How Plastic Surgeons Can Reshape Your Buttocks and Thighs?

November 7, 2022 | By admin

How Plastic Surgeons Can Reshape Your Buttocks

Usually, fat cells which are also known as adipocytes get assembled in the buttocks and thigh region of the human body. With improper diet, nutrition, and exercise, these regions get disfigured and can lead to the aggregation of excess fat over the area. 

The aggregation of fat can lead to disfiguring the shape of the buttocks region. If not treated well on time, the same can spread to other regions like the thighs and belly. 

The following article will tell you how you can reshape your buttocks and thighs and give them an aesthetic look like never before. With standard procedure and approach, the buttock and thigh reshaping results can be phenomenal. 

With the help of a Vaser, which is one of the latest technologies, individuals can say goodbye to fat with minimal pain and with outstanding skin contraction. Using a vaser might give mild pain to the patient but that could be recovered overnight.


What is Buttock Lift?

The buttocks consist of the glutes which are made of three muscles: gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius. The gluteal area is reshaped with the help of cuts made by the surgeon, the marks made by the surgeon are not easily visible and cannot be seen easily through the naked eye.

Usually, liposuction is used by the surgeon to extract the remaining fat out of the buttocks and give an attractive look to the patient. The existing undesirable fat is then shifted to the other body parts through the use of implants similar to the BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) giving it a natural glance.

After the surgery is done, a proper amount of healing and recovery is required as the patient is not able to sit properly due to the cuts and scars made during the surgery. Over the passage of time, the cuts and scars get healed up and normal physical activity and office work can then be continued.

A standard surgery takes approximately 3-4 hours and the patient is advised to get bed rest for a single night. The patient is recommended not to attend the office or drive for better recovery for at least 2-3 weeks.

The outcomes are excellent with utmost satisfaction where the buttocks look absolutely accurate along with the complete reshaping.

Are There Any Side Effects of Buttock Lift?

In a few cases, there are chances of numbness and swelling after the operation which easily gets back to normal within a few weeks. Although in very few cases, there are chances of infection when there are open wounds, continuing loss of sensation, and dissimilar skin contours. Struggling to sit may be there for a few days but that will improve gradually.

It should be noted that these side effects have a higher chance of occurring if the procedure has not been performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. This is why you must make sure to get the surgery from a qualified plastic surgeon only.


What is Thigh Lift?

Similar to the Buttocks Lift, the upper and inner part of the thigh near the groin is removed or transferred during a thigh lift. The thigh lift is required for those people who find it tough to perform physical activities because of the clashing of the inner thighs. The quadriceps and hamstrings become inactive due to an excess heap of fats.

Saddle bags are formed on the outer parts of the thigh. This fat is extracted by liposuction and delved into the other regions giving an elegant look to the patient. The use of liposuction is of high importance during the entire surgical process.

A standard surgery of a thigh lift may take up to four hours and the patients are recommended to stay at the hospital overnight for satisfactory results.

Are There Any Side Effects of Thigh Lift?

There are no major side effects of getting a thigh lift if you get it from a qualified plastic surgeon. However, if a patient fails to do that, then there can be some side effects.

Within a few weeks, the numbness, bloating, and bruising disappear. Similar to the buttock lift, if proper recovery is not followed, bleeding and open wounds may lead to infection.

Recovery may take approximately 2-3 weeks and the thigh becomes fully active within five to six weeks. Applying mustard oil to the region may reduce scars and stretch marks if done regularly.

To learn more about buttocks and thigh lift, watch the recent video that Dr. Amit Gupta made for all his patients!


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