What is Cobblestoning in Hair Transplant?

March 20, 2023 | By admin

What is Cobblestoning in Hair Transplant

Every year, there are over thousands of patients who undergo hair transplantation surgery. Hair loss is one of the common problems most patients are unable to deal with. Major factors like constant stress, frequent anxiety, decreased self-confidence, and low self-esteem are experienced by patients with hair loss. 

Once the hair transplantation is done, there is a common problem that is experienced by patients called cobblestoning. If you are suffering with cobblestoning then this article is for you which guides you about hair transplantation and related cobblestoning. 



What is a Hair Transplant Surgery?

A hair transplant is a scientific procedure where a donor area is used to transplant hair to the area of the scalp with bald patches. In adulthood, it is common for young men and women to suffer from hair loss.

But with the help of hair restoration or hair transplantation, confidence, self-esteem, and self-image can be retained. This transplant is permanent, and the hair would remain intact for a lifetime. This is the sure-shot method for getting natural-looking hair.

Cobblestoning is defined as the scarring that takes place on the scalp when the hair grafts are transplanted into the recipient area. The scars of cobblestoning are patches of tissues that are visible easily and can vary your hair transplant results by a great margin.

It is not necessary for cobblestoning to happen in every hair transplant surgery because it is an outcome of a surgical error that is not a part of the treatment. There are major factors that can determine whether you would have cobblestones after the hair transplant procedures.

Firstly, the experience of the plastic surgeon is basically the most important factor. An experienced plastic surgeon knows each and every graft he or she is inserting into the scalp. With utmost skills and patience, the best-oriented results are obtained.

Secondly, you should always consider the plastic surgeon’s credentials and talk to previous patients who underwent the same procedure. Carrying a procedure like a hair transplant is not an easy task, which is why a well-assisted team is a must. This would not lead to any kind of unnecessary scarring. 


Is Cobblestoning Common in Hair Transplant Treatments?

Cobblestoning is a consequence of surgical errors most of the time, this is why it is always preferred to choose a highly experienced plastic surgeon who will not commit any surgical errors. The reason being, an experienced surgeon is highly knowledgeable about the insertion of follicular units into the scalp and gives the safest and most satisfactory results. 

What Causes Cobblestoning After a Hair Transplant Procedure?

Be it an FUE hair transplant or a FUT hair transplant, the plastic surgeon should transplant multiple follicles from the donor area to the scalp of the patient. This means that Cobblestoning can take place in two ways.

  1. When the plastic surgeon does not deeply graft the follicles into the patient’s scalp. Keeping the grafts of the hair too high causes the neighbouring tissues to raise when the incisions heal. As a consequence, elevated healing leads to cobblestoning.
  2. When there is an incorrect healing in the tissues, when the plastic surgeon removes too many tissues from the donor area. The raised, and uneven appearance is seen, which is called cobblestoning. 

Is Cobblestoning a Permanent Condition – Yes



What Are the Treatments Available for Cobblestoning?

Cobblestoning does not heal on its own as it is a tough task to cancel out the scarring caused as the tissues would not heal properly. The possible treatments are as follows.

  • Second Hair Transplant: When new follicular units are planted again during another hair transplant, the damage can be healed as the new hair grows long enough. 
  • Micropigmentation: A micro-thin needle can minimize the scarring with the help of a special dye. 

Why Should You Opt for a Cosmetic Care Clinic to Prevent Cobblestoning?

You have probably heard several times in your life that there are better options than the cheapest. This is true when it comes to getting a hair transplant too!

Usually, the cost of a hair transplant is lower at an exclusive hair transplant clinic in comparison to a cosmetic care clinic. However, what you need to realize is that a hair transplant is a medical procedure. And you cannot afford to save costs at the risk of your safety.

Most exclusive hair transplant clinics also employ several steps to save costs. For example, while cosmetic care clinics use international equipment, exclusive care clinics will use local equipment which is often not precise and is cheaper.

Exclusive hair transplant clinics also do not have the necessary resources to get the latest equipment and technology to perform hair transplants. This will not be a problem for a cosmetic care clinic, which often invests in the best technology and  methods to ensure safety and the best patient results.

Why Should You Choose to Get a Hair Transplant at Divine Cosmetic Surgery?

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The entire team at Divine Cosmetic Surgery is led by Dr. Amit Gupta, who has over a decade of experience within the field of plastic surgery along with the handling of advanced technologies, and is the best hair transplant surgeon in India. 

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Cobblestoning is the scarring that occurs on the scalp area during hair transplantation procedure. It is easily visible and greatly influences the results of a hair transplantation treatment. It is always suggested to opt for a highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon for hair transplantation treatments