What Is Designer Vagina Surgery?

August 23, 2022 | By admin

What Is Designer Vagina Surgery?

In recent years, a lot of celebrities and women from all walks of life have come forward to talk about their experiences of getting plastic surgeries done on their vaginas. This shows that there has been a trend and larger practice of living better quality lives for women after childbirth or for various other reasons.

Labiaplasty, which is also known as designer vagina surgery, involves altering the labia of a woman. A lot of experts have mentioned the increase in awareness and conversation about vagina health as the primary reason for women opting for the designer vagina treatment.

Further, there is no denying that a designer vagina surgery or labiaplasty offers several benefits to patients. And today, we will take you through all of those benefits.

What is Labiaplasty?

Let’s start with understanding the basic question of what is labiaplasty or designer vagina surgery. Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that alters the labia minora or the inner lips of the vagina.

This surgery can also help in altering the labia majora or the outer lips of the vagina. The aim of the surgery is to shorten the labia to remove excess tissue which might be bothering the patient for aesthetic or functional reasons, including the fact that it might get in the way during intercourse or exercise.

Patients should remember that a labiaplasty is different from a vaginoplasty, which is a surgical procedure for vagina tightening. Many patients opt to get this surgery due to pelvic-floor issues like continence after multiple childbirths. But this surgery can also be done to increase vaginal tightness for improved sexual pleasure.

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The Benefits of Getting a Labiaplasty

There are several benefits that a woman can experience after getting a labiaplasty. These benefits are:

Better Labia Appearance

The biggest reason why women tend to opt for labiaplasty is to improve the appearance of their labia minora and labia majora. Some women tend to experience embarrassment or lack of confidence because of how their labia look. For some women, the labia minora also hangs lower. These issues can be resolved by getting a labiaplasty done.

Say Goodbye to Long Labia

There are many women who experience functional problems due to larger or longer labia. This can include discomfort during riding a bike or wearing underwear or a thong. It can also include excess moisture coming from the vagina. Getting a labiaplasty will ensure that women can get rid of all of these problems.

Get Rid of Pain During Sexual Intercourse

For some women, an enlarged or longer labia can get in the way during sexual intercourse. This causes a lot of pain and creates an uncomfortable experience for the woman. This problem can be removed by simply reducing the size of the labia. This helps in improving the overall sexual function and the woman is no longer worried about the tissue getting pulled or stretched during intercourse.


The Steps of a Labiaplasty Procedure

The first step is to find the right plastic surgeon who will perform the labiaplasty procedure in the simplest and most effective way possible. After that, have a consultation with the surgeon to discuss why you want to get a labiaplasty done and what you want as the final results of the procedure.

During the surgery, the surgeon will reduce the size and length of the labia minora or labia majora and make a stitch line. This can take some time to heal so doctors usually recommend two to three weeks of resting and icing the area. Don’t forget to keep the area clean too.

Plastic surgeons also recommend patients avoid any physical activities that might traumatize or stretch out the stitch line for about six weeks to three months. Make sure that you ask your doctor about clear details on the recovery timeline.


The Labiaplasty Surgery Cost

One can easily expect the fact that getting a labiaplasty will not come cheap. Further, one should make sure that they don’t compromise on their safety and the type of final results that they get from the surgery. This is why if a patient wants to get a labiaplasty done, then she should only get it done by a qualified, skilled, and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Once you have found the surgeon by whom you want to get the surgery done, then make sure to discuss the cost of the surgery during the first consultation itself. This will ensure that there are no surprises down the line and you can plan for the surgery properly.



Is Labiaplasty Procedures Off-Limits For Anyone?

If there are patients who are suffering from medical conditions that might affect healing, then they would not be good candidates for the surgery. If one is suffering from a medical condition, then she should first bring this to the plastic surgeon and make sure that she is eligible for the surgery before planning anything.

Women who are pregnant are also not eligible for the surgery as giving birth will affect the healing. It might tear their stitch line or the woman might need an episiotomy after the birth.


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