FAQ on Hymenoplasty

      1. Is there any problem in pregnancy after hymenoplasty surgery ?

      No there is no issue in pregnancy after hymenoplasty because hymenoplasty surgery is only refers to the reconstruction of vagina only and doesn’t harm in any manner.

      2. Is there any surgery to get your virginity back?

      Yes, hymenoplasty surgery claims to give your virginity back as it is reconstruction of hymen tissue.

      3. Do you know Vaginoplasty or Barbie Doll Vaginoplasty surgery?

      This is a form of labiaplasty that removes most of the labia minora. This is the most modern form of labiaplasty

      4. Suffers from the sagging vagina but still not opting for Vaginoplasty?

      Sagging skin into the vagina can affect your sexual life. Choose vaginoplasty to rejuvenate your vagina and increase your sexual pleasure.

      5. Rejuvenate your vagina and get your perfect shape, opt for Vaginoplasty for perfect vagina?

      Vaginoplasty is the surgery which helps to rejuvenate vagina and reconstruction of labia minora and majora to enhance it. Get your vaginoplasty surgery done soon.