What Are The Dangers of Cheap Hair Transplant?

December 25, 2023 | By admin

It is a commonly known fact that any individual who is suffering from baldness or hair thinning issues can greatly benefit from getting a hair transplant. A hair transplant can provide amazing results that look completely natural and youthful. But there is also a dark side to getting a hair transplant and this only comes out when patients get hair transplants from an inexperienced plastic surgeon or somebody who doesn’t even have the right qualifications, which is usually done at a cheaper cost.

Learn more about cheap hair transplants and why you should stay as far away from these hair transplants as possible.


What Is An Ineffective Or Cheap Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant when done by a surgeon who lacks expertise will frequently end up redistributing dead hair follicles. The surgeon would probably not know how to provide the patient with the best hair transplant results. Similarly, if one chooses to get a hair transplant from an unqualified person, then one can end up jeopardizing his or her health and spending their hard-earned money for little to no results.

Getting a cheap hair transplant from an unqualified person might even end up being lethal. One must realize that clinics that provide inexpensive hair transplants do not give the greatest care. This is why patients should never just consider going for the cheapest possible option when getting a hair transplant.

Ideally, a hair transplant should provide a patient with amazing and natural hair transplant results without compromising the safety of the patient in any shape or form. But what if you are still worried about the cost of a hair transplant?

In that case, you should watch this video by Dr. Amit Gupta to get more insight into the cost of a hair transplant procedure.

Coming back to the dangers of cheap hair transplants, there are several issues that can crop up if patients don’t get a hair transplant procedure from a reputed, qualified, and skilled plastic surgeon. Some of these possible dangers and side effects are:

  • Excessive scarring
  • Excessive edema
  • Painful injections
  • Severe discomfort
  • Lack of hair growth
  • Bald spots at donor locations
  • Destruction of the donor area
  • A lot of hair shedding
  • Hairline receding
  • Increased chance of infection

To avoid any of these side effects and dangers, patients should only get a hair transplant from a reputed, qualified, and experienced plastic surgeon.


Are You A Suitable Candidate For Hair Transplants?

Apart from shortlisting and finding the best plastic surgeon who can get you amazing hair transplant results, you must also make sure that you are a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.

For an individual to be a suitable candidate for a hair transplant, he or she should not be suffering from any inflammation or disorders of the scalp. The donor location must also have the right density of hair for the patient to get good results. This is because people with sizable bald patches and little donor hair hardly get the desired outcomes unless they opt for treatment methods like synthetic hair transplants.

Apart from all this, the patient also must not be suffering from any major pre-existing health condition. He or she should also have good and realistic expectations from the procedure. The patient should also be able to discuss any and all concerns that he or she has regarding the procedure with the plastic surgeon.

How To Find The Best Plastic Surgeon For A Hair Transplant?

There are several steps that patients can follow to find the best plastic surgeon in Delhi, India who performs hair transplant surgeries. All these steps are mentioned below.

  • Start with a simple internet search and look for highly rated plastic surgeons in your country and region
  • Do thorough research on hair transplants, the clinics, and plastic surgeons
  • Narrow down your list of clinics and plastic surgeons and create a list of questions that you have about hair transplants
  • Go through the education qualification, reviews, skills, experience, and testimonials received by the plastic surgeon. Use this to narrow down your list of plastic surgeons further
  • Reach out to the plastic surgeons on your list and try to see if they understand the type of results you want to get
  • Book your first consultation and discuss the concerns that you might have about the procedure with your plastic surgeon

Once you have gone through all of these steps, you’ll figure out who is the best plastic surgeon who can help you get amazing results from a hair transplant surgery. It should be noted that this entire procedure will take time. But what if you don’t want to spend all of that time finding the best plastic surgeon?

In that case, you should know that Dr. Amit Gupta is one of the best plastic surgeons in India. Dr. Amit Gupta provides patients with amazing hair transplant results and has over 20 years of experience.


Why Choose Divine Cosmetic Surgery?

At Divine Cosmetic Surgery, we understand the catastrophic results that one might have to experience if he or she gets a cheap hair transplant. This is why we are on a mission to provide patients from across the globe with the highest-quality hair transplant procedures.

At Divine Cosmetic Surgery, we follow a strict safety and hygiene protocol. Our entire medical staff is highly qualified and comes with a sizable experience. They are also led under the expert guidance of Dr. Amit Gupta, who is a world-renowned plastic surgeon with 20+ years of experience.

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