Artificial / Synthetic Hair Transplant : Know it’s Significance

May 21, 2022 | By admin

Artificial / Synthetic hair implantation is also known as synthetic hair transplant. It should only be performed by qualified and experienced plastic surgeons who have access to proper hair implant devices.

If you want to get artificial / synthetic hair implantation done, then you should know that the materials used for producing synthetic hair are biocompatible and made from artificial / synthetic fiber. This makes artificial / synthetic hair more durable and stronger than natural hair.

Every strand of artificial / synthetic hair has a knot present at the end. The plastic surgeon will use special implanters to insert every strand of hair one by one under the scalp. After that, the hair strand will be hooked deep into the scalp fascia.

It should be noted that this is an outpatient procedure, The patient can resume his or her normal day-to-day activities right after the surgery. The best part is that the biocompatible artificial / synthetic hair is also available in different lengths, shades, and shapes. These hair strands are completely undetectable from natural hair.

Once you have gone through this hair implant procedure, then you can wash and brush your hair just like normal hair. However, the patient will have to use special shampoos and hair care products for proper maintenance of synthetic hairs.



Can I Get an artificial / synthetic Hair Implant Procedure?

There are many benefits of getting an artificial / synthetic hair implant procedure done. This is why you might want to know if you can get this procedure done or not. One must remember that he or she is a good candidate for an artificial / synthetic or synthetic hair implant if:

  • You have a limited donor area
  • You have exhausted your donor hair for hair transplant
  • You do not want to get a hair transplant because you have to wait for a few months for your hair to fully grow
  • You have extremely low-density hair on your scalp
  • You have a medical conditions like uncontrolled diabetes, heart problems, asthma, scalp problems, high blood pressure, and hypertension

How is an artificial / synthetic Hair Implant Procedure Performed?

The procedure starts with the doctor performing a fiber compatibility test. This is done at least a month prior to the actual implant session. Usually, 100 artificial / synthetic hairs will be inserted into the area of baldness. If there is no allergic reaction, then the doctor will give you an okay for getting the procedure.

After getting the full implant procedure done, the patient will be required to visit the clinic every month to have his or her scalp cleaned. This will be done to ensure that there are no chances of infection, inflammation, or cysts.

What are the Advantages of Getting an artificial / synthetic Hair Implantation?

There are several benefits of getting artificial / synthetic hair implantation done. Some of those benefits are:

  • It is a simple, quick, and painless procedure
  • It provides natural aesthetic results in just a few hours
  • Patients get an improved appearance right after the procedure
  • Patients do not have to wait for the hair to grow
  • Patients can get high hair density in just a few hours
  • Negligible downtime, which means that patients can resume their active lifestyle right after the implant
  • A great option for patients who have a limited donor area
  • It is a highly affordable procedure
  • The procedure can be performed with other surgeries
  • Patients do not have to self medicate
  • Up to 4000 synthetic hairs can be implanted in a single session



How to Ensure the Best Results of an artificial / synthetic Hair Transplant Procedure?

There is some pre-treatment and post-treatment guidance that patients can follow to ensure the best possible results of an artificial / synthetic hair transplant procedure. Let’s start by first looking at the pre-treatment guidance that one can follow.

  • Discuss at length with your doctor regarding your medical history
  • Undergo a general physical examination and get the required medical tests done
  • To ensure that your scalp is suitable for hair implantation, use the products that your doctor has prescribed regularly

Beyond this, some post-treatment guidelines that patients need to follow are:

  • Use the special shampoos and hair care products that your doctor has recommended to take care of the synthetic hair
  • Do not use regular hair products like gels and hair dyes. This is because these regular hair products tend to damage the artificial / synthetic hair
  • Ensure that you are washing your implanted hair regularly with the recommended shampoo
  • After washing your hair, make sure that you use a soft brush to thoroughly cleanse your scalp
  • There are special hair creams that are meant for synthetic hair. Apply those hair creams to make it easier for you to comb and style your hair
  • Treat your scalp very gently while washing and combing your hair. This will ensure that the artificial / synthetic hair does not get dislodged
  • After the surgery, religiously take the medications and antibiotics that your doctor has prescribed
  • Avoid scratching and sudden hair manoeuvres as much as possible

Are the Results of artificial / synthetic Hair Implantation Permanent?

Most patients who get artificial / synthetic hair transplants done need to get reimplants every year to the tune of 20 – 25 %  to consistently maintain the hair density. This is required as hair strands might get dislodged due to several reasons throughout the year.



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