary your results drastically as it is a diuretic that dehydrates your body and consumes vitamins like biotin and ultimately makes your hair thin. Not only does it make your hair thin, but it also increases your blood pressure and discomfort. 

Do Not Smoke

Like alcohol, smoking also increases your blood pressure and reduces the nutrients supplied to the hair. This is why you must avoid smoking.

Eating a Healthy Diet

It is strongly suggested to consume a healthy diet for 3-4 weeks as the hair follicles need adequate nutrition. Vitamin B7 also known as Biotin is a much-required micronutrient. Although fast food is readily available and convenient, such junk food must be strongly avoided. A sufficient amount of protein and amino acid food must be consumed to guarantee the best results. 



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Hair thinning is a common problem which can take place on your scalp too. However, the above-mentioned precautions can help you in reducing hair thinning problems.