Vagina Tightening Surgery Cost In Delhi (India) & V-Tightening Surgery Cost & Procedure

      About Vagina Tightening Surgery

      Vagina tightening surgery or popularly known V-tightening surgery is a method under which laser procedures are used to tighten the walls of the vagina, which helps in the contraction of muscles in the vaginal area. 

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      The Vaginal Plastic Surgery usually doesn’t involve any complications if performed by a good surgeon. 


      The vagina tightening surgery in India doesn’t involve many complications, and the surgery is completed within 30 to 50 minutes. Only a few patients suffer few problems and that too, because of the anesthesia given to them.

      Cost of Vagina Tightening Surgery

      As compared to other countries, Hymenoplasty surgery in India is cheap. And this surgery also helps in improving the dryness and itching in the vaginal area. 

      How does vagina tightening surgery work?

      Many women, after childbirth, complain about vaginal laxity due to the stretching of muscles. And sometimes the muscles are so much stretched that tampons fall off. In this case, vaginal tightening surgery helps women to get the muscle strength back with the help of a surgery that is done with radio frequency waves or laser. 

      Procedure for vagina tightening surgery:

      The patients decide about the tightening to be done. After that, a wedge is marked to delineate the extra skin to be removed inside the vagina. Then, the tissues are tightened with sutures. And then the vaginal canal is tightened. This procedure helps the women to get a tighter vaginal canal, and this also helps them to enhance their sexual pleasure.

      Target areas for vagina tightening surgery:

      Some of the reasons for women to go for Vaginal Plastic Surgery include:

      –    Lack of sensitivity

      –    Loosening of vaginal skin

      –    Urinary leakage

      –    Vagina looseness and dryness

      Are there any risks involved with vagina tightening surgery?

      Like any other surgical procedure, this operation also involves some minimum level of risks, that includes:

      –    Pain

      –    Bruises

      –    swelling

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