Ways for Indian Girls to Restore Virginity Before Marriage

October 26, 2021 | By admin

Ways for Indian Girls to Restore Virginity Before Marriage

Marriage is a very big step and a new phase in life for everyone. There are also some cultural and social demands that are imposed on women before they can begin this new phase. And the biggest demand is for women to be ‘pure.’ This purity is attached to their virginity and the presence of the hymen.

Women can rupture the hymen even when engaging in physical exercises. Some women are not born with hymen. This can create some problems and because of that, some women are on the lookout for ways for girls to restore their virginity before marriage.

Today, we’ll look at this entire topic. But first, we will begin by looking at what a hymen actually is.


What is a Hymen?

A hymen is a thin membrane that is present on top of the vaginal opening. It is shaped like a ring and often sheds blood when a girl or a woman engages in sexual intercourse for the first time. For generations, the shedding of blood on the wedding night has been considered as a sign of purity and virginity in women.

However, as mentioned above, some women are born without hymen or lose their hymen through athletic activities. Beyond that, the size and shape of the hymen can also vary from one woman to another. This is why some women feel pain and shed blood during their first sexual intercourse while others don’t.



It should be noted that usually the hymen is only partially closed. During puberty, the hole in the hymen helps in releasing the menstrual blood. The hymen is completely opened or ruptured when one engages in sexual intercourse.

If a woman has ruptured her hymen for any reason, then she can opt for hymenoplasty to restore the hymen. We will look at the surgical hymen reconstruction process in the next section.


The Hymen Reconstruction Procedure

Hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia. There are two approaches to this surgical procedure. These approaches are mentioned in the hymen reconstruction procedure steps that are mentioned below.

  • The Conduction of Examination

The first step is to identify the ruptured parts of the hymen. This is done through magnification as the different layers of the hymen are identified. During the surgery, the main goal will be to stitch the layers together by using dissolvable sutures or removable stitches, which will fall off once the hymen is healed completely.

It should also be noted that the cosmetic surgeon will leave a small aperture of the hymen open. This is done to facilitate menstrual blood flow.

  • Approaches to Hymenoplasty Surgery

As mentioned above, there are two approaches that are followed to perform a hymen repair surgery. The first is the basic hymenoplasty surgery. During this approach, the remaining pieces of the hymen are stitched together.

This surgery is performed under local anesthesia and can take around 45 minutes to complete. The patient is kept in the recovery room for roughly four hours after the surgery is conducted.

The second approach is known as the complete hymenoplasty surgery. In this surgical approach, a new hymen has to be created. This is done from the vaginal mucosal epithelium and can also involve other requirements like the tightening of the vaginal canal or by making the vaginal lips fuller.

Irrespective of the surgical approach that is followed, the end result is a natural hymen. The look, feel, and works of the hymen are completely natural after the surgery.



  • Recovery

Once you are done with getting the surgery, the only thing left is to recover from the procedure. During the recovery, one must refrain from performing any heavy duties or activities.

It is recommended that the patient should take the antibiotics as recommended to prevent any chance of infections. One must wear clean and cotton underwear and keep the area clean.

Beyond all this, cosmetic surgeons also recommend patients avoid sexual intercourse for at least a month. In case of any other sexual activity, there should be no penetration for a month.

If one experiences any pain or swelling, then using ice packs and warm compresses is a good idea. The patient should also take caution while squatting, kneeling, or sitting. The entire recovery process can last anywhere from two weeks to a month. To ensure that one recovers fully and without any hassle, the individual should follow all the recommendations mentioned by the cosmetic surgeon.


Ideal Candidates for Hymenoplasty

Are you thinking of getting hymenoplasty surgery? If yes, then you need to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. Ideally, a candidate for hymenoplasty must:

  • About to get married but not a virgin
  • Have lost her virginity
  • Is a married woman who wish to tighten her vagina
  • Desires to become a virgin again

It should be noted that women who have genital cancer or any other chronic venereal disease are not suitable candidates for this surgery.


Are there any Possible Side-Effects of Getting Hymenoplasty?

If you get hymenoplasty surgery done from the best clinic in India, then there are virtually no side effects. However, some possible side effects that one can experience if he or she gets this procedure done from an unskilled cosmetic surgeon are:

  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Irritation during urination
  • Irritation during defecation

The only way to reduce the chances of these side effects is to get the surgery done by the best cosmetic surgeon in India.


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