What Is Internal Bra Technique and How Does It Work?

November 28, 2022 | By admin

What Is Internal Bra Technique and How Does It Work?

Breasts play a very crucial body part in a female body. But if proper care is not taken, the breasts can become saggy and may lose their shape. But what if you already have saggy breasts?

In that case, you should consider getting an internal bra technique done. This technique provides a proper alignment to the breast with its shape. It gives proper support and prevents saggy breasts.

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In the past few years, breast implants and augmentation surgery has become trending discussions in the plastic surgery industry. The internal bra technique is one of the new technologies in which the implant is provided with support.

The following article focuses on the internal bra technique discussing what it is, how it is done, how it functions, and who can make use of this technique. 

Another point to be noted is that, if you have had breast implant surgery in the past and now the implant has moved downwards making the breast saggy, then getting an internal bra technique can solve your problem.

What Is An Internal Bra Technique?

The internal bra technique provides firm support to the lower portion of the breast. For a breast implant, an internal bra technique contributes a base acting as a solid foundation. The common method by which internal bra surgery is performed is through supplementary suturing.

The sutures are done after the meshing is done under the implants. The mesh support, which is made up of vicryl, is a dissolvable material composed of glycolide copolymer and calcium stearate. This vicryl mesh after the surgery gets dissolved within 5-6 months. The mesh is stitched to the muscle wall and rolled over the implant with a final stitch. 

Why Should You Get An Internal Bra Technique Done?

Breast drooping is a major concern when a droop occurs moving the breast and nipple downwards. Whereas bottoming out occurs when the implant moves downward but the nipple and breast tissue stays in their position. One can experience these conditions depending on the physiology and anatomy of the patient. 

In some cases, the implants usually get displaced from their original position shifting them to a lower position. Further, extreme weight loss and post-pregnancy often lead to saggy breasts. Not only these cases but females who indulge in heavy exercise are also more prone to experiencing sagging breasts. In all of these cases, getting an internal bra technique done can solve a lot of problems.

It should be noted that this internal bra technique is not useful for all females, it is only useful to patients who have saggy breasts or are concerned about getting sagging breasts. If one wishes to increase the size of their breasts, then breast lift augmentation is the procedure that can enhance the breast area. 


How Can Internal Bra Technique Solve Bottoming Out?

Due to poor genetics and some physical changes like significant weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, a woman may experience bottoming out. Women with a lifestyle that includes a lot of dynamic activities are prone to this as well. 

The internal bra technique keeps the breast at its original position preventing it from shifting downwards and giving an aesthetic and satisfactory look to the patient. It helps patients who are suffering from bottoming out.

Does Getting An Internal Bra Mean that I Don’t Have To Wear an Actual Bra?

An internal bra basically prevents the chances of bottoming out or breast drooping. It is done surgically. However, getting an internal bra does not mean that the patient should not wear an actual bra. An actual bra provides additional support and helps in retaining the breast at its position. One should get this procedure done by a qualified plastic surgeon only.

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