Which Doctor To Consult For Rhinoplasty?

October 19, 2023 | By admin

Which Doctor To Consult For Rhinoplasty?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you happy with the shape of your face? Or does the shape of your nose bother you?

If you are not happy with the shape of your nose, then what do you wish was different? Do you want to change the shape of your nose to achieve better facial symmetry? Do you think that would help you gain more confidence and beauty?

If yes, then you should consider getting a rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty surgery is a plastic surgery procedure meant for men and women who are not satisfied with the shape or structure of their nose and wish to alter it for aesthetic or medical purposes. Keep reading to find out more about the procedure.


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But what if you are still not ready to take the next step?

Is this because you are worried about what the rhinoplasty treatment might cost you? If yes, you should know that the price of a rhinoplasty can depend on several factors from the surgeon’s fee to where you get the surgery and what type of results you want. But to get a rough estimate, watch this video by Dr. Amit Gupta.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, also commonly referred to as a ‘nose job,’ is a plastic surgery procedure aimed at altering and reshaping the nose to improve its appearance and, in some cases, its function. It is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries worldwide. Rhinoplasty can address various concerns related to the nose’s size, shape, proportions, and symmetry.

The goals of rhinoplasty can vary widely depending on the individual’s desires and needs. Some common reasons why people opt for rhinoplasty are:

Cosmetic Enhancement

Many individuals seek rhinoplasty to enhance the aesthetics of their nose. This may involve reducing the size of a large or prominent nose, refining the nasal tip, straightening a crooked nose, or addressing asymmetry.

Correction of Birth Defects

Rhinoplasty can correct congenital nasal deformities, such as a cleft lip and palate, to improve both appearance and function.

Improve Breathing

Functional rhinoplasty is performed to correct structural issues within the nose that can obstruct airflow, leading to breathing difficulties. This may include fixing a deviated septum or repairing damaged nasal structures. This is often suggested by a medical expert to alleviate discomfort during breathing.

Reconstruction After Trauma

Rhinoplasty can reconstruct the nose after traumatic injuries or accidents that result in deformities or damage to the nasal structure. This can help men and women to heal physically and psychologically from the trauma that they have experienced in the distant or recent past.

Treatment of Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions, such as chronic sinus problems or nasal polyps, may be treated with rhinoplasty to improve overall nasal health. If this is the purpose of your seeking rhinoplasty, then you should get all possible tests done to determine the cause of your condition before seeking rhinoplasty treatment.


How To Seek The Rhinoplasty Treatment?

Rhinoplasty is a highly personalized procedure. The first step is to book a consultation with the best plastic surgeon in India. During the consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, patients discuss their specific concerns and goals.

The surgeon evaluates the patient’s nasal anatomy and discusses the available options, potential risks, and expected outcomes. The surgical techniques employed can vary, including open rhinoplasty (involving external incisions) or closed rhinoplasty (where incisions are made within the nostrils), depending on the individual case.

After rhinoplasty, patients typically experience swelling and bruising around the nose, which gradually subsides over several weeks. Full results can take several months to become apparent as the nose heals and settles into its new shape.

Rhinoplasty is a transformative procedure that can enhance both the aesthetics and, in some cases, the function of the nose, ultimately leading to improved self-confidence and overall well-being. If you want to receive the best possible rhinoplasty treatment results, make sure that you are only getting this treatment from a qualified and skilled professional like Dr. Amit Gupta.

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The Conclusion

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery treatment method that can help men and women reshape their noses and achieve the desired facial symmetry that they want. The surgery should only be performed by a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Amit Gupta who is the founder and director of Divine Cosmetic Surgery and comes with over 20+ years of experience.

Consult with Dr. Amit Gupta to get the best rhinoplasty results.